Tis the Season

The Allied armies of WWII were the last instance of actual global “freedom fighters” who were sent on missions with potential to the victors go the spoils endgames, as asserted in my last blog entry. For proof, one needs to simply revisit the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Gulf I and Gulf II, and the now 13 year-old Afghan invasion that has no apparent upside or any end in sight, while our troops fight on and on to protect…what? whom?

So, thanks again, all vets, but especially those that fought the fight that had SPOILS on the line. I lamented that these brave and selfless soldiers, all of whom had to serve from the day they were either drafted or enlisted, until the final outcome (if they live to see that victory), truly fought for our freedoms. Some served for the entire time the U.S. was fighting Germany and Japan (and Italy, briefly). Late 1941 to late 1945.

They saved our country for Tea Bagger idiots to bamboozle the brain-dead electorate. They saved it so corporations could become our proxy government. But also…

…they preserved it for our modern-day DOORBUSTER!, Thanksgiving day, hurry in and get a 40″ flat screen for just $120! sales appetizers. Consume and be happy! And bust down doors these mall rat zombies do. By morning of “Black Friday” there are the inevitable reports (and videos) of brawls breaking out as shoppers fight fiercely over X-boxes, Playstations, laptops, tablets, 1080 “smart” t.v.’s or even non-digitzed apparel, appliances, baubles, bangles and bright shining beads.

Yep. Those troopers who slogged through combat from Battle of the Bulge to D-Day to Iwo-Jima made it possible for our hyper-commercialized, now somehow fused together Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas season to exist in all its excessive, greedy, manipulative glory.

Praise the lord, and where’s my Platinum, Gold and Kryptonite credit cards? Burp! Great stuffing, ma. Now to kick ass for that iPhone going for just fifty-nine cents! Strap it on! I’m going in!

Well, even if our mall zombies get their butts kicked and miss the bait that brought them onto the bargain-hunting battle grounds of consumer hell, they’ll buy some goddam thing they may or may not need and convince themselves it was worth all the effort.

They’ll then be able to make it back to their home base, show off their spoils of retail war, and warm up some of the Thanksgiving leftovers.  Some day, after decades of such gritty gotta get mine determination, these “vets” can regale the grandkiddies with their tales of tenacity and fighting the good fight.

Semper fi…

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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