And Justice for All

On May 11 the pandemic will have come to an end. I read that on any number of mainstream news outlets today. Wow, that’s what medical science can do in just a few years when facing a global pandemic.

Except the Covid-19 killer-disrupter will only have ended here in the U.S. That May 11 date was set by the Biden administration. So, the financial and medical assistance programs established to address the situation will disappear. I know that Joe Biden’s wife likes being addressed at Dr. Jill Biden, owing to her having earned a PhD in education, but I wonder if any medical doctors were advising Joe on the practicality of making such an announcement? The pandemic is global. It is not over. Likely never will be. Mitigated here and there but not over.

China has had 345,000 deaths from the virus just since December. My guess is by May 11 many more Chinese citizens will have died by then. Are we here in the U.S. to assume that life can return to pre Covid “normality” come May 11?

Of course not. While the U.S. has had over a million deaths from Covid, aided by a certain sociopathic former president who was in office when the virus hit the U.S. in early 2020, his departure allowed medical science to work free of his Oval Office idiocy regarding the spread of the pathogen–including the what the fuck? idea of consuming bleach as a remedy. Medical science has certainly mitigated the pandemic’s ability to infect and kill its victims, but again, like the flu, it is still present. No matter what May 11 is supposed to represent as far as an individual’s sense of danger per masking, disinfectant wipes and casually encountering crowds both indoors and out.

Caveat emptor, as per May 11, or right now, January 31, 2023, here in the U.S. Paging Dr. Fauci…


Did I mention the former president up there? Right. He who not only treated the pandemic as an annoyance rather than a matter of urgency, and who now is on the campaign trail as a candidate for president in the November, 2024 election. Wait. Did I just right that sentence unironically? President Joe Biden may have just made a questionable pronouncement per federal programs and the ongoing pandemic, and his detractors will make it seem outrageous in one way or another, but his predecessor, the guy with a bleached brain, who wants to be president again, begs many questions as well. By orders of magnitude beyond anything Biden has done, his running for office in and of itself is outrageous. The irony! Here is a person, responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary Covid deaths because of his official dereliction of duty to act in accordance with virological science, should for that reason alone have been charged with second degree murder.

However, as egregious as that matter is, worse still is his now documented role as the instigator of an armed insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. People died that day, too. But never mind, he has not been indicted for anything personally, and somehow he is being permitted to run for the office that he attempted to criminally retain after being defeated in the 2020 election. What. Is. Wrong. With. This. Picture?

The media, evidently, doesn’t have a problem with it. Nor does Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, lead by one Merrick Garland. He has been charged by some State Attorneys, but it now truly appears to all be a charade. Of course it is. The Flim-Flam Man, the sexual assaulter, the tax cheat, the xenophobe, the white supremacist, the insurrectionist, is allowed to remain a free man. Nothing to see here.

November 2024 is far in the future! Any day now the charade will end, right? Certainly. Or at least likely. Okay, maybe. You never know.

Ha! I’m just kidding. But for the non-MAGA, non-looney tune types in the public square or on Capitol Hill, it’s all a sick joke. Try not to think about it.

And remember to pay your goddam taxes. There are laws about that, you know.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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  1. With the presidential declaration that the COVID pandemic emergency will be over in a few months, medical science takes a back seat to wishful thinking — again.


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