Hey, Joe!

Have you voted yet? You know, that mid-term election thingy? Rumor has it that it’s a big deal. As in, one of our two major political parties wants to hang onto its slim majorities in the House and the Senate, and the other major political party essentially wants to do away with elections altogether. That would be the party that brought us the January 6, 2021 attempt at overthrowing our Federal Democratic Republic form of government, as stated in the form of the 1787 Constitution of the United States of America.So, yeah, this 2022 mid-term election thing-a-ma-jiggy? It’s a big deal.

I, personally, would prefer that there be more than just two major political parties. Say three or four? But that isn’t about to happen, because no 3rd national party has gained even a minor amount of traction over the past, uh, 176 years (when the Republican Party supplanted the Whig Party). The two current major parties are quite content with the Frick or Frack choice given We the People who bother to go to the polls. But in this mid-term election, though as usual just a two horse race, the choices have been starkly revealed. The Democrats either keep control (razor thin again, or maybe gaining more of a majority) of the government or the Republican party–again, the Party that essentially orchestrated the January 6 coup attempt-will have control of the House and Senate. And if thathappens, well, it would seem to lead to mob rule of a sort.

I do NOT feel I am in any way exaggerating.After all, Republican members of congress have already publicly stated they will waste no time in impeaching President Joe Bidenif they have the numbers to do so. I’m not sure what Joe has done to warrant impeachment. Oh, right. He controls gas prices and asked for them to go through the roof. Also, we all know he sets the price of groceries. Isn’t he suppose to be the cause of Covid? Rest assured, the radical (crazed) party that has an elephant as its mascot will provide quite a circus.

Again–again!–the GOP and Trump staged the January assault on the U.S. government. The rioters wanted to kill not just high-ranking democrats, but the Republican Vice President at the time, because he would not (he could not) negate Joe Biden’s 7 million vote majority and the electoral college total in favor of Mr. Biden. This seditious crowd of Big Lie loonies wants to control the government.

Did I mention the J6mob wanted to kill Mike Pence? They also had a target on the back of Nancy Pelosi, then (and now) the Speaker of the House. Since that deadly insurrection, the forces of anarchy and division, of racism, and overall hate have become nearly household names: Qanon; The Proud Boys; Oath Keepers; and Patriot Front, among others.Fear and loathing on the campaign trail. Kudos to Hunter S. Thompson

Then there is one David De Pape.He is the reason for this blog post. In case you haven’t heard, Dave, an apparent fellow Far Right follower, broke into the home of Nancy Pelosi, seeking to–what else?–kill her. This assertion may be “alleged” but she was in D.C at the time. Her husband, however, was at home, heard the sound of shattering glass at the back entrance of the house and called 911. By the time police arrived, Mr. De Pape had already fractured Mr. Pelosi’s skull with a hammer demanding to know “where is she!?”My assumption is he wasn’t interested in civil discourse with madam Speaker.

Okay. At this point, I am using David De Pape as the face of the Far Right. His crazed desire to likely kill Ms. Pelosi is very akin to the mob that broke windows of the Capitol building toillegally gain entrance on 1-6-2021. Call De Pape’s action a microcosm of that chaotic, bloody day, minus anyone losing their life in the process. While Mr. De Pape is in custody, the leader of the January 6 attack on democracy is not. I know not why, since he has quite the rap sheet at this point. Just ask the January 6 committee, huh? You know, that made-for-TV committee that revealed the many clear links to the former president and the events of January 6? I’m certain that our former loser president heard about the attempt to murder Nancy but whatever; he’s busy on the campaign trail, wanting see his kind of fanatical, “stop the steal” candidate get elected. So he can somehow become president again in spite of what that J6 committee recommended about indicting him.

The mid-term election looms large and may well spell doom–for Joe Biden and  his Party. You, know, the Democrat Party. That right now has control–albeit-by a slim margin–of the levers of governmental power. Though the Dem Donkeys, ironically, appalingly, appear to be the minority party as far as using such power. Go. Figure. Why has its DOJ not put the Big Orange Kahuna behind bars already?! Afraid? Well, maybe David De Pape will help Joe and company find that fighting political spine

…as in…Joe Biden has the “bully pulpit” of the presidency. Use the goddam thing, will ya? Get behind that pulpit and pound away at what Mr. De Pope’s action portends if the Republican Hate Cult is given those levers of power. Not that the GOP has any use for the Constitution. But, hey Joe, time is running outon our Federal Democratic Republic. On people of reason. On the idea of representing all of the people, most of whom work for a living and believe in justice. As in no one is above the law kind of justice. No one.

Joe Biden should demand airtime to directly confront the vile and vicious desires of a political party that bleeds hate and divisiveness. A Party that is essentially aligned with fascism. And white supremacy. The GOP doesn’t even bother to hide these ugly character traits. It’s IN YOUR FACE!

Now is the time, Joe. Sure, you “condemn” the clear desire of a right-wing whacko to possibly kill Nancy. Let’s go on the offense, already! What clearer reminder that the Republican collusion to win the day that January 6th, than one of their acolytes still willing to find and finish what started about 20 months ago?

Just over a week away from the most most crucial mid-term election, perhaps in this country’s history.Huh? Joe? You can’t possibly have anything more important to do.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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  1. Spot on. The time is now…


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