Political Betrayal, part 2

On October 12, 2014 I posted a blog that took to task the Democratic party for its decades long descent into becoming “enablers” of the what has been an even much longer descent into corrupt and self-serving politics by the Republican Party. At that time, I predicted the 2014 mid-term election would be a disaster for the Democrats, and it was: the Republicans gained six new seats in the Senate, to give it control over that body of government,  and gained their largest majority in the House of Representatives since 1928. 

I don’t have a crystal ball. But I have eyeballs, ears and a functioning brain that made it crystal clear that the Democrats, the once-upon-a-time party of the people, had become virtually another wing of the corporate-controlled Republican national party. Invoking Bill Clinton’s signing off on the job-killing (for American manufacturing, in particular) NAFTA agenda, and his signature approving a Republican (Newt Gingrich inspired) bill that overhauled the welfare system, a program now deemed to have made “reform” of welfare mechanisms more of a monstrous obstacle course for those seeking statutory procedures promoting basic material and physical well-being as evidence of this “enabling” collusion with Republican  ideology.


Pundits and millions of the public at-large have voiced their disapproval of this now quasi-fascist takeover of the United States government. How did Dr.Strangelove win?! How did Hillary Clinton lose?!

Well,  about 90 million eligible voters sat out the election (the lazy and stupid). And, as has been clearly documented, Hillary garnered virtually 3 million more popular votes than her opponent. But that electoral college. The voter suppression laws (compliments  of those Republican-controlled state legislatures). Thus, the runner-up is declared the winner. The Democrats damn well know Strangelove didn’t legitimately win the election. Former President Obama (you know, the hope and change President  who talked that talk but became yet another capitulator: he had the Senate and House at the beginning of his first term in office. What, exactly, did he and the Democrats do with such an advantage?) damn well knows the election was a fraud. The Democrats, the party that even when it has the majority in congress and has a Democrat for President, somehow lets the minority party call the shots. The Democrats, who ran a horribly wrong-person, wrong-time candidate. The Democrats, who had to realize it was that other candidate, the Social Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders, who was far more likely to defeat Dr.Strangelove, but instead sabotaged his candidacy every chance they got. The Democrats, far removed from being a party of the people, had to see what was likely to happen, then saw it happen, then instead of acting on evidence of the election being tampered with by the FBI Director and Russian Hackers, and an apparent alliance between Vladimir Putin and Dr.Strangelove, and the aforementioned blatant voter suppression by Republicans, simply stepped aside, and let this happen!

Sure, there have a been a few democrats who decried this turn of events, especially Rep John Lewis. However, as a whole, as I have asserted many times, the national Democratic Party apparently sold its soul long ago. How can the republicans, who can’t win elections without voter suppression or gerrymandering, (okay, both parties do it, but the democrats seem so incompetent at such tactics) who are virtually another version  of organized crime, championing legislation that caters to environmental polluters and Wall Street charlatans that have cost Americans their homes, pensions and even their lives in some cases, how can this venal Republican Party keep gaining more power? There has, seemingly forever, been more registered democrats than republicans. Yet, the democrats keep losing political ground, to the point now that but for the lame-brained, racist, hate-mongering white bread Strangelove supporters, a sense of fear and loathing, a visceral concern for our country and our environment has been evidenced in huge protests against this new administration. All 9 days worth of its nauseating existence and counting.

What can be done? Ironically I’m assuming that some of the protesters are among those who did not vote for anyone. Bad on them, but this shock to their systems has awakened a we the people vibe. The protests are against the new administration, but they are also, whether they know it or not, ipso facto, a protest against the Democratic Party as well, the one that seemingly induces political ennui among its potential supporters to the extent that every two years, they are beaten by candidates who are, at best, incompetent and at worst, massively corrupted by an ideology of profit over people.

I suppose those mailings begging for money for Democratic candidates in the 2018 election are in the mail, if not already received. What a joke. One positive outcome of this now waking nightmare is the Democrats can’t sink any further. Maybe they’ll finally again fight tooth and nail for we the people.

However, I’m not sure they remember how that is done. In the meantime, I hope the Green Party can clone Bernie or someone with genuine populist ideas. I am convinced if Sanders had run as a Green, he’d now be President. He obviously couldn’t run as a Democrat, a party that saw the barbarians gathering at the gate, and then simply gave them the keys to the palace.

To the ramparts!













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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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2 Responses to Political Betrayal, part 2

  1. Julie Samuels says:

    Thank you, Mr. Harrin – you hit the nail on the head.


  2. Amen! Further, while my personal intuition is that the damning hacked Dem emails are accurate to the letter ( not doctored by JA), if Podesta and company want to say that’s not the case, why don’t they produce some of the original emails and point out where the doctoring was done and its implications to their claims of being inaccurately portrayed as corrupt/ criminal via JAs/ WLs alleged mendacities. Wait…The American public has already forgotten this story — right? And Podesta is yet again enjoying fine dining along with a $400 bottle of wine in Georgetown about now…With his partner in mendacities Brazile…Nostrovia, Donna & John…


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