Murder, Incorporated

Hey, guys and gals, kid and kiddies! How’s your day going? Is life a slice of Norman Rockwell, all-American, cozy, comfy, loving togetherness in that well maintained ranch house somewhere in suburbia, with its white picket fence, some tulips in bloom and well manicured lawn, or maybe in some hipster hood of doorman staffed, high-rise repose, with a lakefront view, a spacious balcony onto which you step to listen to the hum and buzz of another day in paradise?

If you can answer yes to  either of the above possible lifestyles, you likely have a sense of financial security. Making a low-to-middling six-figure salary? Perhaps a middling to upper six figure paycheck? Some of those suburban spreads and luxury high-rises require deep pockets, that’s for sure. If that’s your reality, then you must be at least a 2%-er, maybe even a 1%-er. So, maybe–but not for sure– you’re safe from a criminal element running amok in America. That being Murder, Inc.

No, not the Murder, Inc from the Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Segal days, when Vegas was in its ascendency, and contract killings were a form of warding off hostile take-overs and/or “firing” the flunkies who might screw up or be complicit in such anti-business-as-usual profiteering . And no, not their antecedents in anti-social, organized crime, as in Capone, and Machine Gun Kelly, bootlegging and speakeasy turf wars.

No, those murdering, sociopathic characters where not out to whack the general public, if it could avoid it, at least. Their targets were within their scattered criminal operations. Sure, some innocent bystanders might catch a bullet, but it was, ya know?, nothing personal. Just business.

The Murder, Inc. I’m alluding to is quite more dangerous and sociopathic-on-steroids by comparison to those outfits. These killers will take down virtually the entire population of the United States if they have to. But they don’t have machine guns, shivs, or even brass knuckles with which to dole out the punishment. These badass motherfuckers pack a much more punishing punch simply by getting elected to public office. They are called legislators. There is a sort of “rivalry” within the corridors of public power, but not really much of one. Who am I referring to? Of course you must know. The Republican Party. With the Democratic Party being sort of their flunkies, duplicit dupes, mopes and dopes. But make no mistake. It’s the Republicans who are the essence of our modern-day Murder, Inc. How so? Take yesterday’s House vote that by 217-213 was passed proposed legislation to “repeal and replace” so-called Obamacare.

These heartless killers have been working their dark, demonic mojo for decades. Now, however, they have completely taken control of the business of, ahem, governing. Republicans want to gut the healthcare coverage provided by Obamacare, and the devil is certainly in the details. If the Senate passes this latest attempt to rid Americans of health care as it exists in the form of current government-backed guarantees that have been shown to have given millions of regular folks (the bottom 99%+) healthcare coverage, in some cases for the first time ever, then some people will certainly die prematurely because of it. If healthcare becomes so expensive again–not that Obamacare made it completely affordable, but better than the previous insurance industry rip-off model that preceded it–then it’s a death sentence to those who fall through the gaping fissures in the repeal’s current form.

I’m not going to spell it out for you, but if you think I’m indulging in hyperbole, read the analysis of how hideous this gambit is as a piece of FAKE concern about the general public. Wait for the Congressional Budget Office to place precise numbers on how many people will either outright lose coverage or have their premiums jacked up like some juice loan operator demanding higher and higher paybacks.

Yeah. I assert that the Republican Party is an ipso facto murderous, criminal organization, interested only in serving their evil, neo-con, free-market, privatizing, ideology. Their Capone, is Ronald Reagan. Then it was Bush I &II. Now, in it’s most venal and pernicious form, their Godfather is–fittingly–a well-practiced con artist scammer and, like Reagan, especially, a puppet to their oligarchic masters like the Koch brothers and Goldman Sachs and the banksters on Wall Street.

This incarnation of Murder, Inc. is hell-bent on having things their way and, like the bootleggers of the 20s and 30s, or the Las Vegas hoodies of the 40s, 50s and into the 60s, they have no compunction what-so-ever about who might die as they run the business called our government.

Their accomplices in this criminal (including stealing the November 8th election) operation are each and every person among the 61 million who voted for it. My educated guess is that 99%+ of those supporters are not going to benefit a nickel from these cutthroats. So, if they drop dead as collateral damage in this wannabe neo-con paradise, I’d say they had it coming. Sleep with a dog, get fleas, eh?

Where’s the sheriff? He’s one of them.  The Democrats? Please, just stop. There’s only a handful of them who give a rat’s ass about this.

In the meantime, hope Murder, Inc. rots from within. You know, the fish stinks from the head-down? Power struggles. They implode.

As in the Hemingway short story The Killers the main character is advised as he awaits what he knows are hired guns contracted to snuff him, it’s best to try not to think about it.

We’re all potentially like Hemingway’s doomed character given that Murder, Inc. has passed what amounts to a contract on average, working class citizens.

But wait. Try not to think about any of this.



About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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