It’s a Sloppy Track, Rail Birds

The DNC and the pathetic excuse for journalistic truth-seeking can take credit if Hillary doesn’t win on November 8th. The Democratic higher-ups obviously backed the wrong horse in the race to the White House, and now they are paying for it by watching Hillary gasping for air as the home stretch looms large. She’s still slightly ahead of the nag nagging her in spite of her being the supposed thoroughbred in the race while her snorting, rambling opponent, racing WAAAAY out of its class, and not even properly groomed and trained, somehow sticks with her, now close to a neck-and-neck position. My opinion is the grunting, blustering, babbling, bombastic, ill-bred nag is doing well in positioning at this point is its ability to turn the track into complete slop. It loves mud! Horses that do well in the slop are called “mudders,” and this nag is one mutha’ of a mudder.

The DNC’s thoroughbred has been not been able to adapt to the slop and seems mired in mediocrity owing to mishandling by the Democratic Party’s stable hands.

But my oh my!, their political thoroughbred, given her lengthy and mostly successful track record,  and an impressive war (horse) chest, should be emulating the greatest thoroughbred ever, Secretariat. All Secretariat did was demolish his opposition by 25 lengths, circa the 1973 Belmont Stakes, and capture the coveted Triple Crown. That race was no contest long before they even got into the back stretch! Ms.Clinton was a Secretary of State and won a senate seat in New York, but this biggest prize of all seems too much for her to handle. She may be winded now and likely fade into ignominy,  not so much because of the one other horse left in this race for the White House, but owing to a third horse,  no longer in the running, who broke out of the starting gate rather late but…

…late break or not, the best horse in the race was this obscure political equine named Bernie Sanders. Bernie was the equivalent of a race horse with little in the way of name recognition, a “claimers”  type, as it were, possessing little national mojo, with small-time backing, 25 lengths behind from the get-go, trailing even the rancid mudder chasing after the big money Philly saddled up by her Party big-wigs with plenty of corporate sponsorship to keep the campaign feed bag full of long-haul, high octane fuel. That was the plan, anyway.

The odd-makers barely bothered with Sanders. Fuggetaboutit!, they snickered.

But, Bernie, in spite of being the oldest horse in the race, clearly made up ground rapidly, passing Trump and hearing more and more “go Bernie!” cheers from the political grandstands, and was shockingly closing in on that Wall Street backed thoroughbred. Alas, Bernie’s cheering section was not loud or large enough (though it was substantial) and not so deep-pocketed as to overcome the late start, and the immediate dismissal as a serious, legitimate, competitor by the mainstream media monitoring this competition.

Now Bernie is out of the race–in spite of his clearly demonstrating his increasing potential ability to finish ahead of both the thoroughbred and the smelly nag Trumpling along in the slop. If only he were permitted to be taken seriously by a media that became addicted to the mudder and its outrageous rantings and proffering of political poop that nonetheless smelled like roses in newsrooms, and gleaned golden for their ratings. Meaning profits. Meaning the media is one big whore. But that’s for another blog post…

Now, one of the two remaining creatures left gallomping toward the finish line has to win. It may be an ugly finish, with lots of gasping, grunting and sweat adding to the sloppy track. Or maybe they’ll both pull up lame. Nah. My guess is even if both break down, one or the other will be dragged across the finish line if need be, each covered in rancid slime, and all the more fitting for that.

Whatever the case, Bernie, the outsider, the second coming of Silky Sullivan (Google it) in the race, but who couldn’t overcome the long odds, the media’s virtual refusal to acknowledge he was even in the race,  and the DNC’s entire stable unable to take the Clinton blinders off, will likely become the scape(horse) of this election if the thoroughbred runs completely out of gas. Just wait and see. Those accusations are already being churlishly spouted right now.

Yeah! If only that damn Bernie hadn’t come along,  the DNC’s thoroughbred wouldn’t have had to burn so much energy before even hitting the first turn. If only those deluded folks who foolishly slammed down their 27 dollar win bets on Bernie, urging him on in grand delusion, had realized the race was fixed all along, and their efforts futile, their thoroughbred would be the easy winner. How dare they! What, didn’t these dreamers get the “it’s rigged!” memo?! How not? The press and the DNC sure kept sending it their way. Were they wearing blinders too?  They didn’t see Bernie was a fluke? No chance he could win in rigged race. They don’t realize the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party is not part of the program now, and hasn’t been for a long, long time. Geeze, who do these goofy idealists think they are? Idealists?

Well, we’ll see. All I know for sure is that, whoever is declared the winner, there’s going to be a lot of smelly horseshit to be cleaned up afterwards and for a while to come. Maybe decades to come. The Bernie rail birds will not forget what happened. So don’t anyone give them a shovel to lend a helping hand. It’s not their mess to tidy up, no matter how many mopes will keep insisting it is.








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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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