Caviat Emptor, election 2020 edition

This blog may not be healthy for those with political blinders on. I cannot resist throwing more dirt on the DNC. But first, let me contrast the DNC to the GOP. Any sensible person, given even a modestly functioning moral compass, should be able to see the modern-day GOP for what it is: a venal, vile, villainous, vicious pack of plutocratic, callous, cold-blooded anti-democratic criminals. If the GOP could get their way, we’d have oil wells scattered throughout our national parks, women would not have access to reproductive healthcare, public schools would no longer exist, immigrants would be walled-off from entry, the Postal Service would be gone, Social Security would be given to Wall Street to gamble with its funds, Medicare would be abolished with no replacement considered, the Evangelicals would be a branch of government, while there would be no branch of government whatsoever designed to help anyone, anywhere, anytime, for whatever reason, should they not be wealthy enough to never, ever have need for any such “safety net” protections in the first place. There certainly would be no unions. Corporations would be given blanket immunity for any damages to the environment, worker safety and “whistle blowers” would be akin to Winston Smith, the doomed protagonist in Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. Hell, since the September 11, 2001 attacks, the GOP has already ushered in a Big Brother agenda of bullshit disguised under the name of The Homeland Security Act. Of course, the GOP has many mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging, brain-dead supporters who likely need all of the things that their preferred party clearly is against. But that’s a mental health issue that can never be resolved, since there will never be a vaccine for terminal stupidity. Elsewise, how does one account for people as soulless as Trump, Pence, McConnell, David Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and so many more who support the above noted extreme agendas from getting elected?! Ah, but I am not saying that the GOP staged a sneaky, cynical, diabolical coup d’etat. The Elephant party is as stealthy as the Mastodon ancestors of their mascot. Here we are! Like it or not. Clearly, they use fear mongering to throw red meat at their dopey devotees and get them to the polls, but historically more registered voters–nationally– identify as Democrat, not Republican. Thus, to gain power in our entrenched two-party system, the GOP needs more of their supporters to show up at the polls than that of Democratic supporters. Sure, Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump, but there’s that electoral college factor, a relic as rusted out and irrelevant in 21st century politics as the 2nd Amendment is, with its “well regulated militia” language clearly referring to arms and and the man circa 18th century America. Nonetheless, the electoral college decides the final tally. Since it is a well established fact that elections–especially those at the highest levels of governance–are won by appealing not to the extremes on the margins of the electorate, but to that middle ground of slightly for/against or the unmolded political Clay People who have virtually no preference (either because they don’t know what’s at stake, or they do, but feel it doesn’t matter to them). Clearly then, the Donkey Party, for the better part of forty years now, doesn’t appear to appeal to that coveted “target audience” ready to be sculpted into supporters. Which brings me back to the DNC. Yes, the DNC, who managed to let the electoral college make a sociopathic candidate the President in 2016 by propping up a massively unpopular candidate of their own. She may have gotten more votes, but again, that electoral map is not some obscure mechanism in how presidential elections are won or lost. The DNC was smug. Oh, so smug! Their candidate was such a terrible campaigner she lost the three most crucial states on that electoral map, and thus the election. There was a more passionate and progressive candidate with very popular proposals, who was threatening to take the lead in the 2016 primaries, but the DNC subverted his chances (If you don’t know how, research that political horserace and make sure you google Deborah Wasserman Schultz). Now, in 2020, we have the same sociopath running for re-election. And the same passionate progressive candidate from 2016 has again been shoved aside by the DNC (see previous blog per the Cretin and the Corpse, Jim Clyborn, South Carolina, etc)) when he looked like he could break the chokehold of entrenched Democratic, middle-of-the-road, play it safe, rock no boats, take small steps, play not to win but play not to lose, losers game of those aforementioned forty years. Ipso facto, the USA would not be headed by a sociopath now, aided by foreign interference in the 2016 election, without the incompetency of the DNC. The Democratic candidate in 2000 couldn’t manage to win his own home state of Tennessee (which would have given the electoral college to him, not the dingy, dopey Geo. W. Bush). And your typical corporate DNC critter has no guts, as Al Gore didn’t even bother to bitch about the phony Florida vote count in that notorious outcome. By ironic contrast, Mr.Psycho is already bitching about being the victim of a rigged outcome. Can you make this stuff up? The Demoratic Party is so good at losing, it brought us a purely puppet-mastered Ronald Reagan in 1980, who won by attracting millions of so-called Reagan Democrats! And all Reagan did was usher in Reaganomics and its let-them -eat-cake, deregulation, disastrous free market monetary outcomes that haunt us to this day. And even when the Democrat wins, we the people still lose. Bill Clinton? GATT-NAFTA? Gutting the social safety net programs? Barack Obama? Mr. Hope and Change, who for a short while had both the the House and the Senate with Democrat majorities, but unlike the GOP always does when it has the numbers, didn’t ram down their throats any progressive agenda, especially single-payer healthcare, which the public wanted then, and still wants now, but Candidate Corpse does not. Neither is he/DNC interested in the popular Green New Deal. The pandemic that is not about to ease up here in the US has clearly shown how rotten our political system has been for so very long. Aided by DNC’s incompetence, capitulation, accommodation and collusion in much of the nefarious legislation that fucks over the working class while transferring wealth from below to above, the rigged, exclusively corporate two-party system must be dismantled. The entire structure of this system that no longer represents we the people has to be replaced. It would be a much, much more promising future if a passionate progressive, be it a he or a she, white, black, brown or rainbow would be a choice at the top of the ticket. Not the Democratic ticket, though. How about a Progressive Party? Given the recent ascension of Progressives in local and national elections, there arr obviously a lot of people looking for real, substantive change. Not a DNC lapdog. Again. But again, the DNC quiets the voices of those fighting for real change, and AGAIN relies on a cynical and sour mantra of “you know you have to vote for our candidate. However, now that dare you to not vote for our candidate crap is a literal double-dare by the DNC. It seems to think that the Cretin’s sheer psycho-sociopathic reality show makes the Corpse a sure thing. Like Hillary was. We shall soon see. But even if the DNC wins, don’t anyone hold your breath waiting for anything to change when it comes to doing what has been needed to be done for decades. Otherwise, why does it not allow its primaries to be run without rigging the outcome? Post script! The Corpse just announced Kamala Harris as his VP choice. Does she excite you? No doubt she has the stamp of approval from the DNC. She was a candidate in the Donkey primaries. She dropped out in December owing to not gaining any traction with the voters.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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