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White Noise

111 days ago a bomb was put in place, timed to detonate 72 days later. Many, many days of hand wringing and desperate hope followed that somehow, someway, this potentially massively destructive device could be defused, rendered impotent. The bomb was a known threat, … Continue reading

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Political Betrayal, Tom Perez edition

The Democratic Party. a.k.a. the dupes; the corroborators; the corrupted colluders; the enablers; the accommodators and for damn sure the spineless patsies trying to pass themselves off as the party of the people. Am I being hyperbolic here? If anything, … Continue reading

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Political Betrayal 3, Apocalypse Now edition

Jess Sessions, whose back-story includes the now excoriating letter written about his racist actions as an Alabama official in the 80s, by Coretta Scott King, with Senator Liz Warren being told to shut up by the vile, venal lizard face Mitch McConnell, the … Continue reading

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Political Betrayal: Groundhog Day edition and the Supreme Court Cave-in

President Small Hands/Big Mouth has nominated Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia, the semi-recently deceased SCOTUS ultra-conservative. Gorsuch is clearly conservative, with potentially Scalia-like judicial mindedness. Perhaps he’s not a complete disciple of the, at times, radically pro-corporate, anti-working class … Continue reading

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