Showdown on Cliffhanger Ridge

Little did I know that yesterday’s blog post was channeling soon-to-follow actual political/military reality when later in the day President Strangelove did indeed launch missiles at Syria. Thankfully, not nukes. Now what? Assad waves a white flag? No. His Big Bro, Vlad Putin has his back. Uh oh. This is likely going to devolve into a major heightening of tensions between the U.S. (and all its nukes) and well…

…Russia, China, North Korea, Iran (and thus even more nukes)…but, for now…

…to be continued. Like any good cliffhanger.

Having checked the news sites, from NYT, to Washington Post, CNN, BBC, and even the Christian Science Monitor (as good an example of actual, honest, ethical journalism as there is, so don’t let the religious connotation of its name mistake its mission) and their collective pondering of why?, who?, what?, how?, when? where?, etc. per yesterday’s uh, bombshell, breaking news!, developing story!

What I didn’t find was any overt cynicism about the air strike being, among other things, perfectly timed to manipulate the media from their recent, daily sniffing about per Russian hackers and the fortunes of Pres. Strangelove’s ascension from realty TV star/ real estate hustler/ and all around flim-flam man to the Tweeter-in Chief (feel free to substitute any of his ugly character flaws for “tweeter” up there, okay?). Unless you like his style. And some-inexplicably–do (!?!?).

Well the missile strikes sure reduced the literal kleptocracy  that occured having elevated Neil Gorsuch to possibly 30 or more years on the Supreme Court from a highly controversial matter to a sidebar story; once sworn-in, Neil can possibly rule in favor of dismissing any of the numerous lawsuits by various watchdog organizations already working their way into our justice system challenging what has already come to pass from the new adminstration in just 77 days since inaugeration day.  Wow. What diabolical scheming that worked to absolute perfection! Who said crime doesn’t pay?

Now it’s all of that what comes next!? speculation about those missile strikes which, it would appear, violated international law pertaining justifications for one country militarily attacking another. But never mind that. Better to ask forgiveness than for permission. But Strangelove, you may have noticed, is not a “mea culpa” type, ever. He doesn’t have that sort of wiring from the humanoid factory from whence he came. Not that everyone else has it, either. But not everyone else is the “leader of the free world”.

No, nothing really new here. Strangelove has clearly demonstrated over decades that he abides by only one “law”: That he always gets the spotlight, no matter how he goes about getting it and what damage may come from his impulsive, self-absorbed, actions. He’s the perfectly imperfect loose cannon to be–I’ll say it!–Commander-in-Chief. Could any more delusional egomaniac exceed him in his role that amounts to what seems destined to be a tragic, absurdist, farce worthy of Luigi Pirandello? Maybe more like a David Lynch celluloid nightmare.

Yes, it’s a showdown. Between Strangelove’s unfathomable twitches, ticks and seemingly endless temerity and all of the external world he thinks is his to  manipulate, and always ultimately, command. 

I hope I’m wrong, but I feel this cliffhanger is going to have a very disturbing denouement.

Stock up on the extra buttered popcorn and your prescription drugs. And, as with any movie, try to suspend your disbelief. 


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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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1 Response to Showdown on Cliffhanger Ridge

  1. Oh my. Your adoring fan is about to spar with this post. Assad forces recently took 30,000 men away from their families​, summarily executed each by a gun shot wound to the head, and somehow dumped their bodies in a mass grave. Bulldozers? Night and Fog? Meaning, Aushwitz scenario a la Adolf. Now Assad’s forces air dropped nerve toxin gas on a community, indiscriminately killing via excruciating pain and suffering adults, children, and infants who were unfortunate enough to be at his ground zero. Shall we appease Russia as Pelosi, Kaine and a host of idiots including Rand Paul want? If Pelosi has her way, Assad and his handlers will take note and speed up nerve gas attacks on the Syrian people via air drops and likely other unimaginable atrocities. The time to stop this new age Hitler is now.


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