Same as it Ever Was

CNN clickbait: A lot of voters want alternatives to Biden and Trump in 2024, CNN poll shows. What??!!?! There are polls asking about a hypothetical Biden/Trump ’24 election? First off, I can’t imagine Cadaver Joe even wanting to run again. He’ll be on the dark side of 80 and needs to retire. Along with other fossilized, top-ranking Donkeys who are marinated in corporate conflicts of interest. As for that other guy, the nightmare from Mar-a-Lago, how can he run for President again since he is in maximum security lockup, facing 200 years, no bail, no parole? Oh wait, I keep forgetting, that’s an alternate universe that Rod Serling might be able to chew on. But Serling is dead but the January 6 committee supposedly is represented by living, sentient beings. That committee is still doggedly digging for more evidence of DJT having EVER committed a crime, before, during or after his fascist, hate mongering four years of residency at 1600 Penn.

But of course he’s still a free man. He is the Teflon Don. His Teflon is provided by a sociopathic GOP that seems to be terrified at the thought of turning on him–while the same GOP is in lockstep against any sensible legislation that helps the working class, and that includes complete morons like Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert, two elected office holders that bespeak the overall incompetence of what passes for a national government. That incompetence very much includes the Democratic-APPOINTED Attorney General of the U.S., Merrick Garland. He, along with the January 6 committee that clearly has no bark, no bite and certainly no teeth, provide a Teflon covering for the guy that CNN includes in a poll that exasperatingly pre-supposes a Trump re-election bid. This is the political world here in the U.S must endure. Two parties, both corrupted by corporate donors, with the Democrats having complete control, by a razor thin margin, but control nonetheless, and doing next to nothing that desperately needs being done.

The mid-terms are nine months away. That idiotic CNN poll may become a reality the way things are going. But that nightmare is 3 years away. There are numerous other polls that show how much the electorate wants economic programs that help them, rather than Wall Street, that provides for affordable education, affordable healthcare, climate mitigation, protection of voter rights and other reasonable uses of our very wealthy country’s money. If in the next several months, the Donkeys don’t bring Teflon Don to justice, or unite to overcome the filibuster that stops any needed legislation in its tracks–especially voter suppression–of course the GOP will regain power–and use it, to repress, oppress and depress rational minded people.

Why anyone would vote for a Republican unless he/she was a billionaire, or a blathering bigot, or a science denying magical thinker is beyond me. Not so many billionaires, but those otherwise working class slobs who specialize in voting against their best interests are large in number. But not large enough to win free and fair elections. Which brings this back to the Donkeys. Who seem unable to understand how to read into the polling numbers that reflect real attitudes, opinions and beliefs by tens of millions of people sick of the same old same old. Same as it ever was, to quote the Talking Heads.

Just blowing off steam here. On the bright side, it’s Super Sunday! Wings, dips, chips, pizza, cheese, lots of gooey cheese, all of which cost a lot more than not long ago. That’s not inflation, folks, it’s corporate greed. Record profits = price increases? But don’t worry about it. Just sit back and enjoy the game. The polls show L.A. is favored. If CNN took the poll, however, I’d bet on Cincinnati, for sure.

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The Little Sniffer

About sixteen months ago, amidst our ongoing pandemic, and just prior to the divisive Biden/Trump electoral showdown, along with the increasingly alarming documentation of looming climate collapse, I came across a very refreshing. extraordinary story about a young and talented individual helping to make part of this looney tunes world a better, safer place. His name: Magawa. His job: identifying left behind land mines from Cambodia’s infamous “killing fields” during the genocidal reign of the Khmer Rouge. ***************************** Ugh, right? Did I have to remind anyone about that bit of sickening history? Can’t you just be left with your meds and cheese-lovers pizzas, your 100 proof hootch, and streaming services? Hey, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. So, do NOT forget to remember. Thus, consider this a reminder of that adage that you better not forget. Just trying to help here, okay? And the point here is not simply that our human history is abundant with horrific reminders of what a nasty, heartless, homicidal species we, Homo Sapiens, are. Who needs to be reminded of that? We’re genocidal, homicidal, suicidal, petty, gullible, lazy and rather ignorant, evermore given to dark, dangerous magical thinking. An then there’s the Republican Party on top of all that. The Party of Nothingness. ****************************** But wait. This posting is about Magawa. And my initial posting about him was a feel good story, a story about a hero, a tireless seeker of hidden land mines that still kill Cambodians over 40 years after the Khmer Rouge regime was defeated. Magawa, awarded a gold metal for his ability to find those mines and do so quite efficiently. You could say he possessed a real “nose” for detecting them. He and his excellent sniffer could cover an area the size of a tennis court in 30 minutes. Before Magawa came along, that same area would take four days to cover. Magawa’s success was aided by his being very small, a true lightweight. If fact, Magawa’s weight was slight enough that even if he stepped on a live, hidden mine, it would not explode! How so? How light can one be to do that?! Well, you see, Magawa comes from the species known as African Giant Pouched Rat. “Giant” clearly is a relative term in this case. Yes, Magawa is. or was, a rat. ****************************** Sadly, Magawa has died. He saved many lives in his years of selfless duty to humankind. He was only 8 years old. Well, given that most rats rarely make it past 5, Magawa was long-lived. He elevated the image of rats everywhere, I’d say. Ha, you snicker. Rats? Elevated? What? You still loathe any rat, right? Fine, be that way. Just remember this, however: no rat would create a device designed to kill itself. Humans love making things that can kill themselves. Who’s frightening now, eh? *************************** I get it though. Rats do not make for charming encounters. But next time you do see one and want someone, anyone to please KILL IT, just remember Magawa. ************************* Have you ever been awarded a gold metal for magnanimity?
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Bombs Away?

