Kim Davis and Her Chatty God

I must make comment on an evolving news story. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk whose job responsibilities include the issuing of marriage licenses. Kim, in her deeply felt Christian beliefs, had for weeks been refusing to issue said licenses to same-sex couples. Then, she was finally shown the door…to her jail cell, after being held in contempt by the judge presiding over the legal showdown between Kim’s faith and the constitutional right of same-sex marriage.

There’s been plenty of hoohah on both sides of this matter, with those believing she got what was coming to her seeming to be the prevailing opinion. Count me among those who have no pity for Kim. She was asking to be held in contempt, implicitly, by ignoring the law of the land as she invoked her faith as reason enough to be determinedly, derelict of duty in a governmental position beholden to other’s constitutional rights.

The intransigent attitude Kim holds stubbornly to thereby reeks of arrogance and ignorance. C’mon, woman! Just step aside and let another, less religiously fervent, clerk issue the license and then pray for the souls of everyone involved without sitting in some slammer. Of course, the knee-jerk reaction from right-wing blowhards include Mike (wannabee President) Huckabee, who likens the jailing of Kim to “judicial tyranny”. Really? No, really? Well, Mike is a one-time Baptist preacher. He’s thus a de facto expert of this type of “tyranny”

Kim is in jail because she believes an invisible man who lives up in the sky tells her she must do what he commands (more or less what she has stated in her defense). And this voice from above apparently forbids Kim from issuing those same-sex couples their marriage licenses. Okay, lots and lots of people have their religious beliefs, and perhaps they believe they’re “instructed” by some invisible entity. Most of the time, however (and thankfully), such guiding spiritual principles are practiced quietly, internally digested, kept safe by seclusion from all but their parish’s other true believers and not trotted out at their workplace or public to crate controversy or spotlight their righteousness. Do you know many such zealots in your circle of friends or extended social network? Me neither. There’s plenty of craziness in this world already. Religious-oriented misfits are the worst of the lot.  Why would any sane person claim to have some direct, personal, cosmic hot-line with their god? It’s irrational. It’s scary.

Perhaps Kim needs to be in the psych ward, the special wing reserved for religious wacko martyrs-in-the-making.

Better there than back in her position as a county clerk.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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