Political Betrayal, Tom Perez edition

The Democratic Party. a.k.a. the dupes; the corroborators; the corrupted colluders; the enablers; the accommodators and for damn sure the spineless patsies trying to pass themselves off as the party of the people. Am I being hyperbolic here? If anything, I’m holding back.

I’ve previously  pinpointed the Democrats long and steady descent into just another corporate, bought-and-paid-for arm of the K-Street lobbyists; rather than to speak to American electorate about principled politics and governing, they simply took their cue from the GOP’s modus operandi of dancing the quid pro quo tango with the uber rich, which includes the licking of the boots of their well-heeled benefactors.  For this facile, incompetent form of being an “opposition” party, The Democratic National Party is now at their absolute nadir in American politics, maybe winning a battle or two every blue moon, but forever losing the political wars to the GOP, the quintessential Snake Oil Party, forever successfully preying on the hayseeds born bereft of the slightest ability to use critical reasoning. How? How do they continually lose to the likes of Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes?, and when they do score a victory their President turns out to be a bait-and-switch, right-leaning type (can you say Bill Clinton?; Barack Obama?) and now –incredibly, shockingly, stupefyingly–they lose to a pathologically lying, delusional, narcissistic neo-fascist buffoon?!

 The Democrats: so far removed from the FDR era, even the sunny, Great Society side of LBJ. What have we, the people, who think that our government should work for the common good, not just good of those of the pampered  and privileged gotten for supporting the Democratic Party?  Let’s see: okay, a better-than-nothing but pretty lousy excuse for national healthcare; the exorbitant price of pharmaceuticals (some life or death in importance); perpetuation of war (with the Obama administration’s escalation of indiscriminate drone attacks and their shrug-of the-shoulders collateral damage inevitability) directly feeding the military industrial complex; the coddling of Wall Street criminals; the erosion of environmental protections and workplace safety gutted by deregulation (in spite of decades of Democratic majorities in congress); their permitting the grotesque confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court (in spite of a 57-43 Senate majority) that assured a 5-4 ultra conservative SCOTUS that sides with polluters and science -deniers; that gave us the  disastrous Citizens United approval, and is soon to regain that majority with the second coming of Antonin Scalia in the form of Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch, the GOP nominee stolen from President Obama in a violation of both the GOP’s and the President’s constitutional responsibilities to fill the Scalia vacancy expediently, starting almost a year ago. But not much fuss put up about it by Obama or the DNC.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, especially the countless crowds gathering in protest of our new pussy-grabber-in-chief and his ever more billionaire, white supremacist, anti-immigrant administration, the Democratic National Party, hearing the voices of the angry, the defiant, the I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! has taken action. The DNC has heard you and responded with a new Chairperson. With the stench of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile, masterminds of the pre-ordained Hillary Ascension and Bernie be damned disaster still lingering in the nostrils of those of my kind, that occurred on November 8th, 2016, the DNC has taken the bold move of…

…electing Tom Perez as its new Chair. Perez. TPP supporter. Perez. Hillary backer. Perez, another corporate hack. Perez had to go more than one ballot before beating back his main opponent, Keith Ellison. Ellison was supported by the more progressive voices in the national party, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and others of their ilk or others who may have had the moral courage to listen to those in the streets demanding real action. But by a 235-200 vote, it’s Perez. Oh, and Ellison just happens to practice the Islamic faith. No doubt, the hardliners, the Schultz, Wasserman apologists and lap dogs weren’t about to elect a MUSLIM as their leader. Hell no! And give the anti-Muslim mouth-breathers that kind of red meat? That cannot happen! Play it safe. If Ellison wins, we’ll be vilified. Can’t anger our opposition. Mollify them. We can work with them. So, twist those damn arms! Get those votes, even if you have to threaten their family pets or worse! The Democrats elect a Muslim as their Chair? No. Fucking. Way.

It is written…

But of course, that’s EXACTLY, precisely,  what they needed to do at this precarious moment in time. What a defiant stance that would have been and what a direct rejection of the neo-fascists and hate mongering cabal that was given the levers of power to our government in VERY LARGE part because of the arrogance of the Shultz, Wasserman/Clinton’s implied claim to being the dynastic political family that is synonymous with being a true blue Democrat.

The DNC. Wusses. Wimps. Spineless.

Those 200 Ellison Voters, including Sanders and Warren ought to immediately proclaim they are now Independents. If there’s going to be a Bernie-inspired revolution, it certainly won’t come from the Democratic Party, now  terminally irrelevant. Virtually dead but for the official obituary and a few kind words that remind everyone there once was a Democratic Party whose passing is worth lamenting, the one way, way back in the rear-view mirror now.

For the more recent Democratic generation or two of this party of the people I say good riddance. And thanks for nothing.

To the ramparts…





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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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2 Responses to Political Betrayal, Tom Perez edition

  1. Superb analysis of the Democratic National Clintocracy a.k.a Kleptocracy.


  2. Julie Samuels says:

    Thank you again for your insight and wisdom.


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