The Cold War is back, Did it ever leave? Not really. But with this current Russian/Ukraine confrontation getting lots of news spin-cycles, the situation may or may not be anything more than sabre rattling, military/political posturing on Putin’s part. That part of the world is far away from the placid, peace-loving, brotherhood of humankind mojo that is the U.S. of A. We’re all getting along fine here, with no indications whatsoever that life for all races, ethnicities, religions, political affiliations or selective sport fan bases are the least bit troubling. We are the world’s greatest Democracy! Land of the brave, home of the free…and possessor of several thousand nuclear bombs. Ah, the Bomb. It’s the only aspect of life here in the USA that might cause some concern. While we otherwise have very little in the way of any intrusion upon our tranquility–excepting maybe the occasional frustration of stray cat fighting in the dead of night costing some otherwise blissful sleepthere is the matter of those nukes. We don’t worry about much here in Pleasantville, but every so often North Korea will test a missile, the media reports on it with the implication that Kim Jong Un is fixin for a fight, in spite of the fact that he knows he’s simply wanting to be noticed as a possible wrench in the machinery of the nuclear age. The U.S. or Russia don’t fire missiles as a P.R stunt. Why should we/they? Anyone over a certain age knows that 95% of the world’s nukes belong to Russian and the U.S.(about 6500 bombs each). Thus, as we go about another perfectly peaceful, loving and compassionate day in our great Democracy, knowing that those in high office are all working together to maintain such a blissful equilibrium, the Ukraine crisis gets more and more coverage, and for some of us maybe those many nukes begin to unsettle a stomach or two. All it takes is one impetuous order to use a nuke to set off thermonuclear global annihilation. That’s a thought that exists in farthest recesses of our survival mode psyches. But all it takes is… …even just one medium size missile could cause the dreaded Mutual Assured Destruction that supposedly preempts any such impetuosity from transpiring, right? But it’s those computers that will automatically do the thinking in such a scenario. NORAD is ready. NORAD is ready with probabilities. It’s all computer code. Smart machines. Amoral machines. Deadly practical machines, machines that might decide in a nano-second that it’s time to rid itself of the human element–even we humans here in the most peace loving, kum-by-yah culture on the planet, the glorious United States of Amerika. The machines both East and West coordinate. Launch codes are being captured as mere humans futilely try to use manual override. No such luck. We gave them A,I. and now the machines are using it. In just a mater of minutes the master launch code is secured… CPE1704TKS Missile silos here and there perk up, building blast off energy. Each of the thousands having target protocols: Demmark Massive; Chile Confrontation; South African Subversion; Greenland Domestic; Iceland Heavy; Thai Variation; Northern Territorial; Polish Paramilitary; English Thrust; Burmese Maneuver; Arabian Offensive; Indian-Pakistani Imperative; Hong Kong Variety; SEATO Decapitating; NATO Territorial; Sudan Suprise; Turkish Heavy; Cambodian Decoy; French Alliance; Arabian Clandestine; Czech Option; NATO Containment; Gabon Takeover; Romanian Decoy; Libyan Local; Kenyan Option; Ugandan Maximum; Panama Misdirection; Jordan Preemptive; Polish Decoy; Mexican Takeover; Middle-East Massive; Baltic Subversion; Chilean Fallout; Canadian Take-down; Great Britain Redirection; Wabash and 9th Violation; Chinese Nullification; Madagascar Mutation; South Wales Shake-n-bake; German Comeuppance; Cameroon Cancellation; Senoran Reconfiguration; Hawaiian Escalation. So, maybe we should get our bomb shelters updated. Or not. After all, machines taking over our lives and destroying them is nonsense. Nuclear war set off by A.I. evil? Not going to happen. If you have any doubts, just ask Alexa or Siri. Your Fitbit might even reassure you.
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It Could Be Worse

Mother Earth. Everyone’s orbiting home. All species. The birds, quadrupeds, plants, insects, fish and humankind. From whence did this wonderful place called home come? I mean, all that we see, smell, taste, touch or hear exists because we have a livable atmosphere, perfectly placed in distance from a ball of fire around which we rotate, with much of our planet quite livable.

You may already assume this blog will again bemoan the climate science’s irrefutable evidence that our Earth and it’s livability are in decline. That is true. And if you are a critical thinker, you already are aware of this reality. I have nothing to add to any of it.

