Day of the Sardonic Laughter, April Fools Edition

So, hear yee, fallow Americans (ya know, those who didn’t bother to vote on November 8, 2016, for their own, or close/extended family members, or the country as a whole) are you guilt-tripping yet? And to those of you who did vote, but for the loose cannon who is fast on his way to having irrefutable evidence of the election being tampered with by foreign agents (among other red flags slowly but surely rising up like spring crocus on this April 1) are you suffering “buyer’s remorse”yet?

April 1. Also know as April Fools Day. Today, one might spring a lighthearted false narrative on a family member or close friend. If you’re clever enough and reel them in on your false alarm fishing line, the “gotcha!” moment should produce some chuckles after the unwarranted concern for you (or them/him/her) dissipates quickly, once the tag line of “April Fools!” is tossed out to signal your being both–kinda–sorry, but self-satisfied to have indulged in the spirit of the day.

April Fools, however, has been surreally happening everyday since last November 8th, at least for the 64 million or so voters who emdorsed Mrs.Clinton. And at the same time, given the aforementioned red flags that are now in plain sight less than three months in the administration of our Tweeter-in-Chief, there’s a touch of Groundhog Day to boot. That is, from the day Mr.T was sworn in, there’s been a virtual repeat of his and his appointees modus operandi: say or do things that defy logic and reason, and when barely challenged or simply questioned on their obvious potentially destructive agenda, they simply double-down with an ironic touch of Orwellian double speak.

The terms “fake news” and “alternative facts” are now standard issue absurdist elements of White House lexicon. Orwell. 1984. Written in 1949. Sadly, perhaps here in the United States, his dystopian novel resonates as relevantly as ever before in the 68 years since its publication. It’s an anti-fascist polemic, 1984, and shortly after Mr.T’s rise to power, sales of the book shot up in a manner more accustomed to the next Fifty Shades of Gray sexed-up series. Cause and effect, certainly not remarkable coincidence in the sudden interest of the reading public’s curiosity of dystopian fiction from the mid-20th Century.

Anyway, to the fallow, and the foolish who did or did not bother to vote, as well as to the mass media that, in hindsight, was delivering “fake reporting” from the moment Mr.T announced he was going to use his reality TV stardom and real estate deal making wizardry as a logical stepping stone to the White House, I wish all of you a miserable April Fool’s/ersatz Groundhog Day.

While there’s nothing to laugh about for tens of millions of Americans, the good news is that all those red flags are demanding–at last!–some actual investigative journalism, social, gender and economic activism and even some congressional investigations. If my instincts are right, these blowbacks to our neo-fascist illegitimate GOP takeover of our government should inexorably lead to a Dead Administration Walking scenario.

So much blatant bufoonery and bilious billionaires creating havic and divisiveness in far less time than any other new administration ever, in the proverbial first 100 days.

The sooner the White House and Congress are rid of the infestation of these criminal con artists, corporatists-on-steroids, cold-blooded profit-over-people operatives who are virtual gangland killers, the sooner the only logical outcome should take place: a re-do of the election. There’s no precedent for it, I know. Never has happened before. But this situation is unprecedented. And it’s not just Trump who must go. This illegitimate fish stinks from the head-down. Pence plus all the appointees and advisors and conflict of interest arrangments must be expunged, erased and prosecuted where legal lines have been so casually crossed.

And then, when you have another chance to participate in our tattered democracy, fellow Americans, wake up, get up and think about your choices. We may never have a utopian Americana. But enough of the dystopia. I am tired of this dispiriting Groundhog Day and April Fools Day, day after day after day.

This blog entry is–rest assured–no joke!

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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  1. Sean Spicer recapitulates GO’s Animal Farm Commie characters with his boilerplate position, ” Four legs good, two legs bad.” Being a Pig is just a coincidence, of course.


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