The Black Robed Assets

Who hasn’t seen one of the many films in which opposing organizations–usually governmental or quasi-official/rouge forces–face-off against villainous operatives? The CIA vs SPECTRE. Black Ops vs CHAOS. Secret Service vs FOOLS FOR CHRIST. Or, you know, Good vs Evil, with carnage aplenty as things get sorted out. Double and triple crosses clutter the narrative, leaving the viewer to wonder whom to trust, since everyone involved at one time or another might have been a payroller for good or evil. Follow the money. If there’s a “mole” then some informant will reveal the name, or vice versa. But as long as the threat is “neutralized” then we have a happy ending. It might take activating some stealthy, cold blooded “asset” to finish the job, if all else fails. No ambiguity. Justice prevails.

Movies specialize in happy endings, even if a few hundred people are left dead along that yellow brick road of ultimate satisfaction. Outside of the movie houses or one’s living room with the 67″ high-def flat screen, happy endings are not as likely as with cookie-cutter thrillers where all the tension-and-release button-pushing inevitably leads to those nasties getting what they deserved. Real life, as always, has the good and bad doing their thing, but happy outcomes are getting pretty rare. Are the forces of good outnumbered? Speaking of evil, The GOP represents maybe 40% of the public who vote regularly. Democrat and independent voters clearly have a significant majority. But our electoral system is a bit tilted toward the Right. Or more than a bit. But the Right has had a thirty year numerical edge of exactly ONE.

Allow me to explain (but not for the first time).

Five weeks ago, I used the Katenji Jackson Brown SCOTUS hearing to remind one and all how that grotesque charade by the GOP could ever come to pass. The birth of this SCOTUS gaggle of of six who now use the constitution to wipe their bought and paid for asses is quite clear. The blatant means by which these enemies of democracy and fairness for all have George H.W. Bush to thank, first and foremost. As previously reported, it was George I who cynically nominated C. Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall. Thomas! Who now bitches about people needing to accept outcomes they don’t like. Never mind his wife, Ginni, was on board with the insurrection of Jan 6, 2021! This is how obnoxiously arrogant and massively clueless the replacement for Marshall is. And Marshall being replaced by such a sad sack sellout to the elite is a historical affront to the notion of honoring how much good Thurgood stood for.

For the umpteenth time, I now have to remind everyone that Thomas somehow was confirmed by a senate that was a 57-43 Democrat majority. The hearing was chaired by Joe Biden. He should have told his majority that Thomas–accused of sexual harassment by numerous women during the hearing, not to mention having a super lightweight legal portfolio–will NOT be confirmed and force Bush to nominate someone less toxically odorous for a lifetime place on the Bench. But no. Why didn’t he gavel the GOP down and ensure Thomas wasn’t fit for confirmation? But no, again!

That was 31 years ago. Clarence–how’d that pubic hair get on that can of soda?–Thomas has been the decisive 5th vote in a sequence of judgements that leads right up to the current pending striking down of women’s right to a legal and safe abortion. That was a 6-3 vote but you have to back up. Thomas was the 5th vote in a 5-4 decision to appoint George W, Bush President in the 2000 election, an election that after-the-fact showed conclusively that Gore won Florida and the electoral vote count. Then he was the 5th and deciding vote on Citizens United which granted corporations equal status with individuals as far as being “people” and thus able to use money as “free speech”. Then, he was again the 5th vote that gutted the Voting Rights Act. With all those decisions, the U.S then–inexplicably seeing as how rigged this Court to be as far as legislating for the rich and powerful over everyone else–has stood by and let money to flood campaigns without even knowing who the pocket stuffers are are, to allow a couple dozen states to do everything possible to make it harder to vote, gerrymandering, reducing polling places in minority districts, eliminating mail-in voting, reducing ballot drop boxes and in Florida we now have a literal gestapo force that will dictate what votes will or won’t count.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is now our President, and has a majority in the House and a 51-50 advantage in the senate. But the Democrats are bought and paid for as well. Ask Joe Manchin! Of course they are or, why hasn’t Citizens United been legislated into the void, and voting rights reinstated? The Donkeys have COMPLETE CONTROL. For that matter when Mr. Obama was President why did he seemingly barely object when Mitch McConnell stole his rightful, constitutional ability to pick a replacement for Anthony Scalia, who died suddenly? Then when Ruth Ginsberg passed, with her body barely cold, the GOP quickly–with a 51-50 senate advantage–NOT 57-43–confirmed Amy Barrett. Let’s not forget the beer guzzling blowhard empty suit Brett Kavanaugh–also accused of sexual harassment (is that a GOP prerequisite to be nominated?) easily being confirmed. Assets!

Are the Democrats really simply unorganized and feeble? That’s a laugh. They’re led by filthy rich geezers (mind you 80 year-old Bernie Sanders is an Independent, and I hope he IS rich for all the righteous fight he has voiced for decades)) who have been around while this right-wing takeover of SCOTUS played out stating back in October 1991. The latest result of this Democrat collusion, corruption and incompetence is the impeding overturning of Roe vs Wade. The polls show the majority of Americans want women to have control over their reproduction futures, not dictated by six black robed “Assets” to the backward marching cretins who have been dreaming of this type of rule of the very very few over the very very many for decades. That slim advantage I alluded to way up there per good vs evil is quite literally a majority of ONE. His name is Clarence Thomas, and he was confirmed by Joe Biden and his weak-kneed Democrat Party. One vote, wreaking havoc over millions of working class people who are suppose to believe our system of governance works for one and all. One slimy, hypocritical, unqualified for his job Clarence Thomas.

The further insult are those mailings from Pelosi and Schumer and the DNC, pleading for your donations to fight against these injustices. How dare they even ask! They have no desire to use power, especially when they have the numbers to get things done that the American people want getting done.

Are ya’l ready to go Howard Beal on this bullshit? No, wait, that’s right. Howard get shot dead on live TV for inciting the fed-up many against the venal few. But of course, back in 1975 movies like Network didn’t always have happy endings. They reflected nasty truths sometimes and were willing to enlighten an audience as to cause and effects about the ways power can corrupt. Then, an audience could possibly be smarter for the experience.

I don’t think throwing open millions of windows and screaming I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! will change anything. Better to show up at street level. In numbers there is strength. And believe me, it’s a minority that seems to always get its way–with the exception of those six SCOTUS assets who are not interested in listening to any form of logical reasoning.

First and foremost, the Donkeys have got to reinstate voting rights and enforce those rights. Until then, politicians can keep picking their voters, rather than the much better original idea of voters picking their government. Yeah, how’s that for a radical agenda? I’m sure Clarence Thomas would be in dissent. All the better.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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