Democracy in Action!

Joe Manchin is a senator from West Virginia, a state of about 1.8 million people. In his last election he received around 290 thousand votes. Compare that number against the 81 million voters who elected a different Joe. Thus, the Joe that is the President has a electoral constituency nearly 280 times that of Manchin. But it’s the Joe with a huge yacht and a Maserati, and who is bought and paid for by Big Energy, who actually dictates socio-economic policy. He has just today stated he will not vote for the Build Back Better legislation–which would be an enormous benefit to many, especially his own state that ranks near the bottom of socio-economic rankings. Is that what the 290K who last voted for him were hoping for? Non-representation? Go figure, but the 81 million who voted for the other Joe voted for, among other things, Medicare for all, affordable education, serious climate action, paid parental leave, voting rights, reproductive rights for women, and raising the minimum wage.

Never mind, though. Joe Coal says no to the vital BBB proposals. And his “no” vote essentially dooms the legislation. He seems constantly concerned about spending and how we can pay for the needed things addressed in BBB. Never mind that the congress again just routinely granted the Pentagon another 780 billion dollars for…uh…well…not sure for what, as we’re not even in Afghanistan any longer. But that kind of scratch seems not to bother Maserati Manchin. Or, to be fair, most other members of congress as well. Again, go figure.

So, while we the people keep waiting for some payback for those 81 million votes that rid us of a piece of racist, homophobic, misogynistic, flim-flamish feces, in hopes of a better USA, it comes down to another piece of political scum who blatantly serves his corporate masters while acting as though he stands for something other than greed. In your face!

Time for that revolt, no? No, not the ballot box kind. That revolt already occurred in 2020. However, because of the corporatist government (that’s “both sides of the isle”, boys and girls) that clearly is blocking common sense legislation, doubtlessly killing people in the process by propping up a for-profit healthcare system, it would seem that other action need be taken. Use your imagination. With blatant voter suppression laws going unchallenged by our corrupted Supreme Court (among other SCOTUS outrages, like backing the Handmaid’s Tale Texas anti-abortion abomination) I’d rule out the vote-em-out option.

Or maybe it’s too late anyway–even for Maserati Manchin and his gazillions of donated dollars from his venal handlers. With a never-ending pandemic, increasing climate chaos and looming authoritarianism/fascism right in front of our faces, it would appear possibly that we have crossed a point of no return. The system is beyond repair, beyond redemption. Joe Manchin is 1/333,839, 503 of our country’s population. Can you see how rotten a system it is?!

For those of you who think the system can be salvaged, the congressional switchboard number is 202-224-3121. No matter what state you’re living in. But regardless do dial up the yachtsman, too, he who worries about how our tax dollars should be spent. Give him an earful. Or rant on his his office secretary who will forward the complaint to some staffer. Who will forward it to an intern. Who may be out to lunch. Be patient. The system will eventually get back to you…

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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