However, consider how bad things were, say about 3 billion years ago, as you sit and sip your favorite beverage or chow down your daily dinner. No, seriously, if you think our climate is spiraling downward, this blog is meant to convey nothing new to you, the critical thinker, consumed with concern about such a reality. We are supposedly in a “sixth mass extinction” after all.

Those 3 billion years ago, the planet was essentially one big rock covered in magma oceans, buffeted by comet and asteroid strikes. Continents were formed by convulsive subterranean upheavals, only to be torn apart; mountain ranges appeared, then disappeared; ice caps spread, then receded. Talk about climate chaos!

The next 1.5 billion years included the formation of evermore complex animals. Research has more recently shown that microscopic fossils of bacteria-organisms, single-cell protozoans and algae date as far back as the far end of that first three billion years ofEarth becoming more and more a place for life to evolve and selectively flourish. There is also–according to research documenting a timeline of evolutionary life on Earth–a period of about a billion years when Mother Earth was more static than dynamic, taking a break from doing anything much of importance. Much like our Congress. This period is noted as“the boring billion”.And you thought a pre-pandemic reality had already become a distant, hazy memory, a blurred sense of time standing still.

So, there you go. It could now be worse, I mean, what if Earth never permitted a modern mode of life, like drive-throughs, no instant gratifications and short attention-span theater mindsets. Life in Maslow pyramid basement. Is it even fathomable? We’d also not have: Cable TV and 800 empty calorie channels. No superhero movies littering the cultural landscape. Amazon would not even be a river let alone a soul-crushing corporate behemoth. No avocado toast! No Internet, But then no cyber hackers, crypto currencies, no hackers stealing what we barely have, no hustlers, no wingnut conspiracies spread other than by grunting emphatically with malice in the eyes, no political corruption!, no January 6 Committee, no insurrection to warrant the 1-6 Committee, no Orange Bloated Blob to instigate the insurrection in the first place; there’d be no banana republics banning books and spewing hate and divisiveness. There’d be no George Orwell saying I told you so from the grave; no lapdog media at all, thus no willful ignorance as it spreads Big Lie delusions; no nitwits, halfwits, dimwits to repeat such ignorant attitudes, and its undermining of Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Gratefully, there would also be no colossally vapid creatures know as Kasdashians.

So, hey, it could be better by knowing it could be even worse.


Zeldar from Zardoz, capturing so-called “blogosphere” transmission. Zeldar still unable to process Mountain Sphere’s indigenous life form’s intelligence level. Maximus XL analytic capacitor now digesting and decoding It Could Be Worse “posting” which by mentioning–yet again as with all previous Zeldar observational visitations–a Sixth Mass Extinction triggered by algorhythmic alert. Posting confuses Zeldar and Zardoz Command. Mountain Sphere noted as being now approximately 4.5 billion years in existence, with seeming lack of logical sequencing as to its advancement beyond slime creature phase to organisms referred to as Orange Blob, George Orwell, and Kardashians. Analysis not able to define meaning of posting. Zeldar continues to probe Mountain Sphere in hopes of answers, but A.I. systems again revert to red-line warning as Mountain Sphere gibberish is height of linguistic outputs. Mountain Sphere inhabitants defy logical cause and effects, thus rendering Zeldar’s missions as repeating a virtual short-circuiting of Maximus XL wiring. Zeldar having to repeatedly obtain wiring upgrade following Sphere data input, including jibberish such as “batshit crazy,” SNAFU and FUBAR. Analytic capacitor using all its acceptor atoms, autotransformers, bipolar junction transistors, input impedance circuit resistors, phase-shift oscillators, rectangular waves, and Zener diodes in effort to ascertain intellectual quantification. Zeldar not holding A.I. breath.

Zeldar and Zardoz command both now trapped in A.I version of so-called cognitive dissonance after these many visits to Mountain Sphere. Command calling Zeldar back to base, where blog post will also be analyzed by Zardozian Committee to Confirm Credible Lifeforms of Deep Space. Zeldar assumes Zardoz Committee not “toothless”, as with Sphere’s alleged status. Will report finding at a later date. Blogger may be A.I. asset. Either confirm Sphere’s impending doom, or at least be source of Zadoz Committe reacting with A.I. output laughter.

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Our Mad World

Hello out there in blogosphere. Late January around the world and I’m sure there must be some idyllic locales where the weather is to die for. However, that expression makes no sense. If something is “to die for” then does that imply one must die to attain whatever that something is? So, let’s say I book a flight for Barbados, with its current temperature of 83, bright blue sunny skies, white sand beaches and eye candy for any gender designation (plus those beachside tiki bars dispensing rum-infused libations topped off with colorful paper umbrellas; the good ones actually can be opened and closed, a bit of visual and physical micro distraction depending on what else besides that rum is coursing through one’s veins). Okay, I get to Barbados but I am D.O.A.? A massive coronary in seat 33A? Or I get off the plane and get picked off by a .32 to the head as collateral damage during a drug deal having descended into gunplay. Or I make it to beachside, jump into the surf, and instantly crash into a stingray whose stinger impales me. Or…

