Small Fish, Big Pond

To all Trump voters, especially those who still mindlessly support him, you are reaping what ye have sown.  Evidently many duped dopes have engaged enough of their brain cells to realize, by way of the GOP healthcare agenda that was tucked into the basket of horrors that came with voting for the con artist blowhard, just what fools they were back on November 8th, 2016. As for the hillbilly idiots who still think the flim-flam man is making America great again, well, you certainly have an odd notion of what “great” connotes when invoking your stupendously incompetent, unqualified, mentally unstable and profoundly self-absorbed, and worst of all, dangerously reckless “leader”.

Assuming many, many of the 60+ million who voted for Trump still are “informed” by Fox so-called news, or some down-the-dial right-wing hate-mongering mouthpiece for the ultra far Right wing nuts, I doubt any of you have noticed what a sad-sack persona Trump projected at the recent G-20 Summit. Long story short, Trumpians, your guy was bluntly shunned by the other 19 leaders of economically powerful countries, especially on the matter of climate change science. Maybe, just maybe, even Fox so-called news has mentioned that your Feckless Leader has pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement regarding a multinational effort to curb what has been scientifically proven to be a deterioration in our planet’s environmental health, caused primarily by a willful sense of self-indulgent excess, mindless consumerism, waste mis-management and political recklessness. The verdict on the G-20 confab in Hamburg, Germany is pretty much that, thanks to our Fake President, the U.S. is anything but great in the eyes of those other 19 countries, that in fact, the U.S.’s influence on the world stage has now been reduced to a very insignificant supporting role. But take heart. On our U.S. national stage, we are now in an ongoing, bombastic, farce, with your Twitter-in-Chief the biggest “star” in an absurdist political reality TV program. 

Internationally, we are something of a political joke, and but of course. After all, Trumpsters voted for a buffoon. The eye-rolling responses by other world leaders to Mr. In-Over-His-Head have been documented. He may hold the highest office in our country, and as such has all of its inherent political gravitas, but he can’t even get his own party to fall into line, owing to his over-inflated ego and impulsive ways of expressing his entangled, tortured psyche. He has managed to cause fractures and fissures in the GOP’s desire to create a neo-con utopia for the uber rich, in spite of the GOP controlling all three branches of our government. So, I guess that President Stragelove is actually good for something, a small consolation to those of us who never doubted he was an obviously cringe-inducing, flawed joke of a candidate in the first place.

Make America Great Again, eh? Agent Orange is now the very small fish in a very big international pond. Whether anyone voted for him, or against him, or didn’t vote at all, the reality is there’s nothing great about being “led” by the likes of Mr.T, who while being dissed and eye-rolled by his counterparts around the world still insults and denigrates in Twitter-ville, and though he might ignore climate science, seems to believe in rocket science, and has those launch codes at his command. Wait, are we in The Matrix? This can’t be real, eh? So small fish might be compelled to boost his mojo with his politically alienated international big fish counterparts by continuing to prod and poke at another similarly mentally unstable, paranoid leader with possible nuclear launch codes: Kim Jong Un. If one or the other of these loose cannons decides to go nuclear, then the G20, the Paris Agreement, the environment, healthcare, education, women’s reproductive rights, immigration issues or Putin, or Clinton, or Manafort or Ivanka or the rest of his spawn won’t matter.

Game over. Winner takes nothing.

Small fish, big fish, no fish. No pond. Nada. How GREAT will that be?!



About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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  1. Julie Samuels says:

    Colorful, graphic and convincing.


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