Has June really come and gone along with July? I guess it has because I have this thing called a calendar. There’s no doubt about it. Like that expression, you can time out for a break but you can’t take a break from time. It’s kinda like: wherever you go, there you are. Obvious. Silly. Snarky. A little bit mocking. Simple.

Simple. Less is more.

If only. Two months past June and maybe you went on a diet, so something consumable would be “less” but it would only lead to lesser of you. Maybe you would feel less self loathing and so overall more of something better and then less indeed becomes more. That would be a victory as time continues to inexorably bulldoze ahead bringing what it brings: more. The “lesser” you can strut your victory all about the world at large. That would be the cold reality of the world-at-large. The cold, hot, dry, wet, turbulent world. Guided by the hand of humans, some of whom no doubt could afford to lose a few pounds, or think of being less greedy, control-freakish or finding fault with others based on, you know, race, gender, color, creed, religion, political ideology, or sports affiliation. Stop primping your new body in the mirror and look around. There are some issues that need be dealt with out there here as we finish off the last week of August 2022.

I’m not going to go into detail–after all the worst of any the issues are right in our faces. I mean in our faces. If you’re a female of the species, you are under vicious attack. If you are not white-skinned, ditto. If you are LGBTQ there’s bullseyes on all of your backs, too. Beyond those assertions, there’s a target on the backs of the entire human race. How so? Oh, c’mon. Wet. as in historical floods. Dry as in historical drought. Hot as as in historical heat waves, Cold, as in historical deep freezes. Historical weather events as in never seen it like this at this time of year or barely ever seen it like this ever!

As time marches on, the venal and vile of the humans that have influence on the cause and effects gripping our planet apparently assume they are immune from their own ultimate, massive stupidity. All of the dangers facing we homo sapiens by magical thinking cretins of corruption, callousness and cruelty of course face them too.

When it rains almost historicallyin ONE DAY! as in ONE YEAR! in Death Valley, California, I think we are definitely reaping what we humans have sown through layers of historical stupidity. The stewards of this planets have failed it. Writ large and small, collectively. It is our nature to be destructive, after all. Ever taken a comprehensive history course?

Less is less in the bigger picture at this tipping point in time. Whether or not there’s time to save ourselves, well, time will tell. No doubt it will. Here’s another expression: Time is a tyrant.

On the bright side, I figure we all have time to get our selves into shape. Hefting sandbags, climbing onto roofs, hefting cordwood, digging wells, hunting for innocent squirrels, rabbits, or maybe that stray cat that also hunts squirrels and rabbits, hefting dinner home…

Hooray for August!

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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2 Responses to August!

  1. Julie says:

    Everything you mentioned was very well described – no one can disagree with your points of view – it’s all true.


  2. Right on! Carpe diem


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