Same as it Ever Was

CNN clickbait: A lot of voters want alternatives to Biden and Trump in 2024, CNN poll shows. What??!!?! There are polls asking about a hypothetical Biden/Trump ’24 election? First off, I can’t imagine Cadaver Joe even wanting to run again. He’ll be on the dark side of 80 and needs to retire. Along with other fossilized, top-ranking Donkeys who are marinated in corporate conflicts of interest. As for that other guy, the nightmare from Mar-a-Lago, how can he run for President again since he is in maximum security lockup, facing 200 years, no bail, no parole? Oh wait, I keep forgetting, that’s an alternate universe that Rod Serling might be able to chew on. But Serling is dead but the January 6 committee supposedly is represented by living, sentient beings. That committee is still doggedly digging for more evidence of DJT having EVER committed a crime, before, during or after his fascist, hate mongering four years of residency at 1600 Penn.

But of course he’s still a free man. He is the Teflon Don. His Teflon is provided by a sociopathic GOP that seems to be terrified at the thought of turning on him–while the same GOP is in lockstep against any sensible legislation that helps the working class, and that includes complete morons like Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert, two elected office holders that bespeak the overall incompetence of what passes for a national government. That incompetence very much includes the Democratic-APPOINTED Attorney General of the U.S., Merrick Garland. He, along with the January 6 committee that clearly has no bark, no bite and certainly no teeth, provide a Teflon covering for the guy that CNN includes in a poll that exasperatingly pre-supposes a Trump re-election bid. This is the political world here in the U.S must endure. Two parties, both corrupted by corporate donors, with the Democrats having complete control, by a razor thin margin, but control nonetheless, and doing next to nothing that desperately needs being done.

The mid-terms are nine months away. That idiotic CNN poll may become a reality the way things are going. But that nightmare is 3 years away. There are numerous other polls that show how much the electorate wants economic programs that help them, rather than Wall Street, that provides for affordable education, affordable healthcare, climate mitigation, protection of voter rights and other reasonable uses of our very wealthy country’s money. If in the next several months, the Donkeys don’t bring Teflon Don to justice, or unite to overcome the filibuster that stops any needed legislation in its tracks–especially voter suppression–of course the GOP will regain power–and use it, to repress, oppress and depress rational minded people.

Why anyone would vote for a Republican unless he/she was a billionaire, or a blathering bigot, or a science denying magical thinker is beyond me. Not so many billionaires, but those otherwise working class slobs who specialize in voting against their best interests are large in number. But not large enough to win free and fair elections. Which brings this back to the Donkeys. Who seem unable to understand how to read into the polling numbers that reflect real attitudes, opinions and beliefs by tens of millions of people sick of the same old same old. Same as it ever was, to quote the Talking Heads.

Just blowing off steam here. On the bright side, it’s Super Sunday! Wings, dips, chips, pizza, cheese, lots of gooey cheese, all of which cost a lot more than not long ago. That’s not inflation, folks, it’s corporate greed. Record profits = price increases? But don’t worry about it. Just sit back and enjoy the game. The polls show L.A. is favored. If CNN took the poll, however, I’d bet on Cincinnati, for sure.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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