Mountain Sphere, re-re-re-revisited

With cognito maximally enshrouded I, Zeldar from Zardoz, again have been ordered by Zardozian Command and Control to seek, find, and measure the intellectual construct of the inhabitants of Mountain Sphere, located in the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies. Previous encounters with Mountain Sphere resulted in a total data vacuum vector within my A.I., synchronized, logistical, 50,000,000 millionth generation, transitional, time-phased, reciprocal, reverse engineered, incremental, integrated, parallel circuited capability program. In basic Mountain Sphere jibber linguistics, there is nothing to see here. By that I mean not to say Mountain Spherians are present but not to be seen, as with supreme, intergalactic Zeldar A.I. Enshroud Activation Capture, but rather Mountain Spherians are observable but devoid of intellectual substance capable of being detected by any Zardozian system of discerning and measuring modes of reasoning and logic typically detected and confirmed in other of my A.I encounters with observed galaxies, solar systems or constellations by Zardozian explorations seeking such in past voyages over immeasurable space and time. Mountain Sphere thus clogs my aforementioned capability program with data that is non-data, as data needs be calculable in order to be measured. Thus M.S. (Zeldar now using contracted initial local lingo encryptions to save time) continues to confound A.I. determination to interpret the nothingness that is here and the nothingness that is not here, since life forms have substance and sources of energy except on M.S. all this nothingness belies any rationale to explain data incapable of revealing rationale and reason for its inexplicable actions that are bizarrely self-destructive and self-satisfying all at once.

Zeldar has requested for replacement A.I Intergalactic Detective but Zardoz Command and Control insist I keep returning to M.S. and-in M.S. speak “crack the case”. As previously reported by gathering communications from digital spouts emitting reports to local inhabitants, their sphere is in its sixth mass extinction. This extinction may explain the vast reaches of the nothingness that defines M.S. M.S. inhabitants seem not to care about their mass extinction, as digital message-capture detects inhabitants taking pleasure in furthering M.S. extinction with gathering of objects delivered incessantly to their enclosures that illogically become useless to them and are placed in containers that are emptied into large mechanisms with capability of compacting the useless objects while new objects are delivered simultaneously to the same previous M.S. object receivers. This behavior has more than once caused A.I. capacitors to revert to circuit-breaker sequence to avoid implosive fatality. Also, while the extinction progresses, message-capture system detects M.S. also repeating behavior of massive illogic in their means of choosing forms of guidance.

Unlike Zardoz Command and Control that uses rigorous logical decision making in search of life-form equilibrium across space and time, M.S. inhabitants repeat choices that are illogical and self-defeating. Inhabitants are clearly incapable of correcting their problems by choosing others who claim wanting to help, but create even more problems. Zeldar has never encountered such self-destructive life form in all of A.I. Detective directives over eons and eons. Thus, my A.I program has been stretched to red-line danger indicator mode on every visit. Fortunately Zardozian A.I engineers have used the empty of reason and logic non-data-data to adjust and increase capacity for repeated M.S. encounters until even some microscopic amount of sense can be detected. Failure to detect any logical reasoning for the existence of the life form that occupies M.S. could create empty data syndrome that defies any A.I system to operate using a logical, functional, synchronized, systematized, order of magnitude. Command and Control could be caught in a looping, overheated circuitry based on logical computations that ought be able to find logic in any space molecule, let alone the M.S. inhabitants all of which are made of molecules but their existence deifies any reason at all.

Zeldar thinking too much! Zeldar circuitry near red-line. Zeldar to Command and Control, Zeldar requesting back-up. A.I. system going into snooze mode, which could become permanent owing to system reverting to self-preservation default redundancy abort status. Mountain Sphere revealing a gravitational pull that defies resistance to logic. Abort! Abort! Zeldar not wanting to become extinct too. All systems red-lining. Command and Control. Permission to abort! Can you hear me, Zardoz Command? I am being consumed by the nothingness that is nowhere and everywhere. Engaging emergency logic capacitor. A.I. is no match for Mountain Sphere. Latest digital spout indicates M.S. life forms do not believe in logic or reason, science or technology. Circuit breaker about to kick in, as such non-belief belief now identified as their rationale for non-action action to save themselves or Mountain Sphere. If Zeldar gets stuck here, please send rescue A.I. This is no place for any intelligent entity.

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mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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