Political Dog Days

There was an important vote taken in Georgia yesterday. The contest  was between an upstart Democrat against an array of Republican candidates seeking to replace the vacated House of seat of Tom Price, now the Health & Human Services Secretary. The buzz about this titanic political tilt was it would be a referendum on one D. Trump, who vacated his seat as pink-slip-giver-in-chief on The Apprentice tv show, and then, apparently in need of a brighter media spotlight, ran for President.

The Georgia proxy “referendum” tag on Trump, who is all of 88 days (more like daze) into his new job, is obviously a result of his being clearly a most controversial occupant of the Oval Office. As senator Elizabeth Warren said recently about Trump and his new administration, since his swearing-in on January 20, his tenure in office seemingly passes in dog years. As a vitriolic dissenter of what I strongly feel was a rigged and fixed election that led to Trump being declared the winner, I think Ms. Warren nailed it with that comment. If one year in the life of a dog is equivalent to 7 years as a human being’s life, then each of these first 88 days is equal to 7 days, not one. This temporal mental illusion thus results in his many dissenter’s minds as already feeling as though 616 days have passed–or 1.75 years!

For the long-suffering Chicago Cubs fans, last November 2 was a day of profound relief and exaltation, when the team, long known as “lovable losers” claimed their first world championship in 108 years (or 756 dog years).  Strangely, keeping with the jumbled sense of the passage of time regarding all things Trump, his illegitimate “victory” took place on November 8th, not even a week after the Cubs’ defying their astounding 108 year span of failure. Somehow, last November 2nd seems not that long ago (for Cub fans, at least). Already, a new season is two weeks old. But that infamous date of November 8th, 73 days away from Trump being sworn-in, seems an eternity ago and adds on to the dog years equation of the beginning of  a dreadful reality tv show called President Trump, on January 2oth.  

So, let’s do some more math: 88 + 73= 161 x 7 = 1,127…or…the equivalent psychic sense of time warp taking place in my mind and my fellow “not my president” types amounting to what feels like 3.2 damn YEARS!

This is a waking nightmare for at least every voter who supported Clinton or Sanders. Of course it is, because Clinton won the popular vote by virtually 3 million. It is a festering frustration. An outrage. It’s enervating. Depressing. Alarming. Dangerously reckless and an embarrassment when viewed in contrast to every former President, all of whom are instantly made to appear as towering statesmen and well reasoning Commanders-in Chief. And think of some of our past presidents and their character flaws and nefarious political agendas! Trump trumps them all, and perhaps more than a few of his supporters now realize his bait-and-switch candidacy for what it was. You get what you ask for, eh?

My and my fellow voices of disgust are validated by that Georgia “referendum on Trump”. Why?  This House seat has been solidly Republican for ages. That’s why the media kept a close eye on it. And given that it is (all illusions of the magnified passage of time aside) really a short time for a new president to have to hear there’s already a referendum on his performance and popularity, it’s an eyebrow-raiser for his detractors as well as his supporters. 

Although the democrat fell not even two points shy of the needed 50.1% of the vote to claim the seat outright, meaning he’ll be in a one-on-one run-off election in June, the result nonetheless appears to be an arbiter of how blatant is the Trump malfunction that has manifested itself, a reliably quotidian occurance, like the sun rising daily in the east and setting in the west.

My guess is that seat will remain on the Republican side of the House when the final judgment of the Georgia voters decide it in June. I hope I’m wrong. But stupid is as stupid does, and in spite of Trumps glaring in-over-his-head modus operandi, enough Georgians voted for more of the same to prevent a humiliating defeat–proxy style, but a bigger referendum looms.

November 2018  brings the mid-term elections. Ugh. So far way, but an opportunity for we the people to sense time conforming to a more normal pace if the vote brings some stronger opposing forces to our current situation.

Let’s see. Hmm. that’s 565 days away: 565 x 7 =3,955…or…11.2 years. These are indeed political dog days for some of us.



About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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