Political Betrayal 3, Apocalypse Now edition

Jess Sessions, whose back-story includes the now excoriating letter written about his racist actions as an Alabama official in the 80s, by Coretta Scott King, with Senator Liz Warren being told to shut up by the vile, venal lizard face Mitch McConnell, the GOPS’s Senate majority “leader,” when she attempted to enter that letter into the  record of his confirmation hearings. Good on Liz, one of the few scrappy, energized antagonists of the Republican Party. She and Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and a handful of other congressional Democrats are to be cherished, for they alone seem to give a fuck about the nightmare of an illegitimate President Pussy-Grabber and his billionaire buddies. Sessions, so blatantly WRONG for U.S. Attorney General, nonetheless, gets confirmed 52-47.

Possibly even more outrageous is Betsy DeVos,  who squeaked by in confirmation by a 51-50 vote, when VP Pence, the viciously anti-LGBTQ, anti-pro-choice former Guv of ass-backwards Indiana cast the tie-breaking vote. DeVos, a never-worked-a-day-in -her life billionaire, who has no education degree, and along with her pampered spawn, born with Amway silver spoons in their mouths, never attended  a public school, and who is clearly a neo-con privatize, voucherize, charterize enemy of public education.

There are more billionaire Cabinet creeps to get hearings, but my point here is that there is apparently not a damn thing that Liz Warren or any of the minority party democrats can do to stop each and every monstrously anti-democratic, pro corporate, profits-over-people nominee from getting enough votes to derail a single one of them. As noted in my last blog, the 2016 election disaster can be laid at the doorstep of the National Democratic Party, when it stuck with an uninspiring Hillary Clinton rather than champion the real populist, Bernie Sanders, who would have beaten Trump according to virtually every poll measuring a Trump/Sanders contest. Worse still, Hillary bored or alienated or pissed off so many of the electorate that the “down ticket” races by fellow Democrats for the Senate and House of Representatives went down the drain with her. Thus the lock-step , solid GOP majority can nominate a goddamn Rhesus monkey for Prez Small Hand’s Cabinet and it’ll likely get confirmed. Hmmm. Wait. That monkey might be an improvement.

So, the apocalyptic nightmare is unfolding at warp speed now. And the wussy-assed DNCC made this dreadful development a fait-accompli. And there are, as I said, so few fighters like Warren or Sanders, so don’t anyone expect this descent into the political darkness of bigotry, hate-mongering, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-union, anti-healthcare for all to reverse course because the Democratic Party hasn’t the will or the ability to get in the way.

The message from the progressives such as (including most loudly) Sanders and Warren is it’s the people who must mobilize and fight back. Infiltrate the political system. Revolution from within the machine. Blah blah.

Thanks for the advice Bernie and Liz. But you also need to urge the opposition to this horrendous New World Disorder to form a 3rd party. Bernie, recall, was elected to the Senate as an independent socialist(!).  He should have run as a Green or Gold or an Enough Is Enough Party candidate. Anything but a Dermocrat and its corrupted, dillusional, Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazile hochos.

When Neil Gorsuch gets confirmed as a member of the Supreme Court (what’s to stop that from happening?) then the takeover will be complete, with a generation or two getting to soak up the cynical modus operandi of our government, once a government of checks and balances, of a predominately two-party system when once upon a time in a political galaxy far, far, away, there used to be a Democratic Party that knew how to be an opposition force, and had the sense and responsibility to bring at least an equally sharp knife to a knife fight. For the past four decades or so, the GOP keeps bringing more corrosive and penetrating knives into the fray, while the “opposition” evidently has adopted a “if you can’t beat em, join ’em” strategy. 

Well done. 

Okay, people! Get busy! Channel Melville and Moby Dick: the path to thy fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, upon which your soul is grooved to run.

The White Whale, in this case, is orange-ish. Big target, with a digustingly nasty blow-hole.




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3 Responses to Political Betrayal 3, Apocalypse Now edition

  1. As to the RNC, a party that has prided itself on free market principles for decades and decades, (think Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations), nearly all Republicans in both the Senate and HR including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell (notable exceptions include McCain and Sasse), are all in for the Orangeman’s plans to implement a state-controlled economy where each and every decision is to be made by one person according to his whimsy. Politburo anyone?


  2. jharrin4 says:

    Yet McCain, who opposed the destructive anti-Muslim ban, saw fit to vote for Ms.DeVos for Secretary of Education, an ultra free-market, not-so-subtle Trojan horse, now FREE to destroy public education fromwithin. NO republican gets a pass in my world. To be a member of the GOP equates with being an evil asshole, willing to consort with ever more evil, ever bigger and stinkier assholes.


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