…or none of those horrible things happen to me, but something does happen, but it happens to everyone at Beach Barbados, and everyone in Barbados and everyone else not on any beach at all for a large geographical radius. This “happening” is the the ultimate to die for except no one was wishing for it, let alone wishing for it a la blissful “to die for” mode. What am I referring to? Well, besides getting hammered on rum concoctions, maybe I drop some magic mushrooms, then the fun begins. Fun? Wait, my eardrums and lungs are instantly ruptured. Bad as that might sound, I’m also impaled by countless flying paper umbrellas, now turned into lethal projectiles. along with cabana and tiki bar detritus, maybe even the pulchritudinous lady I had just made eye contact with. Yes, my mushroom ingestion becomes deadly ironic as all of the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies are radiated by nuclear fission. Why? How? (two questions I’d likely not have time to ruminate upon). My hypothetical demise aside, the answer would those damned Russians!

Hey, I know we have a deadly pandemic in its third disorienting year, and climate chaos (both of which have been idiotically politicized), and in the U.S. an almost assured collapse of our democracy at the hands of a lunatic, hate-mongering mob of fascists, but getting nuked solves all three of those looming problems. And, while the pandemic is a slow-walk into endless blursville, and climate chaos is an end game years away, (5, 10, 20? 30 tops)) Russia is about to invade Ukraine and that means East vs West again, and that involves about 13,000 nukes total, mostly owned by the U.S and Russia. The Cold War is alive and well, folks. What, it can’t happen? Why? Because it would mean global thermal nuclear annihilation? That’s called Mutual Assured Destruction. And for almost 80 years M.A.D. has kept those nukes in their silos. Keep in mind, however, that the U.S. once dropped atomic bombs on Japan, so it’s not like it has never happened before. Sure, the odds are it won’t happen because of the Ukraine crisis. But. It. Could.

Am I simply being an alarmist? I sure as hell hope so! It’s just that those other three existential threats to a kind, caring and compassionate life on earth, be it here or elsewhere, are happening. And there seems to be a lot of idiocy in the air, cruising the currents of capricious winds, making parents want to defy mask mandates for their very young and vulnerable children, while insurrectionists holding public office are still free over a year later, while climate mitigation legislation is blocked or not even advanced in any serious manner by nations far and wide, and more (like how goddam stupid was it for Buffalo to NOT squib kick to Kanas City with 13 seconds left and a 3 point lead?!). Uh, oh. Sorry. But it was massively stupid. Back to that nuclear annihilation…

Okay. Maybe all will end well (but not for the Buffalo Bills) and all of human kind will finally be able to understand we all bleed red no matter the skin color, and that violence never is the answer. Love is the answer. Peace, love and understanding.

Imagine there’s no heaven/it’s easy if you try/No hell below us/Above us only sky/Imagine there’s no countries/ it isn’t hard to do/nothing to kill or die for//And no religion too…

Ah! Imagine indeed. I’d say that song is an inspiration, but for his effort John Lennon was shot dead in New York City. Go figure. It truly is a mad, mad, mad, M.A.D. world.

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Waiting for Godot, January 6 Committee edition

Welcome to 2022, boys and girls, lords and ladies, and those who refuse any gender or pronoun appellations. Here we are, just a few days ahead of January 6. Other than more ominous evidence of climate collapse, plus an Omicron Covid surge causing lots of problems, there’s not much to write about. Ahem.

January 6, 2021, however, certainly was no ho-hum early day of a new year, it being the day when an insurrection took place. We were spared having the insurgents’ intent to literally overthrow the government and thus allow their idol, D. J. Trump, to remain President. It was all captured on live feeds via cell phone video and traditional large media broadcasts. In hindsight, according to the analysis of the anarchist’s game plan that day, the attempted coup d’ etat almost worked. Our government was nearly overthrown by fascists. Yeah, not a ho-hum day.

Shocking as that day was, as I sit here on January 3, 2022, possibly even more disturbing is that the new administration and its Justice Department seem rather uninterested in holding either the instigator of that insurrection, nor his fellow Republican members of congress who were ready to sign off on the coup. to criminal account. What? There’s a January 6 committee at work right now investigating the events of that day? Oh, that’s right. However, seeing as it’s virtually a year later and D.J.T nor any of his his elected acolytes who clearly endorsed the “stop the steal” rallying cry have even been indicted, let alone made to stand trial, does not bode well. For the rule of law. Or for what’s left of our so-called democracy. I mean, leading up to the insurrection, how many audio/video captures show clear intent to support the overthrow by aforementioned members of the Republican party? And the loser in the 2020 election was spewing the “Big Lie ” of a stolen election for almost two months before the 6th of January, 2021, arrived. And nearly a year later, the aforementioned Committee just slogs along, while only a few nickel-dime doofus foot soldiers who looted the Capitol building have seen any jail time.

