Wrestling with Reality

Former pro wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has a book out that addresses our country’s current and worsening political dysfunction. In it, he refers to republicans as rebloodicans and democrats as democrips, a play on the names of the notorious Crips & Bloods street gangs. Clever enough.  Jesse equates the rebloodicans with the red states (blood, get it?) and the democrips with the blue states. He denigrates both parties, and feels we need to get the corrupting influence of money out of the process and attract better candidates. Jesse’s vitriol is no different from mine, or that of people like Senator Sanders from Vermont, Ralph Nader, Jim Hightower and others.  Part of the problem is also that the corporate media purposefully ignores the dissenting voices. But we’re out here, in the secondary media, blogosphere, etc. 

The public needs to get educated, regardless. It’s not Jesse or Ralph  or Jim or Bernie who can really change anything, though. They can sound the charge, but who’s listening? And we do need change, real change. Both parties seem to have lost their way; the GOP is now essentially a radical Right, elitist group that fanatically supports the now infamous “one percent” and its wealth at the expense of the other 99%.  They are inflexible and in many way, a sociopathic political force. The democrats, once an actual party of the people has become wimpy, wussy, ineffectual and worst of all, complicit in pro-corporate, anti middle-class public policies. They talk the talk but hardly ever walk the walk anymore.

And as obvious as this collusive political construct is–to anyone who wants to prick up their ears and open their eyes–the public keeps putting the power into the same hands, those being those crips and bloods, as it were. Hard to blame the voters when the choice is always an apparent evil of two lessors. Now, in the 2012 election, we’re left with the absolutely draconian prospect of turning over the White House and Congress to the Radical Right, or rewarding President Obama the “capitulator-in-cheif,” and the lap dogs of his party for failing to carry through on virtually all of that change you can believe in stuff invoked over and over in the 2008 campaign. His lack of follow-through turned off so many of his 2008 supporters that the Tea Party wack-a-doodles got elected in numbers in the 2010 mid-term voting, exacerbating our current toxic atmosphere in D.C.

Some choice for 2012. It’s about as phony as the choreographed wrestling matches that Jesse once excelled at, but not the least entertaining. The “heroes” and “villains” of the WWE got paid win or lose, and knew it was a rigged system.  Elections these days, aren’t much different.  Thus,  Jesse “The Body” Ventura and one-time breath-of-fresh-air elected official, has to hold his nose and pen a screed against the scam and sham of present-day politics. 

The public needs to wrestle its country back from a government full of bad actors who try to play off one another as “hero” and “villain” as the mainstream media laps it up without challenging anyone to support their reasoning with any sound evidence. There’s no room for reality in this programming,  just as in WWE, WWF, etc..  Jesse knows the drill. 

You’ve heard the expression, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.  The fix may be in with our lame two-party patty-cake, money talks and corruption walks system. Fix, however, is exactly what need to do to it.  Jesse and those other dissenters have noticed the machinery going bonkers, but until the public see the same, the tie-and-jacket Crips and Bloods will maintain their turf and prosper.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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