The Cretin and the Corpse, PanDumbic edition

What is there left to comment on, deconstruct or even outright mock as pertains to current events? Particularly events here in the U.S. Nothing much is really new these days. Right? There’s that “sameness” that has been in place since the shut-down. Covid World. The worst reality show ever, starring all of us. We are in the cast, but the “stars” hog the headlines. You join a Zoom pilates class, a certain someone else declares we are doing a great job kicking Covid ass in direct dissent of scientific reality. Reality? Reality theater of the absurd. Everything that might be labelled “news” is really the same story, with a few incoherent scenes added along with some inserted inane dialogue. We spin our parts in this modern day Long Day’s Journey into Sameness, and try to remember what day of the week it is. The primary performers do not notice us, and they sure don’t care about that, either. The Show is a full-blown case of being trapped by a pandemic on a large vessel, but one that is in serious trouble. Shall we rearrange the deck chairs? We’re stuck in Pandemic World. World, as in planet Earth. Here in the U.S., I call it PanDumbic World. We are trapped on a ship with no Captain, no charted course, a crew that is in constant turmoil, and at this point is listing dramatically, possibly fatally so in Constitutional terms. We’re on the USS MegaShip, containing great wealth and a big military. It’s engine is sputtering in spite of our assets. Once the most sturdy of national vessels anywhere in the world. But that was then, This is now. Am I being too negative? Hey, this is my “spin” okay? Trying not to repeat myself when there is nothing new left to say. You try it. I no longer have the blogger gumption to inspire use of a vocabulary to describe current events on our ship. I lack whatever words one needs to accurately, clearly make sense of how bad things are when there is such a leadership vacuum but that by default is nonetheless “leading” the way, but not for everyone on board. The modus operandi of the crew is to protect themselves. This pathway doesn’t have a defined course. It lurches. It convulses. It shocks. Without shame. But then here I go repeating what has been said a quintillion times over by those paid to have the gumption to find the best words to describe things. But no matter how truthful their tales, nothing changes, It’s a sameness within the sameness no matter who might be be at the controls. However, one thing that will be actual new “news” is within sight. Ahoy there! It’s an event, and it could either save the ship–could, maybe, sorta save it–or absolutely doom it to a further descent into dangerously dark waters. We are just 12 weeks and two days from a national election. It should be cataclysmic. Convulsive. Divisive. But maybe at least we’ll have an actual Captain after it is over. Uh, in title anyway. However, based on the current choice of either more lunacy and sociopathic outcomes or a mummified, invisible man who is as technically fraudulent a candidate as his opponent has always been, even before we foolishly ignored the unabashed election tampering and turned over the ship to this psycho (that’s my best word for him; it encapsulates the guy, no? Ask any reputable shrink…) I feel it to be a reverse Sophie’s Choice of yuck. Yeah. I’m calling Joe Biden a fraud. I explained it in a blog a few months back. Jim Clyburn. South Carolina. Biden is being written off after the first few primaries but along come the DNC to restore order, as a certain guy named Sanders was piling up delegates and victories early on. So, yeah, this guy who looks embalmed and is shaky-minded, but in a ding-a-ling way more than sociopathic way, isn’t much of a Dudley Do-Right type as far as worthiness goes. Nothing about this man is impressive, other than his long and unimpressive political record. At least that’s my take on him–and a whole LOT of others too. So, in the most important election of my life and likely even anyone who is under 90 years old, we get the choice of a mega-wart disguised as a human being and a political corpse disguised as a Savior. An old school corporate political corpse to boot. JB was dead. The DNC resurrected him. To the detriment of championing a Captain who has a plan that would help all of us on this listing ship called the US of A. In the world of Covid Sameness, we thus are staring at the most classic case of an evil of two lessors, but they’re unequally evil lessors in such a massively dramatic, urgent and you have no choice but to vote for the dead guy way. I get it, though. Sure. We have to make the most leaderless “leader” the world has ever known (well maybe some of those Roman Emperors had their moments) go away. Toss him overboard. With a cement overcoat affixed. But I resent that in an election that begs for someone concerned about the ship, the crew and and all of its passengers, we get the same ol’ same ol’ political sameness from the so-called “opposition party”. In the meantime, sign up for that Zoom book club, or the Zoom ascent of Mt. Everest. After November 3rd, none of this may natter any more. Officially.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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2 Responses to The Cretin and the Corpse, PanDumbic edition

  1. I agree that Bernie would have been a much better choice than Biden, HOWEVER, to continuously degrade Biden is to put him closer to being as worthless as Trump. NOBODY is as worthless as Trump. Please don’t give Republicans anything to chew on.
    “We’ve never had a president who trades in conspiracy theories, who prefers lies instead of fact,” says Douglas Brinkley a history professor at Rice University.

    You’ve got to love this version of “The Lion Sleeps tonight”. I got it from a Canadian friend.
    Vote Him Away (The Liar Tweets Tonight) 📀
    Apr 21, 2020
    Roy Zimmerman
    by Roy Zimmerman and The ReZisters, featuring Sandy Riccardi. Made in collaboration with the Raging Grannies of Mendocino.


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