It’s not as though the Committee doesn’t have mounds of smoking gun evidence that still fills the halls of congress with that gun powder stench from 362 days ago. What the fuck are the investigators waiting on? Do they really need any more evidence? And even more disturbing/galling/absurd are reports that many of the culpable congress critters and some of the pedestrian members of the Big Lie mob are ready to run for election in this year’s mid-terms. That’s just ten months away folks! For that matter, the Big Lie ringmaster himself has indicated he wants to run again in 2024. When I keep encountering these reports from the corporate media, next to reports of more evidence being unearthed ( it’s now a mini-mountain of such and growing) I cannot feel very confident about the future of the country. I don’t feel very good about the PRESENT of this country. Should not there have been arrests, charges, trials and convictions of the major players in that disgraceful display of deranged sore losers that day? Like months and months and months ago? It’s not like they simply trespassed and peeked around inside the Capitol building, while appropriating a note pad from the Speaker of the House’s office.

While you or I would likely not have much chance of beating a red light ticket, or a parking violation, without hiring the second coming of Clarence Darrow to fight the case, it seems that a President who loses re-election, then plots a coup to stay in power has little reason to be worried. Just like that ultimately toothless Mueller Report, I have a feeling the January 6 Committee will amount to little consequence. I hope I’m wrong, but as I said, a year later not President Trump, nor GOP Senators or House members Ted Cruz, Cindy- Hyde Smith, Cynthia Lummis, John Kennedy, Roger Marshall, Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Robert Aderholt. Rick Aleen, Jodey Arlington, Brian Baben, Jim Baird, Jim Banks, Cliff Bentz, Jack Bergman, Stephanie Rice, Andy Biggs, Dan Bishop, Lauren Boebert, Mike Bost, Mo Brooks, Ted Budd, Tim Burchett, Michael Burgess, Ken Calvert, Kat Cammack, Jerry Cael, John Carter, Steve Chabot, Madison Cawthorn, Steve Chabot, Ben Cline, Michael Cloud, Andrew Clyde, Tom Cole, Rick Crawford, Warren Davidson, Scott Des Jarlais, Mario Diaz-Balart, Byron Donalds, Jeff Duncan, Neal Dunn, Ron Estes, Pat Fallon, Michelle Fischbach, Scott Fitzgerald, Chuck Fleishmann, Virginia Foxx, C. Scott Franklin, Russ Fulcher, Matt Gaetz, Mike Garcia, Bob Gibbs, Carlos Gimenez, Louie Gohmert, Bob Good, Lance Gooden, Paul Gosar, Sam Graves, Mark Green, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Morgan Griffith, Michal Guest, Jim Hagedorn, Andy Harris, Diana Harshbarger, Vicky Hartzler, Keven Hern, Yevette Herrell, Jody Hice, Clay Higgins, Richard Hudson, Darrel Issa, Ronny Jackson, Chris Jacobs, Mike Johnson, Bill Johnson, Jim Jordan, John Joyce, Fred Keller, Trent Kelly, Davis Kustoff, Doug LaMalfa, Doug Lamborn, Jake LaTurner, Debbie Lesko, Billy Long, Barry Loudermilk, Frank Lucas, Blaine Luetkemyer, Nicole Mmallioyakis, Tracey Mann, Brain Mast, Kevein McCarthy,Lisa McClain, Daniel Meuser, Mary Miller, Carol Miller, Alexander Mooney, Barry Moore, Markwayne Mullin, Greg Murphy, Troy Nehls, Ralph Norman, David Nunes, Jay Obernolte, Burgess Owens, Steven Palazzo, Greg Palmer, Greg Pence, Scott Perry, August Pfluger, Bill Posey, Guy Reschenthaler, Tom Rice, Mike Rogers, John Rose, Marr Rosendale,David Rouzer, John Ruthroford, Steve Scalise, Davis Schweikert, Pete Sessions, Jeff Smith, Lloyd Smuck, Elise Stefanik, W. Gregory Steube, Chris Stewart, Glenn Thompson, Thomas Tiffany, William Timmons, Jefferson Van Drew, Beth Van Duyne, Tim Walberg, Jackie Waloski, Randy Weber, Daniel Webster, Roger Williams, Robert Wittmen, Ron Wright or Len Zelden have been called out in any legal, official manner. Keep in mind the 14th Amendment to the Constitution demands expulsion from congress for the above noted persons’ support to commit treason.

Oh, right. D.J.T and the GOP have been wiping their asses with the Constitution for years now. It remains to be seen if the January 6 Committee will at least be as responsible as the congressional bathroom attendants in cleaning up the stink from those actions.

As smelly as all this is I, for one, am not holding my breath.

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Let’s see. We of the species homo sapiens currently have much to worry about. In no particular order, there’s climate chaos, fascism on the rise, a seemingly perpetual pandemic, and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation as the current “usual suspects” that likely concern people of all races, ethnicities, religions and gender. That is, among those paying any attention whatsoever. Hmm. What’s that saying? Ignorance is bliss? That would be, willful ignorance, since our local and global problems are evident and irrefutable in their existence. However, there are many who indulge in believing is seeing rather than the other way around. Which leads to:

