The More Things Change…

Okay. Let’s revisit recent history. Hillary Clinton was assumed to become our first female President in that now infamous debacle otherwise known as the 2016 election. Ms.Clinton did win the popular vote, a disclaimer of an asterisk that belies how truly horrible a candidate she was. How horrible? Well, she should have landslided her dreamsicle-colored cretin of an opponent, and that absurd electoral college wouldn’t have mattered. But she alienated millions of potential supporters by…by…well…by being Hillary! She was a corporatized, Wall Street investment house disguised as a human being. That charade, along with an air of being entitled to the White House induced a gag reflex in legions of the electorate. And with the Democratic National Committee supporting her emetic persona, the Grifter back-doored his way into being unleashed upon civil society–and the rest of the developed world for that matter.

But, whoever may be reading this, this is now ancient political history.

So, why do I regurgitate this putrid episode in our political past?

Answer: Nancy Pelosi. Now before I’m accused of being a woman-hater (Women Hating Has No Place Here!) allow me to explain.

Nancy was the first female ever to become speaker of the House in 2007. Then, when the Democrats again managed to alienate enough voters to turn congress over to the GOP, she was out in 2011. She was on the right side of a number of issues, from opposing the Iraq war to supporting the ACA. As one would expect, no? And thanks, Nancy for doing your best in a short stint as Speaker. I can’t recall much regarding her being exceptionally different from other speakers who tend to follow their Party’s agenda.

And that is my problem with the second coming of Nancy as Speaker. The National Democratic Party has a proven record of losing important elections to Republicans, regardless of how dangerous their policies are and have been for decades (tax breaks for the uber rich, starting wars, cutting social welfare programs, gutting environmental protections, scapegoating minorities and now even colluding with foreign enemies). Ms.Pelosi has been in office in one capacity or another within the DNC for almost 43 years. Given the recent mid-term election results and its wave of younger, decades younger in some cases new Democrats, it just seems counter-intuitive to still have the Party led by not just Pelosi but a few others, all well into their 70s (and I’m not talking about recently elected “others”).

As noted (and feel free to dispute my assertions) the DNC is so effective at LOSING very important elections (Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II and now Benedict Donald). If the DNC was a sporting franchise with decades of losing rosters, while retaining most of its upper echelon “leaders” it would be an irrelevant laughingstock, given the idea is to be a WINNER.

The electorate–refreshingly, for a change!–voted the GOP out of power regarding control of the House of Representatives. The House has plenty of power with which to serve the common good. That change that was voted for has come in the form of many progressive-minded 30 and 40-somethings. One is only 29! So, why should the Party still be controlled by numerous members who were around for all the humiliating defeats? Politics is sport, of a kind. When the team loses and loses and loses, the coach gets sacked. And usually not just the coach. All the assistants are shown the door.

While Pelosi and her fellow “Silent Generation” members of the DNC can’t be fired, they can certainly be relieved of running the team, with its infusion of young bloods (many women and ethnic minorities) who are ready to truly confront the Party’s failures with fresh strategies and vigorous determination.

Also, as I began this entry bemoaning Hillary’s sense of entitlement to the throne, I now accuse Nancy as having the same pompous expectation of being elevated to higher office. In spite of being a long-in-the-tooth, high-ranking member of a historically inept national political party.

I’m a Boomer. This has nothing to do with her chronological age. It’s her political age. Will she suddenly change from the long-standing cog in a broken machine to a shiny new object with fresh ideas? I will not hold my breath. People don’t change. You probably have heard that before. Why? Because it’s pretty much true. Given how arrogantly dismissive the DNC has been toward some of that fresh blood in their ranks, I’d say there’s proof enough the adage is accurate in this case. Even the losers stick to their rusty guns. Those newcomers? Apparently Pelosi and Schumer and McCaskill and Duckworth and others already want them to change. Into what? Go along to get along losers?!

So, as of today, there is a new “sheriff” in the House. No. An old “new” sheriff, that is. Her target is HUGE and in the open. You can’t miss it, Nancy. It’s next to impossible to fuck this one up, right? The target is just rotting ripe for a take-down.

I just hope one of her strategists isn’t Hillary Clinton.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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