Waiting for Godot, January 6 Committee edition

Welcome to 2022, boys and girls, lords and ladies, and those who refuse any gender or pronoun appellations. Here we are, just a few days ahead of January 6. Other than more ominous evidence of climate collapse, plus an Omicron Covid surge causing lots of problems, there’s not much to write about. Ahem.

January 6, 2021, however, certainly was no ho-hum early day of a new year, it being the day when an insurrection took place. We were spared having the insurgents’ intent to literally overthrow the government and thus allow their idol, D. J. Trump, to remain President. It was all captured on live feeds via cell phone video and traditional large media broadcasts. In hindsight, according to the analysis of the anarchist’s game plan that day, the attempted coup d’ etat almost worked. Our government was nearly overthrown by fascists. Yeah, not a ho-hum day.

Shocking as that day was, as I sit here on January 3, 2022, possibly even more disturbing is that the new administration and its Justice Department seem rather uninterested in holding either the instigator of that insurrection, nor his fellow Republican members of congress who were ready to sign off on the coup. to criminal account. What? There’s a January 6 committee at work right now investigating the events of that day? Oh, that’s right. However, seeing as it’s virtually a year later and D.J.T nor any of his his elected acolytes who clearly endorsed the “stop the steal” rallying cry have even been indicted, let alone made to stand trial, does not bode well. For the rule of law. Or for what’s left of our so-called democracy. I mean, leading up to the insurrection, how many audio/video captures show clear intent to support the overthrow by aforementioned members of the Republican party? And the loser in the 2020 election was spewing the “Big Lie ” of a stolen election for almost two months before the 6th of January, 2021, arrived. And nearly a year later, the aforementioned Committee just slogs along, while only a few nickel-dime doofus foot soldiers who looted the Capitol building have seen any jail time.

It’s not as though the Committee doesn’t have mounds of smoking gun evidence that still fills the halls of congress with that gun powder stench from 362 days ago. What the fuck are the investigators waiting on? Do they really need any more evidence? And even more disturbing/galling/absurd are reports that many of the culpable congress critters and some of the pedestrian members of the Big Lie mob are ready to run for election in this year’s mid-terms. That’s just ten months away folks! For that matter, the Big Lie ringmaster himself has indicated he wants to run again in 2024. When I keep encountering these reports from the corporate media, next to reports of more evidence being unearthed ( it’s now a mini-mountain of such and growing) I cannot feel very confident about the future of the country. I don’t feel very good about the PRESENT of this country. Should not there have been arrests, charges, trials and convictions of the major players in that disgraceful display of deranged sore losers that day? Like months and months and months ago? It’s not like they simply trespassed and peeked around inside the Capitol building, while appropriating a note pad from the Speaker of the House’s office.

While you or I would likely not have much chance of beating a red light ticket, or a parking violation, without hiring the second coming of Clarence Darrow to fight the case, it seems that a President who loses re-election, then plots a coup to stay in power has little reason to be worried. Just like that ultimately toothless Mueller Report, I have a feeling the January 6 Committee will amount to little consequence. I hope I’m wrong, but as I said, a year later not President Trump, nor GOP Senators or House members Ted Cruz, Cindy- Hyde Smith, Cynthia Lummis, John Kennedy, Roger Marshall, Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Robert Aderholt. Rick Aleen, Jodey Arlington, Brian Baben, Jim Baird, Jim Banks, Cliff Bentz, Jack Bergman, Stephanie Rice, Andy Biggs, Dan Bishop, Lauren Boebert, Mike Bost, Mo Brooks, Ted Budd, Tim Burchett, Michael Burgess, Ken Calvert, Kat Cammack, Jerry Cael, John Carter, Steve Chabot, Madison Cawthorn, Steve Chabot, Ben Cline, Michael Cloud, Andrew Clyde, Tom Cole, Rick Crawford, Warren Davidson, Scott Des Jarlais, Mario Diaz-Balart, Byron Donalds, Jeff Duncan, Neal Dunn, Ron Estes, Pat Fallon, Michelle Fischbach, Scott Fitzgerald, Chuck Fleishmann, Virginia Foxx, C. Scott Franklin, Russ Fulcher, Matt Gaetz, Mike Garcia, Bob Gibbs, Carlos Gimenez, Louie Gohmert, Bob Good, Lance Gooden, Paul Gosar, Sam Graves, Mark Green, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Morgan Griffith, Michal Guest, Jim Hagedorn, Andy Harris, Diana Harshbarger, Vicky Hartzler, Keven Hern, Yevette Herrell, Jody Hice, Clay Higgins, Richard Hudson, Darrel Issa, Ronny Jackson, Chris Jacobs, Mike Johnson, Bill Johnson, Jim Jordan, John Joyce, Fred Keller, Trent Kelly, Davis Kustoff, Doug LaMalfa, Doug Lamborn, Jake LaTurner, Debbie Lesko, Billy Long, Barry Loudermilk, Frank Lucas, Blaine Luetkemyer, Nicole Mmallioyakis, Tracey Mann, Brain Mast, Kevein McCarthy,Lisa McClain, Daniel Meuser, Mary Miller, Carol Miller, Alexander Mooney, Barry Moore, Markwayne Mullin, Greg Murphy, Troy Nehls, Ralph Norman, David Nunes, Jay Obernolte, Burgess Owens, Steven Palazzo, Greg Palmer, Greg Pence, Scott Perry, August Pfluger, Bill Posey, Guy Reschenthaler, Tom Rice, Mike Rogers, John Rose, Marr Rosendale,David Rouzer, John Ruthroford, Steve Scalise, Davis Schweikert, Pete Sessions, Jeff Smith, Lloyd Smuck, Elise Stefanik, W. Gregory Steube, Chris Stewart, Glenn Thompson, Thomas Tiffany, William Timmons, Jefferson Van Drew, Beth Van Duyne, Tim Walberg, Jackie Waloski, Randy Weber, Daniel Webster, Roger Williams, Robert Wittmen, Ron Wright or Len Zelden have been called out in any legal, official manner. Keep in mind the 14th Amendment to the Constitution demands expulsion from congress for the above noted persons’ support to commit treason.

Oh, right. D.J.T and the GOP have been wiping their asses with the Constitution for years now. It remains to be seen if the January 6 Committee will at least be as responsible as the congressional bathroom attendants in cleaning up the stink from those actions.

As smelly as all this is I, for one, am not holding my breath.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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