The Other Carnival Barkers (not named Trump)

Well, here we are. Barely more than a day away from the first “debate” between Agent Orange and Hillary, the Bland.

Just the way our phony, rigged semi-two party system wanted it. And Bernie Sanders supporters be damned. And also, Bernie-ites, you (and me) $27 dollar average donors to his campaign (totaling millions and millions to his effort) will we all just please shut the fuck up and GET OVER IT! I mean, after all the primaries were conducted and OUR GUY LOST!

Oh, and now that we know ever-so-more what any potential voter with a functioning brain knew waaaaay back, that Agent Orange is SO, SO, SO UNFIT to be President, that you former Bernie or Bust crowd HAVE NO CHOICE  other than Ms.Bland. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ Almighty, you Bernie fans, are you actually considering NOT voting to keep that crazy, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, Islamaphobic, hate-mongering, fascist out of the White House?!  Don’t you dumb ass Bernie Kool-Aid drinking misfits not understand that you HAVE NO CHOICE but to vote for that woman?!

I mean, get with the program. The primaries. The public has spoken. It was fair and square. Now face the music. You DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE but to VOTE FOR HER! …shout the Clintonian carnival barkers.

*   *   *

That’s the mantra I keep hearing from even some progressives (!!) in the media. They’re in a frenzy! Well, tough shit, I say. Your shut up and vote for her!  is offensive as hell. It’s such a steaming pile of horseshit. It’s an insult to every person who supported Bernie, perhaps giving much more than $27 to his campaign, because the Democratic primaries were NOT fairly conducted, and these desperate voices from the DNC and the Left know it. It has been clearly shown that the DNC undermined the Sander’s campaign, trying everything short of having him kidnapped and confined in some cave, when his non-corporate, populist, enough is enough persona took off and forced the Democratic Party and the status quo, lap dog media, to take him at least slightly seriously. But not seriously serious. By that I mean, both the DNC and the media went into defcon 2, then 3 mode, then when he kept winning primaries, bumped it to defcon 4 mode, barely giving him voice in print or on the so-called news programs, and when he STILL kept winning enough primaries to pour water on Hillary’s barely flickering flame of a candidacy, it was defcon 5 and all hands on deck!

Bernie supporters saw the unmitigated bias and contempt that was being visited upon this socialist (Agent Orange set back and enjoyed the scene, while actually saying virtually nothing about Bernie) who railed against the banksters and the job-killing trade deals and the ripping off of college students by way of high interest loans, and the disastrous deregulation of just about every consumer protection policy or environmental protection legislation. He was gaining plenty enough traction that Candidate Snoozy flip-flopped on her well established business-as-usual, corporatist, hawkish track record, while trying to evade questions concerning a private server for emails as Secretary of State (a symptom of her being a bit secretive and/or untrustworthy, all red meat for the pack of jackals within the neo-con GOP)

But the DNC had Debbie Shultz and the same lame and lazy, mile wide, half an inch deep style of “journalism” went into full Bernie can’t possibly win mode .  Sander’s climbing polling numbers, in the face of the constant push-back against him, were nothing less than astonishing given his from-out-of-nowhere candidacy. One can only imagine how thorough a thrashing of Ms.Toxic it would have been in an ACTUAL fair primary process.

Never mind the poll numbers that threatened the DNC’s cynical, fait accompli coronation of their candidate. The polls constantly showed Bernie easily defeating Agent Orange, you know, that guy who now somehow, some way, has the Bland One in a tight race. But even that couldn’t inject any sense into the DNC and their lousy, really lousy preferred choice of a nominee.

And now, because of their intransigence, their pigheaded refusal who act responsibly about who was really, truly the person in the race who could easily trump Agent Orange, Bernie supporters are lectured over and over, in scolding, condescending fashion, that they HAVE NO CHOICE but to vote for her if they want their country safe from neo-fascism.

The fact that the DNC picked such a weak candidate that her opponent’s grotesquely sociopathic and hate-filled candidacy has her sweating things out speaks so poorly of this dysfunctional, institutional election process, where it has now reached its seeming inevitable nadir with either a buffoon or an empty pant-suited double-talker destined to become our next President.

If the buffoon wins, get ready, Bernie-ites, it’ll be OUR FAULT. And even if the empty suit wins, in a squeaker, Bernie’s people will be scorned for not making it a landslide.

This is one enough is enough, Bernie (his refreshing ideas, his revolutionary essence, even more than the man himself) fan who says, we get the government we deserve. I’m trying to figure out how in the hell this country deserves the government we have right now let alone the dubious one coming our way, either way.

No, wait, I think I DO know…

But never mind. Nothing to see here. Just keep moving along…



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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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  1. catt23 says:

    Brilliantly written — Amen!


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