Circling the (swamp) Drain

Steve Bannon. Scott Pruitt. Rex Tillerson. Jeff Sessions. Wilbur Ross. Rick Perry. Linda McMahon. Steve Munchin. Ben Carson. Betsy DeVos. John Kelly. Andrew Puzder. And others, including a few military Generals.

In case you haven’t heard, all of these people are potential members of D. Trump’s Cabinet or close advisors, and they all are, to various degrees, controversial, or status quo hacks, if not outright disturbing, possibly dangerous to…to…well…we the people, and even Mother Earth itself. The EPA appointee, Pruitt, is a climate denier. Ben Carson, climate denier, and as  head of Housing and Urban Development, opposes the Fair Housing Act;  Ms.DeVos, is an evangelical who is clearly an anti-public education, pro-charter schools and is the nominee for Secretary of Education. Steve Bannon is a racist/white supremacist and Trump’s close advisor, while Jeff Sessions has been heard and rebuffed for making racist comments but is tapped for Attorney General, in spite of opposing the Voting Rights Act; the proposed Labor Secretary opposes raising the minimum wage; the proposed Treasury Secretary is a Wall Street bankster who aided in the recent Great Recession but profited from it. Rex Tillerson is a lifelong Exxon/Mobil operative, currently its CEO. He has built partnerships with a Russian energy company. Trump, you may recall, clearly encouraged Russian hackers to to worm their way into the Democrat’s email servers, and he’s seemingly a Vladimir Putin groupie, so Tillerson’s being close to Vlad have raised some, er, red flags.

Let me make this clear: This isn’t just me opining as a lone wolf of opposition to Trump’s political appointees; the same doubts and concerns have been expressed in many media circles, even some of the big dogs, like the New York Times and the Washington Post, and certainly in the non-corporate sphere of on-line and broadcast investigative outlets such as the Guardian, Truthout, Daily Kos, Democracy Now and Public Citizen. Mostly though, the corporate media isn’t seriously taking issue with Trump’s motley mix of billionaires and blowhards. After all, Trump is the specious spawn of corporate television. He generates those ratings!

Well, Trump’s racist supporters may be happy, but I wonder how many other people who swallowed his “Make America Great Again” gruel are already feeling some political indigestion? Did his supporters (racist at worst, tragically foolish at best) really think their reality TV star, flim-flammer and failed real estate mogul (countless bankruptcy filings) was going to be looking out for them, their children’s education, jobs, and, their healthcare needs, or the planet on which we live; that protective ozone layer above their muddled heads, which may already be depleted beyond repair, is a scientifically documented harbinger for further damage to human health, plant growth, marine ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles. Climate Change? Har har, hardy har har, as Honeymooner Ralph Kramden used to mockingly opine.

So,  the incoming administration doesn’t suggest serving many of us well. Wall Street hustlers, military hawks, climate deniers, evangelicals, union busters, anti-public education operatives, white supremacists. How’d this guy actually get elected?! Has the entire country gone insane?

Well, 61 million or so of the voting public committed an act of insanity, as far as I’m concerned, on November 8th,  while 64 million or so voted for the other candidate, the one whose candidacy came with an actual political portfolio, extensive experience and involvement with the machinery of global governmental affairs. She wasn’t perfect, by a long shot, but she comported herself like a rational, reasonable human being who, when she disagreed with someone, did so respectfully. Trump, as anyone with eyesight and hearing (and a functioning brain) would realize, tossed off insults and/or denouncements of entire racial, ethnic and gender groups, and even let loose with a mocking mimicry of a disabled person. What a statesman!

But he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million, and with the documented (word search Palast, Greg, if you are unaware of what comes next) anti-Democratic voter suppression laws passed in red states (hmm. red!) as well as the notorious “interstate cross-check” gambit (Palast) there is the highly plausible implication that Trump did not legitimately win the electoral college, either. As I asserted in a blog from months back, Hillary Clinton was already 2-3 million votes short way before election day. Without her garnering a large enough margin…well…then it’s Hail to the Thief!

Speaking of that “college,” on Monday, December 19, just 3 days from my writing this, the electors of each state will cast votes that traditionally confirm the Presidential candidate who won each respective state. The conventional wisdom is that Trump will be confirmed by the official electoral college vote. Game. Set. Match.

Did I use the word “wisdom” in a sentence up there? It may be a remote chance, but after what I have noted above, maybe this time the outcome won’t be so “traditional”. As I have asserted (along with many, many others, who have much more credibility than I, D.Trump did not win this past November 8th. Unlike the Tea Bag Party and their racist mantra of “I want my country back!” after the African-American, Barack Obama, CLEARLY won the Presidency by almost 10 million votes, Trump, the carnival barking bullshit artist, and whose proposed appointees present a very real, clear and soon-to-be present danger to this country–and the planet itself (by climate change or his already confrontational babbling about China and Taiwan and a potential nuclear WWIII). So, maybe, wisdom can still  prevail. Those Monday morning electoral quarterbacks could rethink the election score, and correct the outcome to reflect reality, allow substance, sanity, decency, diplomacy and dignity trump the foreboding brood waiting to command the Master Control Panel. Drain the swamp, said Mr.T.

The swamp has a drain alright.  Hang on. We could all be circling it.







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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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1 Response to Circling the (swamp) Drain

  1. catt23 says:

    Amen! As the saying goes, there are no atheists in foxholes. My personal experience of these transformative times has led me to discover that this extends to agnostics. God help us!


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