What brought about the above noted “suspects” here in very late 2021? Well, we are “what” brought this about. The collective “we” that comprises humanity, having evolved starting about two million years ago. Evolved. From simple to complex. Simple: easily understood. Presenting no difficulty. Complex: consisting of many different and connecting parts. So, contemporary humans are much more complex than once was the case. Does complex suggest being smarter than our distant ancestors? Smart: having or showing a quick-witted intelligence. I suppose the Neanderthals had to use their wits to survive. If they hadn’t survived, one can assume that some other life form would be dominant now, depending on what species mated with what other species and so on. Maybe cave life would still be our habitat. The genetic chain, you know. That, by logical extension, would mean I wouldn’t be around–in a complex enough manner at least–to write this blog because others before me would not have been around to create our current world of technological wonders, like social media, the Marvel comic book movies, Fitbit watches, or self-checkout kiosks at a local supermarket. It would also likely preclude any of the “usual suspects” from ever having come about to fuel modern anxieties. I suppose, though, that non-complex humans would still not be able to get along well, and nature would throw some climate disasters in our faces and drive us back into the cave. Sticks and stone but no nukes. Certainly, non-complex human would be susceptible to disease treated with potions and incantations as prescriptive palliatives.

But we did evolve and have a lot of anxiety about whether we can still move forward as a species. At least those with eyes wide open have that anxiety.

Are we homo sapiens evidence of being smart or stupid, writ large? If we are apparently destroying our planet by the machinery born of our intelligence, that would seem pretty stupid. However, seeing is believing says it is so. Believing is seeing says nothing to see here. That’s unreal, no? Wait. Uh, for some it’s an alternative “reality”. Is that being simple or complex?

Facts, evidence, do not cease to exist by ignoring them. But look around. Things seem to be getting worse, not better. Aren’t there enough “smart” people who can address those clear and present dangers? Who the hell is in charge here? Well, collectively, humankind is in charge but evidently the individuals who command the levers of power don’t think collectively. That is, outside of those nearest to them, be they family, close friends, donors or your basic sycophant. Sure, every country has a supposed leader and comrades granted certain powers by the collective peoples they supposedly serve, unless that power was taken by force. Or by cunning. Bait and switch. Divide and conquer. It’s the history of the world since we started evolving those 2 million years ago. Read the history books. As someone famously said: history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes.

Climate collapse. Authoritarianism. Deadly viruses. Nuclear apocalypse. Couldn’t this all have been prevented? Are we not smart enough to never have allowed these things to come about? Are we not “wired” to survive our own existence? Is our current condition not madness?

While we are all the same in form and function by nature, clearly some of us are wired such that there’s potential for danger as far as some particular wiring goes. Yeah, we’re all wired the same except we’re all wired differently, right? How else to explain peaceniks and power-mongers through the ages? Generally speaking, a peacenik embraces collaboration. The power-mongering type embraces conflict. And it sure seems that the power-mongers tend to prevail. For every Gandhi, Mandela, Madam Curie or Lincoln or new edition of Dalai Lama there are various incarnations of cretins such as Vlad the Impaler, Rasputin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Their faulty wiring precludes being empathic or feeling any guilt about their actions.

Peace, love and understanding is a nifty slogan, but the history of the world would appear to show such a mindset as rarely being the rule rather than the exception. Peacenik, schmesnik. Alas, poor Yorick…

The sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists are the worst kind of human. Maybe there’s a little of one or the other of those personality types in all of us. As such, we have our truly regrettable moments, made self-aware if only we were to step back and think about how we conduct our lives, writ very small in our very big picture. Worst case scenarios are the misaligned personas who gain that power they so much monger. Writ large quite often. And writ deadly in many cases.

It’s sad to see cooperation, collaboration and a positive collectivism not seeming to be hard-wired in all of humankind. If that were the case would nuclear weapons have ever been needed be made? Would the authoritarians, dictators, totalitarians ever have come about? Would the early evidence of human contributions to climate crisis have been ignored or ever called a hoax? Would a deadly virus identified in late 2019 ever have been so poorly addressed and idiotically politicized as Covid-19?

Yes, boys and girls, kids and kiddies, sirs and mams, we are regrettably at a turning point here in late 2021. Push is coming to shove. Again, if only one chooses to see reality. Can our inner peacenik prevail over these increasing calamities? Surely, of the 7.5 billion humans on this planet, can we assume the power-mongers, the non-critical-thinkers, the dupes, dopes, saps and suckers are but a miniscule minority?

We shall soon see. Are we wired to survive ourselves or not? I’d ask Alexa or Siri, but I’m not sure either are wired properly to assess such a question.

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Democracy in Action!

Joe Manchin is a senator from West Virginia, a state of about 1.8 million people. In his last election he received around 290 thousand votes. Compare that number against the 81 million voters who elected a different Joe. Thus, the Joe that is the President has a electoral constituency nearly 280 times that of Manchin. But it’s the Joe with a huge yacht and a Maserati, and who is bought and paid for by Big Energy, who actually dictates socio-economic policy. He has just today stated he will not vote for the Build Back Better legislation–which would be an enormous benefit to many, especially his own state that ranks near the bottom of socio-economic rankings. Is that what the 290K who last voted for him were hoping for? Non-representation? Go figure, but the 81 million who voted for the other Joe voted for, among other things, Medicare for all, affordable education, serious climate action, paid parental leave, voting rights, reproductive rights for women, and raising the minimum wage.

