Empirical Evil

Let it be known, one and all, that today March 9, 2017 is the day that the Alternative Facts Administration, led by a pathological liar with orange hair and one red hot Twitter account,  has finally advanced a hard, stone-cold, irrefutable, indestructible, immutable FACT!: that being their modus operandi is pure, stupid evil. The proof? Scott Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, in front of cameras and microphones, denied that carbon dioxide (CO2) causes global warming/climate change. The FACT that Mr. Pruitt would assert such a notion is at once laughably absurd, but much worse, dangerous. Given the overwhelmingly rigorous, empirical, scientific evidence that leaves no uncertainty whatsoever that CO2 has, does and will continue to contribute to the failing health of Mother Earth, the fact that he actually made the assertion in the context of being the person charged with overseeing ENVIRONMENTAL issues, unavoidably labels him not only rather stupid, but evil stupid as well.

Strategic, cult of personality, diabolical evil figures clutter the historical landscape. From Hitler to Stalin, Pol Pot to Mao and let’s not forget the guy who somehow, in spite of being a mass murderer and master of plunder and pillage has a calendar day that celebrates his carnage with parades (!!), Christopher Columbus. Yes, evil is seemingly part of humankind DNA wiring, be it writ very discernibly large, intermittently medium, or quite small or none at all, or at least always striven to be kept in remission.

However, you know, shit happens.

Bullshit happens. Stupid evil happens. That’s today’s pronouncement by Pruitt, who now becomes the ipso facto freak-flag bearer of an administration whose member’s traffic in stupid venal, evil. They are an illegitimate administration, a criminal cabal of ideologues who are amoral, heartless,  profit-over-people gangsters, the consequences be-not damned-but apparently not even given a moment’s thought. Pruitt and the rest are not the least bit concerned with logic, with the cause/effects of their proclamations, their provocations, unless it’s the pretzel logic that fuels power and privilege: Climate change? Scientific proof? That just gets in the way. CO2? Is there even such a thing? Ha. Voodoo. Inconclusive! Scientists. What do they know? Them and their microscopes. Their telescopes. Test tubes. Clinical trials. Careful, rigorous calculations. Says who? Testing the hypothesis. Har har hardy har har! Truth-seekers? We’ll have none of that! An executive order to that effect is being crafted/drafted at this very moment…

The Environmental Protection Agency. Headed by a science-denier who, until today, could claim that accusation was an irroneous inference at worst based on his political, professional, personal past. He could have decided that, as the HEAD of the EPA, he should maybe, just maybe be shady and shifty in his use of words. But no. He–they–just can’t help themselves. So he flat-out flings the bullshit, which one would think he knows will hit the fact-check fan. No matter.

In front of cameras and microphones (created by science and technology) he preferred to officially pull the curtain back on the lot of them, each Cabinet member of which, like himself, in bitter, callous, malevolence, chosen to wreak havoc on their agencies.

Sure it seems stupid to those with rational hearts and minds. And it is. But far worse, it’s quite so evil, and now more than ever, in plain sight, writ very large.








About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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3 Responses to Empirical Evil

  1. Pruitt’s denial of overwhelming scientific evidence of the etiology of humankind’s adverse impact on the Earth’s biosphere through outmoded energy sources that fueled industrialization in the previous two centuries is a full frontal assault on the Earth’s biosphere and the Creator of life on this planet. Evil incarnate Pruitt and his canal of destroyers are no doubt perfectly aware of this and intoxicated by their power. Sulfur is coming out of their eyes, ears, mouths and whatever, as flames lick at their feet.


  2. jharrin4 says:

    Compared to MimiG I really held back on Pruitt and the Pussy grabber’s other lapdogs.


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