Is This a Joke?

Hey boys and girls, kids and kiddies, gents and ladies, what is new on this last day of March, 2023? It’s been two months since I have posted anything. Exactly two months. Figured I should post something before we enter in the cruelest of months: April. Thus, we have April Fool day manana. Are your gottcha! pranks well conceived with hopes of pulling such off with equally well executed timing?

Nah, me neither. Too much work.

Besides, aren’t many of us weary of the expression is this a joke?, by now? What can surprise or shock anymore? Since 2015, there has been a mind-numbing amount of what the fuck entries in our quotidian confrontations with reality. We’ve had a freaky cartoon character who for these past eight years has managed to bulldoze decorum and dignity, and make prevaricating a weapons-grade mind-trap to lure in tens of millions of cult-like followers.

Tens of millions also loathe this Creature from the Media Lagoon. Is this a joke?, some may still be wondering but c’mon. The lesson of the past eight years would seem to be, in its most basic, simplistic form, that the media loves all of the toxic spew it can get from its all-time best ratings earner.

The media, if you haven’t noticed, has completely normalized the notion that this toxic creature’s desire to run for the office he was emphatically voted out of, and who conspired to turn defeat into anarchy, failed at that, but hey, so what? Nothing to see here. Okay? Just listen to the mainstream media. Oh, there is something to see here, for sure. It lingers in our line of vision. But isn’t it all just one bad joke, and enough already?! And maybe we will see it but refuse to believe it is there. All over again. Kinda like that snippet from some wordsmith: It takes a mind of winter to see the nothingness that is there, and the nothingness that is not here. Or something like that.

Well, make of it what you will. We have lived to see much in these past eight years. Currently, the climate is angry, the Domesday Clock is less than two minutes to midnight, women are being turned around to march back into the back alley at worst or stay in the kitchen at best, LGBTQ members are virtually being outlawed, books are banned, but guns are no problem, and rainbows are now considered subversive.

Oh, but on the bright side, the Creature from the Media Lagoon has been–at long, long last,–indicted. But that’s a joke, too. methinks. Ha! April Fool! The suits who run the mainstream media are probably high-fiving one another. Indicted? Nothing to see here..,except the ratings going up.

That’s no joke.

About jharrin4

mass communication/speech instructor at College of DuPage and Triton College in suburban Chicago. Army veteran of the Viet Nam era.
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