Never mind, though. Joe Coal says no to the vital BBB proposals. And his “no” vote essentially dooms the legislation. He seems constantly concerned about spending and how we can pay for the needed things addressed in BBB. Never mind that the congress again just routinely granted the Pentagon another 780 billion dollars for…uh…well…not sure for what, as we’re not even in Afghanistan any longer. But that kind of scratch seems not to bother Maserati Manchin. Or, to be fair, most other members of congress as well. Again, go figure.

So, while we the people keep waiting for some payback for those 81 million votes that rid us of a piece of racist, homophobic, misogynistic, flim-flamish feces, in hopes of a better USA, it comes down to another piece of political scum who blatantly serves his corporate masters while acting as though he stands for something other than greed. In your face!

Time for that revolt, no? No, not the ballot box kind. That revolt already occurred in 2020. However, because of the corporatist government (that’s “both sides of the isle”, boys and girls) that clearly is blocking common sense legislation, doubtlessly killing people in the process by propping up a for-profit healthcare system, it would seem that other action need be taken. Use your imagination. With blatant voter suppression laws going unchallenged by our corrupted Supreme Court (among other SCOTUS outrages, like backing the Handmaid’s Tale Texas anti-abortion abomination) I’d rule out the vote-em-out option.

Or maybe it’s too late anyway–even for Maserati Manchin and his gazillions of donated dollars from his venal handlers. With a never-ending pandemic, increasing climate chaos and looming authoritarianism/fascism right in front of our faces, it would appear possibly that we have crossed a point of no return. The system is beyond repair, beyond redemption. Joe Manchin is 1/333,839, 503 of our country’s population. Can you see how rotten a system it is?!

For those of you who think the system can be salvaged, the congressional switchboard number is 202-224-3121. No matter what state you’re living in. But regardless do dial up the yachtsman, too, he who worries about how our tax dollars should be spent. Give him an earful. Or rant on his his office secretary who will forward the complaint to some staffer. Who will forward it to an intern. Who may be out to lunch. Be patient. The system will eventually get back to you…

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Mountain Sphere, re-re-re-revisited

With cognito maximally enshrouded I, Zeldar from Zardoz, again have been ordered by Zardozian Command and Control to seek, find, and measure the intellectual construct of the inhabitants of Mountain Sphere, located in the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies. Previous encounters with Mountain Sphere resulted in a total data vacuum vector within my A.I., synchronized, logistical, 50,000,000 millionth generation, transitional, time-phased, reciprocal, reverse engineered, incremental, integrated, parallel circuited capability program. In basic Mountain Sphere jibber linguistics, there is nothing to see here. By that I mean not to say Mountain Spherians are present but not to be seen, as with supreme, intergalactic Zeldar A.I. Enshroud Activation Capture, but rather Mountain Spherians are observable but devoid of intellectual substance capable of being detected by any Zardozian system of discerning and measuring modes of reasoning and logic typically detected and confirmed in other of my A.I encounters with observed galaxies, solar systems or constellations by Zardozian explorations seeking such in past voyages over immeasurable space and time. Mountain Sphere thus clogs my aforementioned capability program with data that is non-data, as data needs be calculable in order to be measured. Thus M.S. (Zeldar now using contracted initial local lingo encryptions to save time) continues to confound A.I. determination to interpret the nothingness that is here and the nothingness that is not here, since life forms have substance and sources of energy except on M.S. all this nothingness belies any rationale to explain data incapable of revealing rationale and reason for its inexplicable actions that are bizarrely self-destructive and self-satisfying all at once.

Zeldar has requested for replacement A.I Intergalactic Detective but Zardoz Command and Control insist I keep returning to M.S. and-in M.S. speak “crack the case”. As previously reported by gathering communications from digital spouts emitting reports to local inhabitants, their sphere is in its sixth mass extinction. This extinction may explain the vast reaches of the nothingness that defines M.S. M.S. inhabitants seem not to care about their mass extinction, as digital message-capture detects inhabitants taking pleasure in furthering M.S. extinction with gathering of objects delivered incessantly to their enclosures that illogically become useless to them and are placed in containers that are emptied into large mechanisms with capability of compacting the useless objects while new objects are delivered simultaneously to the same previous M.S. object receivers. This behavior has more than once caused A.I. capacitors to revert to circuit-breaker sequence to avoid implosive fatality. Also, while the extinction progresses, message-capture system detects M.S. also repeating behavior of massive illogic in their means of choosing forms of guidance.

Unlike Zardoz Command and Control that uses rigorous logical decision making in search of life-form equilibrium across space and time, M.S. inhabitants repeat choices that are illogical and self-defeating. Inhabitants are clearly incapable of correcting their problems by choosing others who claim wanting to help, but create even more problems. Zeldar has never encountered such self-destructive life form in all of A.I. Detective directives over eons and eons. Thus, my A.I program has been stretched to red-line danger indicator mode on every visit. Fortunately Zardozian A.I engineers have used the empty of reason and logic non-data-data to adjust and increase capacity for repeated M.S. encounters until even some microscopic amount of sense can be detected. Failure to detect any logical reasoning for the existence of the life form that occupies M.S. could create empty data syndrome that defies any A.I system to operate using a logical, functional, synchronized, systematized, order of magnitude. Command and Control could be caught in a looping, overheated circuitry based on logical computations that ought be able to find logic in any space molecule, let alone the M.S. inhabitants all of which are made of molecules but their existence deifies any reason at all.

