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Keeping the Faith

Easter Sunday. 2016. A very big day at the Vatican, among other locations where the Christian faithful pay homage to Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, three days after his crucifixion by order of Pontius Pilate somewhere around (it is … Continue reading

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Aghast in Wonderland

The Matrix is a groundbreaking film depicting humankind subjugated by the digital technologies it created. A classic. Are we in the matrix? Is anything we experience real–or just a computer program messing with our minds? Hmm. Look around. At times, … Continue reading

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History Lessons

There are now five candidates still running campaigns for President. Three Republicans, two Democrats. The guy with the orange hair gets most of the media coverage. He was literally created by the media, having become quite successful as a reality … Continue reading

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Setting the Betting Line: Election 2016 (originally posted a year ago–I told you so edition)

Yesterday, the 2016 NCAA men’s basketball tourney brackets were announced. Office pools will have bracket fanatics prognosticating on game results. There’s no “betting line” involved in bracket guessing. It’s instinct and dumb luck that will have someone, somewhere pick as … Continue reading

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