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Mountain Sphere, Revisited

Zeldar from Zardoz here. I am, you might recall, an A.I. deep space life form, still moving around the universe in my Maximus Maximus, 250th generation, time-phased, reciprocal, reverse-parallel, logistically integrated, transitional contingency vehicle.  My recent accidental encounter with your … Continue reading

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Are you a fan of poetry? I mean, really, who is a “fan” of this form of written expression, other than those who teach its recognized, notable practitioners, and widely scattered followers of this art form among the general public? … Continue reading

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June 6, 1944

Hello out there. What’s up? How’s things? What’s shakin’? Stuck in a cubby hole in corporate America at the moment? Off to the supermarket? Out for a jog? Walking the dog? Checking the social calendar for this weekend’s options? Getting … Continue reading

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Time for a Change, part deux

This has got to end. I agree. But nothing seems to work. You haven’t really tried much, so of course nothing seems to work. How can you get nothing from nothing? What are you talking about? We’ve tried. You’ve tried … Continue reading

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