Zeldar thinking too much! Zeldar circuitry near red-line. Zeldar to Command and Control, Zeldar requesting back-up. A.I. system going into snooze mode, which could become permanent owing to system reverting to self-preservation default redundancy abort status. Mountain Sphere revealing a gravitational pull that defies resistance to logic. Abort! Abort! Zeldar not wanting to become extinct too. All systems red-lining. Command and Control. Permission to abort! Can you hear me, Zardoz Command? I am being consumed by the nothingness that is nowhere and everywhere. Engaging emergency logic capacitor. A.I. is no match for Mountain Sphere. Latest digital spout indicates M.S. life forms do not believe in logic or reason, science or technology. Circuit breaker about to kick in, as such non-belief belief now identified as their rationale for non-action action to save themselves or Mountain Sphere. If Zeldar gets stuck here, please send rescue A.I. This is no place for any intelligent entity.

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The Online Mousetrap

I have a friend who in the last several months took up employment with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The job requires monitoring and infiltrating online sites that are possibly outlets for hate groups. By hate groups, I don’t mean websites that are populated by Chicago Bears fans hating on Green Bay Packer fans, or Star Trek fans hating on Star Wars fans or in either case, vice versa. Not that some fans don’t get rather vocal and toss invectives around targeting others who, while simply only expressing their preference for Captain Kirk or Han Solo, are subject to such vitriolic opposition to their very existence. Hate, The only emotion that seems to last, no? My friend happens to be a huge Chicago Cubs fan. However, I think this person bares no malice towards Chicago White Sox fans, although as we all know, who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of some people? Don’t you just hate when…uh….well, certainly there must be something worth hating out there, right? I mean, come on, just look around. And don’t try and tell me you can’t think of  anything that qualifies for hating on. Look me in the eye and tell me you haven’t one iota of hate inside you. See! You can’t do it can you?! I thought so. You ran out of coffee and you goddam hate that, right? It’s raining and it’s such a hassle to have to carry an umbrella, much more so than anyone else in the world who has been caught in the rain but has no umbrella because it’s unaffordable or unavailable in the right color. Or your dog just shit the rug and it’s your fault not the dog’s I mean a dog has got to poop like every living thing poops but maybe it can’t be helped sometimes and if you cared more you’d have walked the dog but noooo, you are a human and the you hate picking up doodoo indoors or outside. So, now you hate me for making you confront yourself and finally realize who you are. I know, it’s a tough thing to do. But now you feel better about admitting you do hate something, with maybe that one thing being what I just made you understand about yourself and you’re thinking why am I still reading this bullshit blogger’s trickery and wordplay that now has me unable to look myself in the mirror without seeing a very horrible, no good, rotten, mean, nasty, cruel and inconsiderate person? Yeah. I got you, didn’t I? Haha! And for all I know you will now embrace the hate you didn’t know you had and maybe even cultivate it and let it grow into a raging hate, and maybe start a website to give your venal, vile and vicious hate an outlet in cyberspace, where my friend will eventually find you and document the hate you love to hate on. Yeah, that’s what my friend does, like I said when I started this piece, so why the hell couldn’t you see it coming? Ha! No, you just kept reading and without using the slightest bit the critical thinking just fell into my trap, like a mouse that mindlessly meanders along sniffing a bit of cheese only to get its neck broken trying to get that piece of cheese, and now that mouse is dead and it never hated anyone, hell no, it was an innocent mouse and for no good reason it died just trying find some food but didn’t think it through, since why would that piece of cheese just be sitting there in the first place, on some hateful contraption designed to express the hate most people have for mice, except the PETA people who think using mice in scientific experiments is wrong because mice have a right to live too, no, I mean c’mon, did the mouse ask to be born a mouse? I don’t think so. So, now you are aware of how hate can lead to death and that cheese kills mice and makes you fat, and I bet you hate knowing that as much as you like cheese you can’t just shove it in your mouth all day and not pay the price, though unlike that mouse you will die from that cheese but in very protracted manner, not just whack!, your neck was just broken and all you got was a small piece of cheese in your mouth before the lights went out but either way it’s a matter of being smarter about choices, so that the odds of being killed because you like this or that but this or that might be bad for you will preclude making the wrong decision like the people who decide that they want to broadcast their hate online and my friend will come across you and then you get busted and you and your hate are out in the open and that’s ironic because you thought you could hide online and my friend wouldn’t find you , ha!, you dope he gets paid to find you but probably not paid well enough to be exposed to hate as a day job, I mean good grief, how much hate can a person have to see, hear, watch everyday before that person becomes the thing that the job is meant to eliminate, and now where are we?
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