Blinder Blunders

Yesterday, I wrote a letter to Elizabeth Warren urging her and her fellow “progressives” to unite and form a new national party.  Of course she/they won’t dare do anything so bold as to create a 3rd party. But I was compelled to send that request/plea in response to her request/plea sent to me. While all I want is a national party that truly represents we the people, and that certainly isn’t either the GOP or the DNC, what Ms.Warren wanted from me was–what else? Money. The solicitation came in the mail, with her mechanically reproduced signature on the mass mailing seeking financial support to Stop Trump! Such a sense of urgency invoked in the reading of the mailing, telling me nothing I don’t already know about how massively dangerous is Trump and the GOP in general. Yeah, it’s really messed up Liz. But why should I send you any dough? I didn’t create this nightmare of national political dysfunction. You did! Along with the DNC.

You might be thinking, what is this guy talking about? Senator Warren helped create this new abnormal normal? She is always railing against the GOP. True, and I gave her credit for that in the letter. However, my umbrage was focused on how it was so crystal clear that Hillary Clinton was increasingly losing favor as the campaigns went on, and that white-haired, 74-year-old, Bernie Sanders was gaining on her in the Democratic primary elections, in spite of having no starting campaign war chest, virtually no mainstream media coverage, and running as a Socialist! By the time it was apparent that Mr.T was going to get the GOP nomination, and the polls were showing Hillary slip-sliding, while Bernie raised 228 million dollars in individual donations, garnered 13 million primary votes and won 23 of those contests against Ms.Clinton, I kept waiting for the DNC to realize their horse was fading in the stretch, while Sanders was charging from behind like a stallion. He was the real populist. The other one, the guy who now occupies the White House, was a bullshit artist who appealed to a virtually all-white crowd of suckers.

Hillary may have generated a few million more votes than Mr.T, but it is now, and was then, plain to see a disastrous campaign being perpetuated by DNC leadership with blinders on, destined to alienate many potential supporters. And it was the electoral college numbers that reflected her managing to lose just enough support to…well. The DNC’s supposed thoroughbred, strutting about before Mr.Sanders decided to enter into the supposed foregone conclusion of a primary race, on election night became the flop-sweat loser that many (myself included) sensed somehow, someway, was a plausible outcome.

The DNC managed to fight off Sanders bid–along with the help of the tag team of the slanderous sisters Wasserman-Schultz and Brazile. and misguided staunch Clinton supporters wearing those same illogical blinders. For the DNC’s arrogance and stupidity, we (those of us who saw Mr.T as the buffoon/con man for what he always was, and Clinton as the disaster waiting to happen) now have not just a seeming mentally unstable, politically ignorant and ever-more dangerous Twitter maniac in the White House, but the DNC and Hillary performed so poorly nationally on the “down ticket” races that the Republicans control everything as far as the branches of government goes.

So, back to Ms.Warren’s Stop Trump! plea for some of my money. Sorry, but now the American public (those as noted above per seeing reality for what is was) are supposed to finance this resist/fightback! strategy? We, the people, have save the day for those who failed at a most crucial time in our history? I asserted in my letter to the Senator that she is part of a now severely weakened, incompetent and for all politically practical purposes, irrelevant Democratic Party. Seriously, how can the Democrats so frequently lose to sinister, vile, anti-democratic, corporate lackeys that infest the GOP? How can the Buffoon connect with 61 million Americans? Shouldn’t, by logic and reason, Ms.Clinton have landslided her opponent? Trump, the xenophobe; the racist; the Islamaphobe; the mysogynist, the empty suited cretin marinated in a muck of self-absorbed demagoguery. And, mind one and all, the polls taken along the primary trail consistently showed Mr.Sanders and his “enough is enough” mantra very likely beating the Buffoon in the general election. Blinders.

One fake populist, one real populist. The public clearly was sick of politics-as-usual, but the Democrats shoved a corporatized, smug political elitist with a stale campaign style and little imagination down too many people’s throats. The Buffoon’s fans swallowed his shrill swill, and who knows if they realize now how dumb that was? Can they taste the bitter, rotten fruit they picked? But damned if they would vote for Clinton, eh? Ok. Stupid is as really, really stupid does. But how many of them, when ultimately left with a choice of even a cartoonish “outsider” and a robotic political hack, went rogue, says something about Ms.Clinton’s persona more than any strain of misogyny and the usual voter suppression the DNC knew was already in place (and hey, remind me. What did the Obama administration do to call out the GOP on their usual dirry tricks? Oh, now I remember. Nothing of consequence)

Indeed, there’s plenty of blame to be placed on our Dumb Electorate, but this is what happens when the so-called party of the people goes corporate and smugly thinks that their one-time swell of followers have nowhere else to go. Think again, DNC.  Plenty of those old or new left-leaning potential voters, not wanting another dynastic family face heading the Democratic ticket, and after Sanders was inevitably beaten back, went to the Right in spite, while others went somewhere but not to the voting booth.

Me, I’m a 3rd party voter. Call it a protest vote. But not always. I sent money to the Warren campaign twice when she ran for the senate in Massachusetts several years ago. I do think she is a damn good senator. But why did she not attempt even a token plea for the Party to jettison Clinton and back Bernie, who was actually attracting voters, not alienating them? Even she put the blinders on. That why I’m not sending anyone any money who is a Democrat ever again.

I grew up in the time of the first Mayor Daley of Chicago. He was a machine politician, sure. However, he had the right mojo when it came to elections: don’t make no waves, and don’t back no losers.

Resist! Indivisible! Stop Trump! Good luck with that. Send money! Help!

No thanks, I am for the making of waves, but I am not for the backing of losers who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Ask Oprah for some greenbacks. Or Mr.Buffet.  Or Gates Or George Soros. Certainly they can afford to throw away some of their money. I sure can’t.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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3 Responses to Blinder Blunders

  1. Totally agree! I was and remain devastated that ultimately the entire party leadership backed Clinton, including Elizabeth Warren. Sanders was the stronger candidate and well positioned to defeat Trump.


  2. Julie Samuels says:

    ..and then even Sanders backed the Shill when he had another non-democrap option.


  3. jharrin4 says:

    He blew it, Julie. Should have run as a Green!


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