What Happened; Hillary apologists edition.


What’s that caveat about angering a woman? Oh, yeah, something like hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I’ve had my share of personal encounters that lend credence to that aphorism, but the “scorned” (whether man or woman venting their wrath at a perceived slight) carry the burden of justifying their “fury”. I mean, some people are always pissed off, right? Hell, I may be one of them, and admittedly this blog entry is indeed a case of my being somewhat put off by a bit of newsflash this September 5th, 2017.

What caught my eye and pushed my WTF! button? Certainly, there’s no dearth of dyspeptic triggering stories scattered amongst the daily doses of seemingly dreadful current events, and so while I could invoke a laundry list of perceived offenses, I pick the aforementioned particular “newsflash” item to make comment upon.

That being: Hillary Clinton. What has Hillary, now  gloomy footnote of epic failure in American politics, based on losing last November’s election to you-know-who, done to warrant even mentioning her name? She has “written” a book. The book’s title is What Happened. Please note, there is no question mark in that title, making a statement of “what happened”.  Does anyone who was even marginally following the 2016 election need to be told what “what” refers to that “happened” in the election? I didn’t think so. Add “happened,” and the clear answer is “Hey, Hillary. You lost”. In stunning fashion.

The news piece, by the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake, refers to certain passages in the book, wherein Hillary unleashes her scorn on Bernie Sanders. I read the excerpts and immediately reacted with disgust and contempt for Ms.Clinton. I don’t know about you, but Hillary blaming anyone but herself for managing to lose a contest against a bombastic, profoundly ill-mannered, sexist, racist, self-absorbed, pathologically lying, inarticulate buffoon is quite the FAILURE. Ya think? And so, she now has a book that attempts to deflect the blame of that failure as not wholly owned by her and the DNC’s Mount Everest sized ineptitude.

I know, I know, there was the voter suppression. There was the “interstate cross-checks”. There was apparently tinkering and tampering by Putin’s digital assassins and so forth. Regardless, the overwhelming opinion by the mainstream media and that part of the public not in a pop culture coma was that she would garner enough votes in key states to win the day. Instead of doing that, she managed to turn off just enough–say no more than a million Democratic leaning voters, collectively, in those key states–to hand the election to President Pussy Grabber (he is captured on video saying he could grab that part of the female anatomy with impunity granted by his “celebrity”). Yeah, he said that on camera!

But as her opponent kept verbally assaulting minorities, women, Muslims and even a disabled person, AND saying he shoot someone dead and fans wouldn’t abandon him, he improbably kept attracting the hearts and minds of the mindless and heartless, Hillary Clinton’s poll number s, oddly, kept sliding down. Again, she and the DNC knew about the external forces on the right that always suppress voter turnout, and desperately needed to speak TO potential voters about relevant and urgent issues they were wanting to hear; instead she took the bait and kept responding to the blatant attacks by the sinister spin-masters of the GOP. It was obvious to millions of uncommitted would-be voters what a cretin her opponent was, so why focus on his flaws so much?  Saddled with her political history of being a corporatist, a friend of Henry Kissenger and someone who foolishly and irresponsibly voted for the Iraq invasion, her lack of a coherent campaign strategy for real and meaningful change was hard for many people to buy, especially with Sander’s vigorous and authentic populist message of “enough is enough” causing her to at times blatantly hijack some of  his ideas! So transparent…

 It was always her election to lose (even before DT threw his hat into the ring) and in stupefying fashion, she went out and lost it. To that buffoon. A classic case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

There is no excuse for that loss. None. Not the above noted voter suppression, or the email blather or any other un-democratic devices tossed into her campaign machinery caused her loss. And certainly not Bernie Sanders, who she accuses of being “sexist” and not caring about the Democratic Party, or his not being able to cite an example of her flip-flopping on an issue tied to her Super Pac monetary mojo. All those barbs ring hollow, and how could they not? Sanders, remember, ran as a Democratic Socialist. He was, as such, an ipso facto 3rd party candidate (who was undermined, it has been clearly shown, by the DNC) making her book all more galling today for 23 million Bernie voters. Saying he was sexist is simply playing the gender card. Yeah, he’s male. She’s female. Any criticism is thereby sexist. Fallacies of reasoning abound: The “straw man,” strategy,  ad hominem attacks, the false cause, the “either/or” gambit. These fallacies work on non-critical thinkers (can you say DT supporters?) but they were used at the expense of the aforementioned need for an imaginative campaign strategy.

Ms. Clinton, if you want to know “what happened” that resulted in not just losing to that guy but also taking most of the “down ticket” Democrats down in flames too, thus handing the White House and congress over to the thuggish GOP, you simply need look into a mirror. You, and you alone, in the final analysis of your loss, are What Happened.

If it’s any consolation, however, your die-hard supporters are showing up for your book signings. You need to be liked, I get it. If only you were liked by a not even those combined million voters in a few key “swing states,” this national nightmare of the new normal would be simply that, a post-election snoozeville bad dream. Alas, it is a reality that should have been so easily avoided.

To be clear, I have the Sander’s book Our Revolution. Unlike Clinton’s revisionist trope, Bernie’s book is a positive, forward thinking rallying cry to the American public that the fight isn’t over. It’s refreshing, and seeks unity. It’s about what can happen.



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3 Responses to What Happened; Hillary apologists edition.

  1. Amen to that!!!

    She seems to think that anyone who competes with her and happens to be a man is by definition a sexist


  2. Julie Samuels says:

    You have composed the perfect summary of what really happened in that nightmare campaign.


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