My personal psychological/emotional/intellectual health, as with my physical health, fluctuates with the passage of time. We all relentlessly grow older, and regardless of efforts to remain mentally and physically “fit,” we all know that ultimately, it’s game over.

Okay, that’s not very inspirational, and sorry about that. We’re all in general denial about our individual end of days, hoping nothing horrendous befalls our physical/mental health any time soon. We eventually get old and creaky, but look around at all the “geezers” hobbling along, frail but still indulging each day as best as possible. Some have great mental stamina, and hang on and fight to the end. Others cave in and check out sooner than later.

In the USA, we have an abundance of substances to ingest, imbibe, shoot up, snort or smoke to ease what troubles ourselves. Not everyone indulges, but many do. Teens, somehow, even from solid middle class (and even upper class!) families become heroin addicts. What troubles them so early on?! Well, there’s that “stamina” factor, I suppose. We are all wired differently, mentally, emotionally and to extend that electronic metaphor just one more step, we all have mental, emotional circuit breakers too. And when the circuit gets overloaded, the lights goes out. And maybe cannot be reset. Mind and body, linked by our wiring, either get juiced up again or…game over.

Keep on truckin’. Keep the faith. When the shit hits the fan, hit the kill switch. Read a good book. See a play. Go to a concert. Watch some TV. Netflix. Hulu. There’s an app for it, whatever IT may be at the moment. Get your shit WIRED!

Hmm. How’s this blog’s theme playing out for you right now? I don’t know about you, but I think too many people’s circuits are shorted, and their brains are fried. Too much TV? Too much cyber time, Miley Cyrus-itis? Surfing along in the slog of on-line pop culture? You may be thinking that’s just for those youngsters. I think not. There’s plenty to fuss with and explore on these ever-more-larger touch screen marvels. There’s an app for whatever our psycho-emotional-intellectual needs may be at any waking moment. Again, just look around. Those geezers trying to make it across the street while the digital clock next to the traffic lights count down the seconds before the light will change, wired in an impartial manner, with zero regard to one’s ambulatory or vision capabilities. Those oldies are being passed by a few younger generations of smart phone gawkers, virtually oblivious to time and space–hell, to reality–but nonetheless getting across that street before that clock runs out on them. Hey, who said life was fair?! Ah, that expression is so goddam annoying, isn’t it?

It isn’t fair. We are wired to understand this, are we not? We must be. Else wise how do we keep either tossing the expression into someone’s face or having it shoved at our own mugs in those moments of…of…of…well…when whatever just occurred  just doesn’t seem fair!!

Circuit breaker time. Let it pass. Reset the switch. Consult scripture. Or. Hit the bottle. Light that joint. That Marlboro. Do that line. Find that vein. Stick the needle in.  Go for the gun. Kick the dog. Throw something, if at least nothing else but a fit.

We’re only human! And wired as such…

Wired to piss one another off? To disappoint? To barely ever feel things are the way we want them to be.

Therapy! Yeah, aren’t psychotherapists kind of psycho-physiological electricians, capable of shoring up the connections, maybe even RIGGING our wiring so we’re easily capable of keepin’ on keepin’ on, truckin’ along, keeping that faith, baby!

That is, if your therapist doesn’t have a few too many loose wires him or herself. If a mental health professional or any medical specialist can prescribe a drug, there’s a good chance (based on the case studies) that they’re chipping away at some of those pharma-wonders themselves. Shit, wouldn’t you, if you had to deal with a stream of patients who just cannot seem to ever get their shit wired?

Wait, this is going in circles! Damn straight it is. We are born. Blissful ignorance for a very short while, then comes the dips and valleys. Some last longer in blissful ignorance than others, but the more things change, the more they appear to never change for the better. Our schools. Our medical care systems. Our jobs, and the pressures they all bring to bear on us. The cost of everything. The increasingly sever weather. The rip-offs. The scams, shams and sticking of knives in the back. The petty. The peacocks. The loudmouthed. The know-it-all. The know nothing. Relationships. Familial dysfunction (is that term a bit redundant?).

There’s no escape? Has our wiring been RIGGED to cause us to feel either under or over amped at all times?

Life is an e-expereince, no? e-newspapers. e-cigarettes. e-banking, e-shopping, e-dating, e-colleges, e-elections, using e-voting booths. And all of it is rigged. And all of it–and we along with the lot of it–can be so easily hacked. It’s the wiring! It’s been tampered with! I can feel it in my…my…wiring! What, you don’t? Well that’s your problem?

In the meantime, I’m just going to wait for the Master Circuit Breaker to pop. Launch codes compromised. Then we can revert back to sticks and stones, and the rubbing of them together to attempt to light a fire, and maybe shed some light on the aftermath. How did we let things get so out of hand? Is there a mirror to look into?

History. The nightmare from which we all must awake? More like current events, which proves history teaches nothing to the electronically misaligned.

In the meantime, I hope your smartphone doesn’t run out of juice, especially as you skip across that four-lane street, app-ing away, nearly knocking over that one with the four-legged walker creeping along, only wanting to make it to the other side and live through yet another day, for some befuddling reason.










About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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2 Responses to Wired

  1. Julie Samuels says:

    Thank you Mr Harrin – you have described life as I know it now…perfectly


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