Bombs Away?

The Cold War is back, Did it ever leave? Not really. But with this current Russian/Ukraine confrontation getting lots of news spin-cycles, the situation may or may not be anything more than sabre rattling, military/political posturing on Putin’s part. That part of the world is far away from the placid, peace-loving, brotherhood of humankind mojo that is the U.S. of A. We’re all getting along fine here, with no indications whatsoever that life for all races, ethnicities, religions, political affiliations or selective sport fan bases are the least bit troubling. We are the world’s greatest Democracy! Land of the brave, home of the free…and possessor of several thousand nuclear bombs. Ah, the Bomb. It’s the only aspect of life here in the USA that might cause some concern. While we otherwise have very little in the way of any intrusion upon our tranquility–excepting maybe the occasional frustration of stray cat fighting in the dead of night costing some otherwise blissful sleepthere is the matter of those nukes. We don’t worry about much here in Pleasantville, but every so often North Korea will test a missile, the media reports on it with the implication that Kim Jong Un is fixin for a fight, in spite of the fact that he knows he’s simply wanting to be noticed as a possible wrench in the machinery of the nuclear age. The U.S. or Russia don’t fire missiles as a P.R stunt. Why should we/they? Anyone over a certain age knows that 95% of the world’s nukes belong to Russian and the U.S.(about 6500 bombs each). Thus, as we go about another perfectly peaceful, loving and compassionate day in our great Democracy, knowing that those in high office are all working together to maintain such a blissful equilibrium, the Ukraine crisis gets more and more coverage, and for some of us maybe those many nukes begin to unsettle a stomach or two. All it takes is one impetuous order to use a nuke to set off thermonuclear global annihilation. That’s a thought that exists in farthest recesses of our survival mode psyches. But all it takes is… …even just one medium size missile could cause the dreaded Mutual Assured Destruction that supposedly preempts any such impetuosity from transpiring, right? But it’s those computers that will automatically do the thinking in such a scenario. NORAD is ready. NORAD is ready with probabilities. It’s all computer code. Smart machines. Amoral machines. Deadly practical machines, machines that might decide in a nano-second that it’s time to rid itself of the human element–even we humans here in the most peace loving, kum-by-yah culture on the planet, the glorious United States of Amerika. The machines both East and West coordinate. Launch codes are being captured as mere humans futilely try to use manual override. No such luck. We gave them A,I. and now the machines are using it. In just a mater of minutes the master launch code is secured… CPE1704TKS Missile silos here and there perk up, building blast off energy. Each of the thousands having target protocols: Demmark Massive; Chile Confrontation; South African Subversion; Greenland Domestic; Iceland Heavy; Thai Variation; Northern Territorial; Polish Paramilitary; English Thrust; Burmese Maneuver; Arabian Offensive; Indian-Pakistani Imperative; Hong Kong Variety; SEATO Decapitating; NATO Territorial; Sudan Suprise; Turkish Heavy; Cambodian Decoy; French Alliance; Arabian Clandestine; Czech Option; NATO Containment; Gabon Takeover; Romanian Decoy; Libyan Local; Kenyan Option; Ugandan Maximum; Panama Misdirection; Jordan Preemptive; Polish Decoy; Mexican Takeover; Middle-East Massive; Baltic Subversion; Chilean Fallout; Canadian Take-down; Great Britain Redirection; Wabash and 9th Violation; Chinese Nullification; Madagascar Mutation; South Wales Shake-n-bake; German Comeuppance; Cameroon Cancellation; Senoran Reconfiguration; Hawaiian Escalation. So, maybe we should get our bomb shelters updated. Or not. After all, machines taking over our lives and destroying them is nonsense. Nuclear war set off by A.I. evil? Not going to happen. If you have any doubts, just ask Alexa or Siri. Your Fitbit might even reassure you.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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