Send in the Clowns

A little more than a year from now, it’ll be the 2020 election, with nothing less than the future of our country at stake. Should the manifestly unstable, incompetent, crude, clueless and current criminal occupant of the White House somehow remain in office, the U.S. will officially be a combo of Autocracy, Banana Republic, Oligarchy, and Fascist enterprise. It’s all of that right now, based on the modus operandi of 40 years of ever more pernicious, anti-working class, culture war mongering, “Reganomics” mind you, but supposedly, the opposition party, the one whose mascot is a donkey, is allegedly moving to hold many of the party whose mascot is an elephant accountable (how appropriate–the elephant–given the circus that is led by their Orange hued ringmaster humanoid).

Hmm. That so-called opposition party…

Just this morning I see that Gloria Steinem is praising House leader Nancy Pelosi for getting the better of the self-proclaimed “stable genius” who has been demolishing all political protocol, and norms, and at this point apparently willing to do anything to keep the keys to the White House beyond 2020.

Okay, Gloria, but just as we all have our personal assholes, we all have our personal opinions. However, if Steinem and many other political pundits insist that Pelosi is outsmarting the flim-flam man, I have yet to see any dramatic evidence of that taking place. For me seeing is believing, not the other way around. Nancy has been averse to taking meaningful action from the moment others in her donkey party began to promote proceeding with articles of impeachment. Nancy, look! He’s done so many things that scream for accountability. Let’s get it on! Her rationale, however, remains that she (and the other donkeys) need to investigate more and find proof of impeachable offenses before pulling the trigger on such action.

Recall that President Bill Clinton was impeached by the Elephant Party for nothing more than receiving fallatio from one of his young, female White House interns. He wasn’t convicted by the Senate, because back in the late 90s, the public clearly did not want Clinton removed from office, even if he was a disgusting male pig. His approval rating was around 65%. The Senate realized the absurdity of convicting him for a non-political, personal dalliance. The senators knew they’d pay for a conviction at the ballot box.

The loose cannon from the Apprentice has an approval rating of just 41% That would be the mouth-breathing neanderthals who still dig his mojo. Ooops. Did I just insult some people? Personal opinion…

So, can we please get real here, Speaker Pelosi? Just today, certain lawyers for our Whack Man-in-Chief assert that even if he committed murder he could not be held accountable while in office. Recall, the prez famously claimed he could shoot someone dead on 5th Ave in Manhattan and his supporters would still love him? That was when he was running for office, mind you. While making an outrageous statement such as that while campaigning for the most powerful gig on planet Earth would seem to logically raise enough red flags that he’d be demolished on election day, we know that the media and 61 million people found his bravado to be no big deal. His “base” and that same media have apparently also decided it’s no big deal that he has blatantly violated laws while in office, including the emoluments clause of the Constitution, in and of itself an impeachable offense. But that is the least of his impeachable offenses. He commits one, seemingly, every day now. He threatened Democrat Adam Schiff by tweet recently, falsely accusing him of making up a story related to…to…wait…I can’t recall what Schiff said about The Orange Elephant. There’s just so much poop hitting the fan these days. Was it about the call to Ukraine asking them to dig dirt on Joe Biden’s son? Or lose military aid if they don’t. Bribery? Extortion?Wait, the “whistleblower” caper that has been getting in his face? He has openly threatened government officials who spoke to this whistleblower. Can you say witness tampering? There’s so many things that long ago cleared the “can we impeach?” bar! Misappropriating funds for his border wall without the approval of congress–as required by the Constitution?

The Constitution? That thing. Yeah. Right now, the White House doesn’t recognize that document in any way at all, other than tossing off a snark about it’s just an old piece of parchment. Then, in the next breath, president dumpster fire proclaimed that Article 2 of the Constitution gives him the power to do whatever he wants with impunity–including, it would seem, pumping some lethal lead into a innocent passerby. Of course he can’t be held to account, just ask his lawyers (wonder what law schools can brag on having taught these jurists?).

All of which brings me back to Nancy Pelosi. Still no articles of impeachment. Oh, sure, there’s an “inquiry” going on. And on. And on. Wow. Such bold, enough is enough! action on her part. There are Constitutional body parts scattered all over the D.C landscape at this point, and the perpetrator is openly daring her to do something about it. He taunts, rages, babbles, obstructs, invites foreign interference in our elections, coddles dictators and abandons our allies in the process. He and his party are an ipso facto criminal organization, as (most all) of the other elephants refuse to find their own backbones for the sake of sanity and this country’s reputation as a beacon of democracy, or what’s left of it.

But Nancy is outsmarting him, say Steinem and those scattered pundits. Why do we have to read such nonsense? I know that real, old school investigative journalism is no longer practiced in this country, and that this bull goose lunatic makes for easy (and sensationalized) headlines. But can we finally and officially invoke the powers of impeachment that the Democrat-controlled House possesses? I mean, how much more evidence does Pelosi think she still needs? Jesus H. you-know-who, but remember Nixon was brought down over a 3rd rate bungled break-in at the Watergate hotel. That was his Waterloo. A bungled robbery by elephant operatives.

The days, weeks and months just roll along here though, and we hear the same reporting on the action that is not being taken by the center and right-of-center democrats, while we hear so much about the guy who wants to be dictator/king. Who now says confidently he can kill anyone with impunity. Who has admitted to sexually assaulting women (the video of such admission came to light during his campaign!). Who is so garishly unfit for a job he astoundingly, recklessly, suspiciously, was given.


We aren’t hearing much about Greta Thunburg anymore. Remember her. 16 years old. Greta. Demanding adults DO SOMETHING to save the planet? That’s so not newsworthy now. The last debate by the Democrat candidates didn’t include a single question about climate change, the 80,000 lb gorilla in the room, but kept pretty much invisible by our democracy-destroying corporate media. So, perhaps regardless of the 2020 results, all this current dysfunction and incompetence will be a moot point. That clock is ticking. Loudly if one cares to listen. Mother Nature is speaking, but she doesn’t help pump up newscast ratings or sell papers, so she must not be too important. And she’s a she. Even more reason to dismiss her evident anger. So emotional, these women!

There are voices of reason out there: Amy Goodman. Jim Hightower. Tom Hartman, Rick Unger, Norman Goldman and the most feared man by any politician, Ralph Nader. They are actually reporting facts, and exposing fictions. But just try to find them somewhere in electronic or print media. And this is intentionally so. But they are out there if one cares to bother to find them.

In the meantime, kick back and watch the leaves fall. It’s Ma Nature again, just doing her natural thing. We humans have only been around since 300,000 years ago. Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. The reality is Nature doesn’t need us. But we do need nature. If only we acted like we do. Or cared.

To quote from Blue Oyster Cult’s ode to Godzilla: History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.

Folly it is. As for our current political farce, a sad circus full of donkeys and elephants, one more quote:

A plague on both your houses!

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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