Murder, Inc. part 2

Yesterday, in commenting on an opinion piece alluding to the “darkest hour” and our fake President by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post, I said the marquee of American was full of dim or burned-out bulbs, and wondering how much darker things could get. Well, looks like some nasty, possibly enduring dark is almost certainly about to descent upon 99+ % of the American public. I am specifically alluding to the draconian tax legislation proposed by the GOP.

Unlike the umpteenth attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which even with a GOP controlled congress has failed over and over again, this tax bill, without needing a single Democrat or Independent member of the Senate’s vote, is about to be approved. Made into LAW. And unless you are somehow insulated from such political matters (by apathy, exhaustion, being easily distracted by pop culture/social media or too busy with trying to find that bluebird of happiness) you have GOT to have heard just how horrible a tax bill the GOP has crafted. Hey, it’s what the Republicans do.

And what they are doing is shepherding a blatant transfer of wealth to–not simply that  1% most often noted as the benefactors of Republican economic ideology–but more like the top ONE-TENTH of that %! The Congressional Budget Office, as well as countless other economic experts (look em up) has spelled out the short and long-term damage that will be done to just about everybody but those with the vast majority of the wealth right now. Powerful multinational corporations and the obscenely rich will become all the more powerful and obscenely rich. I will get taxed more (sooner or later, as the bill is written with its slight-of-hand provisions that give with one hand while taking away even more with the other) and you will get taxed more. It is literally written. If you are sitting in a coffee shop, a restaurant, or at a supermarket, or at work, in a college classroom, on a commuter train, at a movie, or a play, walking down the boulevard, possibly pushing a toddler or two in a carrier, at a museum, waiting in line at a bank, browsing a bookstore, at a laundromat, a library, in church, in an elevator, a department store, at the post office, with your book club, at a concert, a car wash, at the airport, mall-walking, at the gym, or perched on a bar stool–wherever–look around and whoever you may see, from a total stranger, or barely an acquaintance, a friend, a close friend, maybe even your “intimate other,” THAT person, and that person’s family and friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors and exponentially friends of their friends and their friend’s friends  and virtually every person you will randomly run into or see by routine will today and into the future, all will be economically strong-armed by this tax bill to help transfer more and more and more wealth to those who need it least. We all have a bullseye on our backs. And the GOP archer assassins have many arrows in their quivers.

It’s what the Republicans do.

Again, check out the CBO’s assessment plus those other experts who have weighed-in and condemned this piece of heartless, cold-blooded, amoral, avariciousness. This is the GOP: Murder, Inc.

We need a revolution, folks. Hello, out there. I said we need a…

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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1 Response to Murder, Inc. part 2

  1. End days are here. First, the Republicans’ glee to give away the future of this living planet to the short term interests of the fossil fuel industry as atmospheric carbon levels rise exponentially. Second, the give away of our national wealth to multinational corporations that will leave us with a yawning deficit that spells disaster for this nation’s future. Not to mention the sabotage of the affordable care act embedded in the tax cut that will send many hardworking Americans and their family members to early graves. This is it, folks. The Republicans are literally bringing death to America. Murder, Inc., indeed!


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