Food for Thought

Do you have a brain? Of course you do. Humans are no different than many other species of life on Mother Earth. There are some exceptions. For instance, the sponge is a brainless organism. Hmm. Maybe that’s why sponges are in most everyone’s home, soaking up suds and wiping up gunk. Maybe if sponges did had brains, it would find it easier to avoid exploitation by Sapiens del la Homo. Just a thought. But even if the sponge could outwit human’s desire to make it a household commodity, the brainy Homo Saps would find a suitable substitute to serve its purposes for cleaning up after human mess-making.

Humans have used their brains to better their lot in life. No more cavemen stuff. Agriculture! Thanks to our domination of livestock, we can can now leave the spears and cudgels behind when seeking dinnertime fare. Cattle, lambs, pigs, buffalo, ducks, chickens, turkeys, goose, rabbit. To name some of the creatures–like the sponge–that we exploit because we are humans, with human brains. We know how to think. We understand how to make our lives better by consuming species that are consumable. And as the saying goes, we consume every part of the cow except the “moo”. Broken down human heart valves are sometimes replaced with cow heart valves. How’s that for exploiting one specie for another’s betterment? Pig valves too. Moo and Oink! At the supermarket and the surgical suite. Yeah, humans know to use their brains.

Well, yes and no on that assertion. Sure, we need to eat and eating creatures large or small, livestock or flying feathered ones, usually does become messy. We have evolved from hunter-gatherer, al a kill it, skin it, start a fire, fill the belly and live another day, to Michelin three-star rated destination dining. You’ve at least heard of those upper-crusty cuisine practitioners with the less is more approach to proportionality of that which arrives on a plate–sometimes with a complimentary magnifying glass to seek out what is supposedly there. That is an ultra-refined version of not eating to live, but living to eat. The brain of those who dine refined with their plutonium credit cards likely are rewarding themselves for some sort of success. But of course. Excuse me, but might you have some Grey Poupon? Such elites must have been brainy enough to get to the head of the line. Maybe mega-corporate, cattle ranchers? Perhaps the surgeon who performs those bovine and porcine valve transplants?

Or maybe yet another smarmy con artist? Hmm. The devious users of the brain. You know, the art of the con that depends on one’s fellow human being being dumb enough to fall for their all-style-no-substance excrement. Yeah, then those suckers eat it up. And oh, are those brains busy working their cons these daze! Yeah, we humans have brains. But how can so many of those brains be so monumentally deficient in simple reasoning?

Maybe it’s because of some generational drift into mental lethargy brought on by ever more devious con artists getting one to act very intentionally against their own best interest. These humans have been generally–methinks–raised as though a type of livestock, slowly, steadily made to have less of everything by more-or-less asking for such an outcome, all the while thinking that they have a made a smart choice. Wow. It takes some really, dumb, dumb, spectacularly dumb fucks to fall for such a bait-and-switch.

But just look around. Humans of very, very vile ilk, of sickening self-idolization, whose agendas are pure evil have been voted into office. Offices in local to national places and various levers of power. Who asked for being served daily doses of increasingly ill-tasting dishes of legislative slop? Millions of humans who may as well be sponges asked for it, that’s who. Ironically, these brainless versions of the human species are then, like the hapless, exploited sponge, in need of cleaning up their messy lives that they intentionally messed up by not using the brains that they actually DO have to figure basic right from wrong. Of course many of these dupes and dopes are content with their choices even as they get nothing of meaning in return, except the illusory satisfaction of hating certain other fellow humans. For superficial reasons. Reasons as thin as human skin. Ah, the fear appeal. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Legislators in statehouses are now so emboldened by their ability to get voted into office, then get re-elected, they are now in your face using the levers of power to take away basic human rights, while offering the spoils of their electoral “victories” to those who need help the least. Let them eat cake, they say. Let them eat shit. They seem to actually not mind (lessly) enjoy such slop. Oh, what wicked fun!

Humans are now disposable, replaceable commodities for the despotic few. Wake up, folks. See what you are being fed? You can smell it too! Yuck!

Use that brain and and be all the better for it. It may, or may not, be too late.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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