April Fools Day: April 29th and May Day edition

April 29th, 2017. Just a few daze away! President Strangelove’s (a.k.a) small hands; racist; neo-fascist; xenophobe; Islamaphobe; misogynist; con artist; flim-flam man; fake prez; Fox News junkie; and, apparently, Destroyer-in-Chief,  will mark his first 100 days as the illegitimate occupant of the White House. What has he accomplished? Nothing, really, but it doesn’t matter. Well, it does, but then again, it doesn’t because the election was rigged, tampered with by Putin. Inc., and while the mainstream media knew it was a phony outcome, immediately started  giving it legitimacy. No honest journalist would have been quiet about the dubious machinations that transpired on November 8th, 2016. But we no longer have truth-seeking journalism in our mainstream media, like the 1970s version that took down Richard Nixon (for a botched cover-up of a nickel-dime, botched burglary (no less!!!). Every utterance of the words “President Trump” is the extension of an ongoing, monstrous lie. That’s’ the Truth. No faking it, oh my brothers and sisters.

 Millions of angry citizens have been protesting and taken to the streets, but it really doesn’t fucking matter. Not now, it doesn’t. It mattered 168 days ago, when part of the public–the lazy, stupid part–became ipso facto accomplices in the criminal outcome of that election. The hayseed hillbilly idiots (some even union members!) who ate up the pig slop of their (so obvious) fake populist should now be eating some rancid crow. But I’m pretty sure they’re still too brain dead to yet realize they got played. 

It doesn’t matter, because it didn’t even matter to the national Democratic Party, who insanely ran a completely inept campaign, allowing the orange-haired buffoon to nudge out a razor thin victory in a few key electoral college states. That, plus the usual GOP’s blatantly out in the open voter suppression laws, interstate cross-check scam (see above comment on mainstream media/journalism) snatched victory from the taken-for-granted jaws of  inevitable defeat. Elect him?! I wonder how many of the now vocal, energized protesters even voted? 80+ million eligible ballot box contributors didn’t bother to participate. It didn’t matter to them.

Face it, ladies, gentlemen, those of various ethnic and racial stripes and alternate lifestyles, there’s nothing to be done about it now and the foreseeable future. There really is no elected political opposition forceful enough to stop the lunacy, the cynical cabinet appointments, the hideousness of a collection of creeps and callous billionaire profit-mongers.

I assure you, though it may sound like a protest I’m posting here but o contraire! This blog is about facing the music. This is a eulogy. For our Republic. For journalism. For critical thinking. For our environment. Our judicial system. For public education.  For public health. For we the people (excluding those hayseeds/dupes noted above).   Most of all, quite possibly, any day, a pre-eulogy for planet Earth, since the Blusterer-n-Chief and his sociopathic counterpart in North Korea keep whipping out their male appendages (I’m guessing Kim Jong’s dong is longer) to see who will go nuclear first (and thus the beginning of the end).  Seriously. The world cannot afford to have two mentally unstable, paranoid moron macho men with launch codes at their elbows, but that’s what we have folks. If it matters to you…

Well, I’m hoping we can survive all of this, and my eulogies will all be rendered premature and moot. You can take time out for break, but you can’t take a break from time. Thus, this too shall pass (one way or another), but it’ll take a lot of time to fix the mess–especially in the context that stolen SCOTUS seat and a confirmation rammed down our throats that will have nefarious effects for possibly decades to come (thanks again, voter dupes and a special shout out to those Democrats, you bunch of irrelevant, impotent, incompetent, political idiots).

So, for some, April 29th is not just any day, but the 100th day, which followed from Day One when the farce and fraud called Trumplandia was made official. But, hey, on May 1, it’s International Workers Day. Right. Unite. Fight! Like I said, it’s going to take a lot of work to fix this mess, an ever-steaming stench fest, approaching its 100th Groundhog Day type day (700 in those dog years)

Shovels at the ready! Until the cauldron of recent political history boils over and leaves an ugly, slimy stain far and wide and results that propels an actual enough is enough revolution, ya’l can at least start digging that bomb shelter. Tick tick tick.

Peace and love and all that…too






About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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