Women’s Day

Hey, ladies. Here’s to International Women’s Day. If your love interest hasn’t given you flowers, candy, a card and hard, long kisses, then read him/her/whoever/whatever the IWD riot act. With Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the U.S. of A’s first woman President all but a done deal, assert yourselves. Forget the powder puffs and petticoats. Cancel your subscriptions to Cosmo and Better Homes. Kick ass. Take names. Suffer no fucking fools!  Channel your inner Hillary the Hawk. Get brassy and blunt (if you aren’t already).

Like Hillary.

Email-gate won’t bring her down. No republican ass-clown can blow a hole in her ascending power-politic, hot air balloon. It should be a real treat having another Clinton in the White House, while the GOP turns itself into a goddam pretzel trying to impeach her for those private emails, or Benghazi-gate, or a just a snarky tone of voice. It’ll be the Second Coming of Chicago’s Jane Byrne, taking the reigns from the the good ol’ boys, minus the bait and switch reformer bull jive. In order to become one of the guys.

Hillary is not a reformer. I’d prefer Elizabeth Warren myself. Smart. Compassionate. Not marinated in corporate cutter. Concerned about real people. Thus, she has no chance.

On the upside is that after Barack Obama, our land of generational immigrants, here to breathe free and work 80 hours a week to buy another iPhone, will have had an African-American male, and finally a female running the show. The pasty-faced white guys with the fat wallets will be thrilled, I’m sure. Relax, dudes. She’s one of you!

Then, who knows? Maybe by 2024 an Asian-American,  or some descendent of Sitting Bull will be occupying the Oval Office. Bull? Hey, imagine the campaign slogans!

Have those flowers and candy arrived yet? XXOO.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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