The Cosmological Comeuppance

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away,,,uh…well. Who cares what’s far far away in another galaxy or even maybe all the way to infinity and then beyond that? We’re here on Mother Earth, a decaying, dying planet. Our sphere a teeny part of the physical occupation of the vastness of space and whatever boundaries–if such exists–contain it. But who cares about that? Oh sure, the astrophysicists care, but how is what they do helping save this planet? We have a climate crisis causing misery far and wide. Melting glaciers. Rising sea levels. More and more severe storms. Greenhouse gases. Drought. Rising ocean water temperatures. All aided and abetted by a seeming indifference on the part of governments the world over. Are we doomed?!

Wait! I think I may see a way that rocket science might help save Momma Earth. It has nothing to do with discovering any goddam thing way out there, out as far as any space probe to Jupiter and beyond has to date documented per gases, rock, minerals, cigarette butts or single use plastic bags. Forget the robotic probes. We need a combination of refined manned rocket travel with criminal and moral justice at its core design, a combo that will mitigate if not restore our 3rd rock from the sun to its former self: a healthy green and blue ball with Nature residing in harmony with all creatures large and small. You know, single-cell stuff, quadrupeds, things with feathers–whether or not all of such can fly–and maybe even the bipedal species of primate known as homo sapiens, the most dangerous thing occupying space on our sphere.

Bear with me here. I realize that of all those aforementioned creatures it is only the Homo S. that has anything to answer for as far as our current–and likely last–mass extinction event. This one is all on us, folks, and by that I don’t mean all of us because some of us have been trying to save the day. In small ways, ya know? For instance, I just took out some recycling material and placed it in a dumpster that will haul it away. Probably to a landfill but I did my part. This blog post, however, has an idea about actually, effectively saving the planet.

But first: keep in mind that about 98% of all organisms that have ever existed on our planet are now extinct. The first five mass extinctions occurred between 440 and 65 million years ago. Also consider that Sapien the Homo has been around for a mere 300,000 years. In that relative blink of an eye (Earth is about 4.5 billion years old) the bipeds have clearly been messing things up as far as living in harmony–with one another but worse than that, with Ma Nature. The inter-Homo clashes are legendary: battling over resources and a thirst for wealth and the power that wealth confers. Which bring us to our current state…

Did I mention money and power? Here in the United States, we have the worst government money can buy. Other governments may rule by religious extremism and/or ethnic hatred and genocidal forces, or whatever, but as asserted above, not much concern for the planet on which this bullshit is carried out. Here in the U.S. we have a government that certainly has its religious extremist factions, conspiracy-spewing loonies, and worse, but essentially the problem is money. Money has been ruled as “free speech” and corporations are “people” says the Supreme Court. This lunacy has been allowed to transpire by an entrenched two-party system in which most all of its members have been bought and paid for by corporate America. Massive economic injustice prevails. In 2018 a new, young congressional contingent of progressives were elected advocating a Green New Deal. In two weeks it’ll be 2023. That 2018 infusion of hope for aiding the planet was D.O.A. Why? Because the owners of the much larger portion of congress made it clear it would be too costly to implement such a program. In other words our government is telling Nature that it can drop dead for all it cares. Money talks and micro-plastics are in all we eat.

My plan? The scientists and the jurists with a moral conscience stage a coup–bloodless of course–and then those who value money more than We the People who actually value people and the planet on which we live and have no planetB, are brought to justice. Those greedy, immoral scumbags elected by constituents who are then tossed aside for bags of greenbacks are sent packing. Where to? Not jail. Not back to private sector. But rather on a long journey. One way. No way back. Into space. On space ships with the best purpose of all. Packed with plenty of food and water but no hope of return. Sentenced to die in deep space. On spaceships built with their bags of money from the C-pacs and K-Street lobbyists. Off they go. And when the fuel runs out that propels them farther and farther and farther away, and the food run out, they can go insane together. I’m talking about a lot of such one-way rockets to nowhere-ville, okay? Greedy assholes from far and wide on our abused and battered Mother Earth, and not just the U.S. The corrupt and collusive cabals the planet-over! That’s the best use of rocket science I can think of right now. And the best use of the dirty money that otherwise kills without remorse. Put it to better use than stuffing the pockets of the few over everyone else just trying to get by. And possibly revive Mother Nature in the process.

What is killing the planet is greed. Greed is the cancer. It has spread to the point of its host inevitably dying. Excise the cancer. But don’t bury it. It will just further contaminate the soil. Yeah, shoot it into space. And good riddance, eh?

If you want to sign onto my plan, contact me at 867-5309. Ask for Jenny.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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