Fool Rule

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to to live under the rule of fools.


The best argument against a democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.


Hey, this Plato guy should be around today, here in the USA especially, and have somethings more to say, no? I can only imagine him thinking to himself, what in the hell good has my pearls of wisdom had on these people? That would be in reference to that first quote up there. Then, he would remember the second of his quotes and conclude that the current state of affairs reflects perfectly on that “average voter”.

He would have to be tapped on the shoulder, however, and have someone–perhaps you or I–give him a 21st Century primer on voting in the USA and how it applies to taking an interest in their government. Specifically, that in this country as many people who do bother to vote, many don’t bother to vote at all. He’d likely say that in that case, people are both taking an interest in the affairs of their government, and making some very bad choices when they do, and that those who take no interest at all are making an even worst choice. He’d have to conclude that his quoted pronouncements are still alive and well in their sagacity and insight. He’d assess the exact state of government affairs right here in this exact moment of time and react with a long and very audible sigh.

Well, Plato isn’t around right now other than through his writings. But I’m working with those two quotes and assert exactly how they apply to how we got to where we are. Indeed, let’s look around and assess who are the people responsible for the gun-crazy, racist, hate-mongering ethos that encapsulates life in the USA, 2019. Those people, some who did vote, some who did not, are the ultimate perpetrators of a current government that is indeed ruled by fools. Yeah, even those who do vote, or certainly a lot of them, seem not to know basic good from bad, or in the case of a certain national political party, somehow vote for what can only be deemed as evil. My recurring refrain in responding to our now virtual rogue government and their worship of the amassing of wealth and power, and using that wealth and power to create a country of, by, and for the very fewest, is we voted for this.

Of course we did. And to not vote is a vote. Isn’t there a quote that goes something like, evil prevails when good people do nothing? So, not voting or voting for those whom have no interest in your vote other than to maintain their corrupted control and blatant lawlessness, goes to heart of Plato’s apparent contempt for that “average voter”. Certainly, many (but not enough) people do vote for the common good, but that national political party I alluded to up there has so long ago proven it has no interest in the common good. My moniker for this political organization is Murder, Inc. There’s a progressive radio talk show host who has offered a certain prize (not sure what) that if anyone, as in ANYONE, who can document a single piece of legislation sponsored by this party (hint: it now controls the White House, Senate and even the Supreme Court) in which it actually was of any benefit to the working class of America gets the reward. This has been a standing offer for many years. No one has been able to prove such legislation ever occurred. Yet many among that average voter endorses this party, in spite of it not having any benefit coming to them as their reward. Ruled by fools, in a country with many a fool somehow not seeing basic right from wrong.

However, our current government does benefit many of those who voted for it. Those would be the like-minded racists, hate-mongering, scapegoating citizens that are so easily manipulated or who are, seemingly, intrinsically, hot-wired for hate and violence, and have been waiting for some informal signal of approval to spew hateful rhetoric and, in an astounding number of cases, spew their hate from the business end of an assault weapon, weapons fully endorsed and protected legislatively by Murder, Inc’s amoral modus operandi of money, power, control and a 2019 brand of open lawlessness. But we voted for this, make no mistake about that.

Sadly, and ever-more frustratingly, the other national political party, which does have some power to govern of its own, is doing next to nothing to confront the ugly atmosphere that pervades our politics. People voted for them, too, recently giving them that power. So far, more rhetoric than action, although their rhetoric sounds defiant and indignant and well reasoned. Unless I missed something, however, I’m still certain that action speaks louder than words.

So, thanks for the wisdom, Plato. Too bad it does not seem to have been proven no longer heedful. You spoke those words a couple thousand years ago. Obviously, the more things change, the more they stay the same, no?

Well, enough of this. I’m exhausted with our politics, now worse than ever in my lifetime that started with the Truman administration. I honestly hesitate to talk politics with most anyone. Enough talk. Time for action.

After all, as another quote goes: never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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5 Responses to Fool Rule

  1. I send articles to my brother who is a Trump lover. I just learned that hating racist Trump makes me a satan worshiper. Pocahontas? That is a derogatory name spewed by Trump to a Senator. How does one combat such thinking?
    Here is my brother’s latest response:

    “I get the news and it’s not left wing propaganda. If you do not stop with your sending me your crap, I will put a block on your emails. Since I’m here writing, Fox is saying that the killer in Dayton Ohio was a left wing, likes crazy Bernie and Pocahontas. Also just like you, a Satan worshipper. Your so called news is not reporting that. That doesn’t fit the their narrative.”

    Please send me your comment. What does one do to combat such thinking?


    • jharrin4 says:

      Don’t argue with a fool. I refuse to talk ever to my idiot nephew.


      • My brother is good unless you get him on politics or religion. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m a follower of satan. His listening to Rush L and Hannity is the problem. My brother has said that I should listen to both of them to learn something. I feel that they spread hatred and I’m better than that.


      • jharrin4 says:

        Carol, like my nephew, your bro is mentally deranged. Why listen tona crazy person who endorses violence and racism on all people of color.


      • I don’t understand the hypocrisy of the ‘get that fetus born’ crowd. My brother says Leftists are murderers. However, he has NO problem with innocent children and adults getting killed by guns. It is a right to have a gun because of the second amendment….blah, blah, blah.
        Once the fetus is born it can be killed by guns, starved by lack of decent food or die from an illness due to no healthcare. That never matters.
        My brother says that Trump is the best president this country has ever had. Obviously we strongly disagree on that point.


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