Koch Suckers

As of this posting, the battle to retain collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin is about a month along. Governor Walker defies the swarms of protestors–teachers, firefighters, police, various public workers and private sector workers alike–by maintaining his assertion that the financial woes of Wisconsin demand his proposed course of action. Recent polls document the public-at-large is not in agreement, with 61% disapproving of the legislation he wants passed. And of course most people don’t approve because what Walker–a toadie of the Koch brothers (who contributed generously to his campaign for election in 2010)–really wants has nothing to do with fiscal realities. It’s all politics and power. The Koch brothers are billionaires who run energy companies, among other interests. Koch Industries is the 2nd largest private corporation in the U.S., and it would benefit financially not to have to deal with organized labor as it seeks ever-wider-influence in Wisconsin and beyond. The Koch brothers view regulations and unions as unecessary obstacles  in the way of absolute, free-market, unfetttered capitalism. Now, with Walker doing their bidding, the republican-controlled Wisconsin legislature wants to enact draconian measures that are tantamount to an assualt on the working class. Public employees, and workers in the private sector are evidently being blamed for Wisconsin’s budget blahs. Seemingly, they make too much money, have too many benefits, and worst of all, many of them have such because of their being in unions. Never mind the Wall Street crooks who cooked the books and created bubbles that inexorbaly had to burst,  creating a national economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression. No, it’s the working class, not the well-heeled, crass Wall St. greedsters, that must be held to account. It’s a blantantly transparent ruse to simply bust unions, to add  even more corporate/financial  dominance over 98% of  the rest of us. And it’s not just Wisconsin. It’s virtually every state with a republican governor. Aiding these governors are the corporate controlled mass media, which pays much more attention to the Oscars Awards outcomes, Lindsay Lohan’s and Charlie Sheen’s personal demons and such, than what amounts to a extreme agenda by republicans and neo-cons to set the working  and labor class back decades in terms of the gains made since the vile days of the robber barons. And that’s what the Koch bros. are, make no misstake about it: modern day robber barons.  If you’re really, really rich, then you probably hope Walker gets his way. Profit and power  over real democracy. The rule of the few over the many. But, if you’re not all that well-off,  you might just want to show up and/or speak up in this matter. Don’t be an ignorant Koch Sucker!

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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