2019 Year in Preview

Another year like this one and I don’t know what! It was suppose to get better but…but…but

Democrats piss away their power gain with a generational uncivil war, while the elephant party keeps shitting on congressional floors.

Homeless encampments up and down the blocks, but the cupboards of concern are completely out of stock.

Environmental decay, draught, fire and flood, contaminated dead zones, fetid mounds of sludge. Lego border fencing rather than mortor and blocks, the future is always plastic, just ask Benjamin Braddock.

The Onion and Mad Magazine are the last of a free press, since satire and silliness explain things the best. We voted for this, and if you insist that’s not true, then I must think you are indulging in delusional fake news. Go with the flow, c’mon get a clue! There’s no other option, no way out, no where to run, but you can scream and shout.

Best not to think about it, though, as Hemingway wrote. Try to relax. Don’t rock the boat. Grab some opiods, wash em down with Johnny, Jim or Jack. Think back on those happy days, but as 2019 closes, don’t know if they’ll ever be back.

There’s always 2020, it’s already in sight. Maybe sanity will prevail, maybe then things can be made right.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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1 Response to 2019 Year in Preview

  1. These verses tell it like it is. Happy New What?


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