Solomon Says

As the world churns. Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. Or,  it cannot hold forever. Also, as King Solomon is purported to have said in response to a sultan asking for a sentence that would apply in both good times and bad:  This too will pass away. It has been 16 months (in my world it seems like 16 years) into Trumplandia and his tumultuous 3-ring circus act’s center (pole) should  have steadily been shaken into collapse by now, taking the entire tent down with it. But never mind. THIS TOO WILL PASS AWAY. 

Apparently, however, as those 16 months have indicated, it will take a political earthquake of 9.0 or above to finally bring down what is a pretty flimsy political structure in the first place. Go figure. If you are a whack-a-doodle Trump-o-phile, then you can still gloat and strut about like the political jackass that you are, but there’s a cliff waiting on all of your kind. The question is, when will that precipice appear and your blind faith lead you over it, into the awaiting Abyss of Boneheads below?

Anyway,  time is a tyrant. Everything is literally a matter of time. 

And to many of us, the time is ripe for action! Now!

Yeah, I agree, but we need to strike at just the right time. When will that time arrive? Barring a coup d’etat, it won’t begin in a direct, meaningful way, be it modestly or writ large until this early November, 2018. If you want to honor the wisdom of Solomon, go to the voting booths in November and start pulling up the tent pegs and let the collapse begin. I’m thinking at this particular time, 18 months after yet another corrupted election result, it might be THE moment of clarity for we the people.  Storm the ballot box, jettison some of the foulest congress critters, the  flotsam and jetsam within it emitting a political stench across this country.  And that pertains to both sides of the aisle. There is good reason to be optimistic all these mind-numbing months into the morass of the most dysfunctional administration ever. For instance,  there’s #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, the Parkland high school kids and their apparent ever-wider-reaching indignation and contempt for a government that can’t/won’t protect them.   Not to mention the disgust of an anti-environmental EPA. Not to mention, the banksters. Corporate welfare. Racial and religious scapegoating. War mongering. This should be a no-brainer, come November, given all the formal voices of opposition to the venal and vile cast of characters littering the political landscape.

It is May 1 as I write this posting. To some, it’s May Day. What about it? Sure,  it’s rent payment day. Car payment day. And so forth, perhaps. But on May Day, in 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the U.S. walked off their jobs in the first May Day celebration. They wanted better working conditions. Ultimately came the International Workers of the World  (you have nothing to lose but your chains). The Robber Barons would be put in their place. And they were.

Well, happy May Day. But look ahead, not back. Pencil in November 8th, 2018. Show up. Throw the bums out. At least start cleaning house. Then the thing that needs to fall apart will sooner see the day when its center collapses. 

Do it for yourself, and with a tip of the cap to good ol’ King Solomon,



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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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1 Response to Solomon Says

  1. Well said! Rule of law has been replaced by the whims of a petulant Reality Show celeb whose policy making takes the form of venting on social media, and sycophantic pols seem to accept this as the new normal, including the lackluster Dems. November 2018 will be pivotal.


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