Unshrouded in the Big Apple

Damn! Seven months uh this shit be nuff for resta my live. This strip ussa be bustlin and easy to makes a buck or few. But nows jus looks at it, Time square be missens bouts a millins folks. Where’s dey be?I knowin theres be dat panderamic, but it be time squares. Wheres dem suits? And dem fancy skirts?Cants hustle a buck from folks be lookins like me, but way mo us types than dem good lookin easy marks. But I gots mes a mask. I at least tryin. Sorts uh. Finds em blowin down 42nd or broadsway ever days. Betters den nuttins… Waits. Heres come a slickster. Looks mosely okay. Dress kinda sharps. Okee dokes. Mus haves some scratches to spares a po vicum of this coker ninesteens bug, me who cant afode a cups of joe or a samich. Hmm. Dude looky kinda of spacey facey. Wheres he get dem treads? Kinds of fittin big and baggsy. Tall mofo. But dude gots to have sum exter coin for a handpandler likens me…


Remote transponder relay portal engaged as my first transcendent facsimile capture of Moutain Sphere being advances in what Zardoz Control has ordered me again to observe and analyze per reconsidered assessment of Moutain Sphere life forms. Zeldar A.I. capture/copy indicates my visible form is of a possibly advanced form of being in what imagining refraction resolution outcome labels successful facsimile of local inhabitant. Zardoz Control certain Moutain Sphere this time will be productive integration of higher cultured sector, far from previous remote encounters containing what resulted in low grade data from what has been identified as an area inhabitants speak of as Wazoo. A.I. unable to assign any value to Wazoo or animated lifeforms within it. A.I. Command guided my Maximus Maximus 250th generation, time phased, synchronized, incremental, systematized, parallel functioning deep space mobility enabler to what it has identified as parcel called Manhattan. Zeldar assigned to unshroud my cognito and while A.I digital, balanced, integrated, logistical power cells remain sufficient permit local inhabitants to observe Zeldar as Zeldar observes them. A.I command has linked to my circuitry to observe optics as I advance among many significant objects, covered with bright lightings and motions moving about on structures that ascend high into Manhattan sky. Manhattan mountains, clearly. Zeldar adjusting to the many directional aspects of these moving light forms. Zeldar processing signage as unshrouded facsimile form advances into a central area of concentrated electronic motion. Zeldar vision circuitry cannot process data, as an overload sensor is now beeping. Zeldar must vision capture what forms are on base level, where lights are less impacting and seek non-electronic life forms.

******* **************************************

Say, bro. Gots a buck for a homeless vet to gets some grub? Cup a joe and a samich maybes? You one tall mofo.Whats ya bes? Shaq O’Neill size, but not as wides. Not to be mentions yo skins be pasty white likes ize not been sees ever. Yo lookin freaky but sheeeeit, you muss haves a few buckoos for spares, eh? Aints been seein yo types evers, dude, likes evens befo the panderamic came alongs and leff this place damn nears free of any type folks. But yous? Never saw no bodies looks like yous does befo and I seen all kinds a types. But fuck dat. Can ya spare some scratch, jack?


Zeldar awaiting A.I command to assess meaning to this local Manhatten life form. It is much smaller than Zeldar. Possible my data input encryption for unshrounding and copy/capture/facsimile was inadvertently excessive in the vertical aspect ratio. Wazoo inhabitants suggested mountain sphere animated life forms to be more vertically prominent than the random figures near me beneath the enhanced verticality of the bright and urgently animated light sequences confronting my internal capacitors. This being speaks a dialect similar to those in Wazoo, in conflict with A.I. command anticipating better aural soundscapes in the so-called English word forms than what Wazoo utilized, a form that our analytics of the language determined to fall under a category called gibberish.


Hey, man. Word up, you long drink uh water. You one for the books aint choo? You need a tailor, Jackson. Those threads hangin all about yo boney ass. You and Times square be made fo one anudder. Don’t mind that panhandlin low life you just blew off. He ain’t in the game. Course with a pandem chasin most of the Square’s primo catch away–ya know the loopy out a towners that be gawkin at the bright lights and street performers. You fits right in, bro. But hey, I aints askin fo no handout. I thinks you may be lookin for somethin. What say, treetop? Just get in from upstate? You sure dont be lookin like ya from anywheres near here. If you zombie walking in the Square you must be lookin to score. Whatcha need? Goddam, man you be glassy eyed lookin down at me but you look like you wants somethin and I bet I gots what you need. How bout some smoke? Columbian red. Acapulco gold? Windowpanes? Sheeit. You rail thin. Must be lookin for some speed. Dat it? Help me here, bro. Blink when I hits on somethin ya dig, dig? Vanilla sky? Drex? Dancin’ shoes? Oyx? Poppers? Thai sticks? Kibbles and bits. Mollies? Fuck this, you undercover? Goofy lookin mofo like you. I best be movin along. Then again, you aint doin nothin but standin there. You fit right in this hood, my man. Befo the pandem someone like you could get lost in the crowds. I guess you just a pandem zombie. Hey, and get yo mofo ass a mask. Maybe you hard uh hearin me cuzza my mask. I got this one legit. See, it has the names of science fiction books on it. I never read any of em, but I dig the title one of em, Martian Chronicles. You may as well be a Martian. Manhattanites? Most New Yorkers are from another planet, if you dig my drift, okay? Got my cool mask from some dude sellin em by the library. Well. I paid em in Cloud Nine, and a popper to seal the deal for two dozen of em. I sell you one. You gunna need one bro. You tryin to get sick? Say some goddam thing eh? No way you a cop. But cops see you–and they cant miss you–they gonna wanna have a chat. You violatin the guidlines, you mute freak. Damn. You even know where you goin? Or where you been? Or why you even here? Yo, Earth to oddball. You in there somwheres?


Zeldar awaiting lingual analysis and directive for re-shrounding. A.I. sending initial response: I am to follow the Martian man. Zardoz Central focused on use of that planetary designation, projecting possible link to mountain sphere’s odd indigenous creatures and the planet Mars, known to have been barren of significant life forms for over several eons. A.I. suspects this mountain sphere is a eons removed descendent habitat for Martians from a genetically distant past. Zeldar recalls encountering Martians when first observing it long before mountain sphere developed. A.I. concludes mountain sphere a clone of Mars, which endured its final extinction eons before. Now, mountain sphere is identified as repeating that outcome, as it was noted in previous Zeldar drop-ins as being in its sixth mass extinction. Analytics states there will not be a seventh. The reference to a “demic” has been interpreted as pandemic. A.I. expected Manhattan parcel to be much larger populous. Towering structures observed with dancing electric displays–primitive by Zardozian standards–once created by and contained many Sphere life form of semi-advanced intellect. Previous encounters with Wazoo life forms indicated negative intellect measures. Manhattan encounters registered a micro-measure above Wazoo-ians. The extinction must be near. Also, A.I. command has processed the life forms as being fearful, anxious, confused, angry and possibly about to turn savage. Just as happened with Mars. Zeldar directed to Maximus Maximus vessel. Zeldar wishes to take the Martian mask with him. Cannot proceed, as Zardoz command cannot allow possible spread of low life form molecules upon return to command base. A.I. very sterile environment. Mountain sphere clearly a very contaminated environment. Gibberish as communication tool. A.I. command certain mountain sphere life forms won’t be missed.

Just as with Mars.


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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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