Ms. Justice Now!

Oh, it is SO refreshing to see the Democratic Party leadership take a strong stand in this, possibly our nation’s “darkest hour”.  Am I referring to their dogged defiance flung in faces of the feckless Republicans and their cruelly destructive tax plan, thereby thwarting any chance of it becoming law? Of course not. How could they? The Democrats have absolutely zero impact on national politics theses days–at least as far as their GOP adversaries goes. That’s because, well, the GOP has the numbers.  That is, a 240-194 edge in the House of Representatives and 52-46 lead in the Senate (there are 2 Independent Party senators). Those numbers mean the GOP, technically, doesn’t need a single vote from their friends across the aisle in order to have their legislative way. Never mind that the GOP is so divided as far as how heartless, venal and vile they want to be. I call the Republicans Murder, Inc. Why not, given their way people should either be wealthy enough to afford health care or just die. They want to gut Social Security, Medicare and many social safety net programs, turn that money over to the free market cutthroats, and fuck anyone who suffers and withers away. It a dog-eat-dog world, eh? The GOP mascot is an elephant (an insult to that species, which is very socially conscious and intelligent) although the Grim Reaper seems most suitable with this bunch  who are clearly saying yeah, people are gonna fucking die and in some cases the sooner the better and that’s what they get for not being wealthy enough to not let us kill them as quickly–and profitably–as possible.

But back to the Democrats and that “strong stand”. That’s Nancy Pelosi and her other wheezing political hacks demanding John Conyers resign NOW! for his apparent sexual offenses recently reported upon, a la Weinstein, Spacey, Rose, Keillor, Laurer and the lot. Sure, these men are scoundrels and pigs. But Pelosi being so  adamant about Conyers having to resign NOW! Hey, where was all this vigor, outrage and bile when President Pussy Grabber was busted (by himself saying he grabbed women by their…on camera!) during the 2016 campaign?  Where was she and her righteous brothers and sisters in the DNC when the GOP was continually preaching the proven to always fail dogma of “trickle down” economics in decades past (she’s been around a LONG time, this Pelosi). Where was this justice now! cry when the 2000 election was blatantly stolen by the GOP? Or the 2004 election, again stolen, or the phony “evidence” that rushed the U.S. into a senseless war in Iraq? Where was this sense of urgency earlier that wrong-doing must have consequences? Did Nancy immediately and relentlessly scream foul back then? 

If Conyers is a sexist pig, he needs to go, certainly. But then so does Pussy Grabber, by any moral (and criminal) measure. Hey Nancy. Anything to say about that? Of course not. Because Nancy is a tired old political hack. She’s trying to convince herself that she can still make a difference when an injustice comes to light. But those old bones that were once young and at least at one time had the potential to chase down much bigger targets than a haggard John Conyers are gone. Nancy has just enough loose teeth left to go snapping at the heels of another very old-timer, who is now low hanging, rotten fruit. Easy pickin’s, I’d say.

Pelosi the Pathetic! She and the rest of the DNC and 95% of her fellow flaccid, impotent, incompetent Dems should all be held to account themselves. Their “injustice”?: committing serial political malpractice. Party of the People, my ass. And committing malpractice for the better part of at least the last 36 years. If not for the corporate lap-dogs and turncoats that infest the Democratic Party, the GOP’s horror movie wouldn’t play as a continuing loop. We’ve seen this crummy film too many times. But now it’s even more sickening. It’s a snuff flick!

Pelosi and the Irrelevants. The Pussy Grabber and the Incorrigibles.

As Bill Shakespeare once said, a plague on both their houses!

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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3 Responses to Ms. Justice Now!

  1. Well put, Pelosi the political hack. Rather than addressing sexual harassment by the body politic, including DT, as a matter to be dealt with openly and forthrightly and systematically, she instead singles out one person of her own party for expulsion outside of the context of the narrative that has been building since the Access Hollywood tapes became public knowledge. What a travesty!


  2. Julie Samuels says:

    Right on!


  3. Julie Samuels says:

    – BOTH of their houses for sure…..


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