June is busting out all over. Is it busting or bursting? Who cares? The daylight is increasing, but by the 22nd it’ll be decreasing, but who cares? It’ll barely be perceptible. And since it’s inevitable, why bother with being bothered by it? There’s so much else to be bothered by that I, for one, at least, barely bother with paying attention to the bothersome banality of it all the things that are bothersome. Think positive, eh? Think of happy stuff.

That guideline clearly means not discussing religion or politics in mixed company. So, aside from those two sources of bothersome dynamics. what ya got? And please I don’t wanna hear about inflation, or stagflation or $6 a gallon gas. Don’t even think of going there. I mean, can’t we find the bright side of life? Oh, right, there’s Nature. Yes, Of course. What? Who said that? Right away someone has to get all hot and bothered by climate change. But the future is now, so try not to think about such a thing. June! Busting or bursting. Out. All over. Go out and smell the roses. Did I mention the future is now?

Hmm. June! Proms and graduation parties! Woo hoo! Wait, what? I have to hear someone mention school shootings? Trying to stay positive here. What was that, a lot of people are testing positive for covid? Knock it off. How many are “a lot”? Why be so negative? Okay, forget schools and the pandemic and how it has changed the notion of things “positive”. Why bother worrying? Try not to think about any of the negative stuff–excepting testing negative for covid, sure.

It’s June! Plenty of daylight. Take a walk. Smell those roses already. Fire up the Bar B Q. Toss on some steaks, hot dogs, pork chops, pork ribs. Mmmmm mmmm. What? Who said that? Again I have to hear about how meat is dangerous, loaded with hormones, antibiotics, not to mention the hand-wringing about the cruel world of the slaughterhouses? Yo. Try not to be bothered about it. Just enjoy the day. June! Bon appetit!

Go to the zoo. See the happy animals there. Fun for all ages! What? What was that? Zoos are an abomination, taking creatures large and small and imprisoning them in an unnatural habitat? No way. Zoos are happy places. For we humans who can just go with the flow and enjoy those wacky monkeys and….what? Monkey Pox? Ugh. Stick with covid worry, okay? Monkey Pox. Why bother being bothered with another dreadful disease? Then just go see the elephants, okay? Smart creatures they are. Noble creatures… What? The only thing worse than a zoo is a circus? The elephants and other animals are treated cruelly there too? No way, circuses are happy places. Just try not to think about all this negative stuff. June!

Well, I’m worn out trying to stay positive with all the Debby Downers out there and…what? So now I’m a misogynist? Okay then. Call them the Donald Downers. What? You hate the name Donald because it reminds you that Donald? Okay the go with Donald Duck. Or call em David Downers, I don’t care. What? The word downer bespeaks the opioid epidemic? Well, what the hell, you can hardly blame anyone from wanting to do narcotics in this messed up world…Wait! See what you’ve done? Are you happy now, throwing your negativity at me when all I’m trying to do is rejoice about June?

Can you just chill and enjoy the wonderful month of June, which is still busting and bursting out all over…

You’re welcome!

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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  1. A positively delightful post, despite the warning of shortening days ahead…


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