The More Things Change, part 2

Ten days ago, I opined on this site that the mid-terms would have no winner. It would seem, at this point a week out from November 8, that the GOP will have a modest House majority while the Dems retain a slim advantage in the senate. Slim as in either 51-50 or 51-49. So, neither party can claim a bona-fide victory as far as democracy vs demagoguery goes. Sure, by at least holding onto the senate, the Democrat party avoided what could have been a visceral implementation of Far Right fanaticism. Democracy, as weakened as it has become recently, is still in place.

Joe Biden’s presidency was not challenged, but if both houses of congress fell into the hands of a GOP that in the past several years has become a creepy, ugly, cult of loud-mouthed Big Lie loonies, he would essentially have become politically irrelevant. Dead Man Walking. The 2024 election would be assured in favor of the GOP. Their gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics would be roided-up. Democracy as nothing more than political road-kill.

And of course!

The GOP has spent decades dismantling the middle class in America. Union busting, deregulation for the banksters and corporations. Tax cuts for the uber rich. Reaganomics. But since 2015, when the biggest loud-mouthed Big Lie loonie of them all announced his run for president–laughable at first glance–a possible fascist takeover of the government was the agenda of the GOP. His becoming president was not funny at all. We the people sent him home in the 2020 election; his many clear and credibly asserted affronts to our Constitution, to committing financial frauds, and most of all inciting an insurrectionist attack on the Capital on January 6, 2021 demanded him being held to account.

However, as the months passed, and passed, and passed, it has become very clear that, while the mid-terms were yet another rejection of his and the GOP’s sickening slow-mo march toward fascism, he is apparently Mr. Above the Law. On this evening of November 15th 2022, he is expected to announce his intent to once again run for president! What’s wrong with this picture? From where I sit, it is an profound outrage that the Democrat Party, and it’s Justice Department, headed by Merrick Garland, appear to be afraid to indict, arrest and hold him to account based on the evidence that the January 6 Committee broadcast to the world. But the fact of the matter is the moment Mr. Above the Law was sworn-in as president in January 2017, he was in violation the Constitution’s “emoluments clause (look it up). But never mind.

So, again, the mid-terms produced no winner,. It’ll be two years of gridlock. A House of Representatives three-ring circus of corrupt, anti-democratic nonsense. But worse than knowing that is definitely headed our way, is the prospect of having to endure the Big Loser being able to possibly be at the top of the GOP ticket in two years. He should by now have been held to account. Convicted. Disqualified from ever holding public office again.

How about the Justice Department making its own big announcement–tonight! the immediate indicting of this felonious fake of a human being. Now that would feel like a true victory for We the People.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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